Top 10 Luxury Watches for Women | Watch Repair in Parker, CO

When it comes to women’s luxury watches, sometimes they tend to be overlooked by watch collectors and critics alike. However, timepieces for women are better than ever before and this is due to swiss watchmakers looking to catch the attention of a new generation of female connoisseurs. When it comes to women’s watches, women are not only demanding better quality but also more attention to details. Women are also increasingly becoming more inclined to embrace men’s watches as a fashion choice today as well.

The amount of women that are wearing men’s luxury watches has been steadily growing for some time. This trend appears to rising as time progresses also. In 2017, Cartier was one of the best female watch brands. Of course, most of the other major Swiss brands such as Rolex, TAG Heuer and Omega, tend to focus their attention at men.  We had to leave out some of the best rated women’s timepieces from 2017, such as IWC, Jaeger-LeCoutre and Piaget to name a few. However, we think you will understand why when you review these magnificent timepieces below.

Lady Datejust by Rolex

Rolex is well-known for their watches for men and now they are also expanding that with women. Whereas, some brands will only make simple fashion statements, Rolex adorns their horological prowess on their women’s timepieces. The Lady Datejust by Rolex is one of the most popular and desirable watches for women.  Worn by stars such as Rhianna, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and more.



The Tank by Cartier

Styled after the early 20thcentury art deco golden age, the Tank by Cartier has long since been a symbol for sophistication and taste with women for a century. Timeless not only in design but in elegance as well, this timepiece was conceived by Louis Cartier after encountering actual tanks. Though, the name may not boast feminine qualities, the piece itself does. Today, this watch still remains one of the most popular timepieces amongst women including stars such as Angelina Jolie, Kirsten Bell and Jennifer Garner.



The Submariner by Rolex

Revolutionized almost 70 years ago in the 1950’s, the Submariner was one of the first legendary timepieces of its kind. After its debut it soon became a very popular fashion symbol seem amongst the wrists of many stars including the early James Bond films. Today, it is one of the most successful and popular timepieces in the world that is not only loved by men but women also. Stars such as Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, and Drew Barrymore wear the Submariner by Rolex.



The Seamaster Aqua Terra by Omega

This timepiece is often found side by side with the Submariner by Rolex. However, the Seamaster has built a name for itself by its own right. Both timepieces are equally responsible for innovations found with diving technology. Over the years the Seamaster has evolved into a vast range of magnificent incarnations, such as the Aqua Terra. This truly unique timepiece is popular with both men’s and women’s versions and is very popular with women thanks to its pristine synthesis of form and function. This timepiece can be seen worn by stars such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Minka Kelly, and Rachel Weisz.



The Ronde by Cartier


This stunning and timeless watch made by the House of Cartier is truly one of a kind in design and elegance. Its circular timepieces are just as equally elegant. The Ronde timepieces still bear all the hallmarks of French sophistication, from the Roman numbers to the blue sword hands and rail-track minutes ring alongside the iconic sapphire cabochon on the crown. A favorite amongst Amber Heard, the Ronde by Cartier is truly a timepiece to behold and own for women looking for timeless design and elegance.



The Aquaracer by TAG Heuer

The Aquaracer by TAG Heuer first rose to fame in the 1980s thanks to a memorable photoshoot that featured Bo Derek. The timepiece perfectly captures a fusion of not only style but sports also. Thus, making it a very appealing timepiece for women whom are on the look out for a watch that is not only fashionable but functional also. This watch is a favorite for well-known people such as Maria Sharapova, Bo Derek, and Cameron Diaz.



The Nomos Orion


In a market that is filled to the brim with French concepts of style, many are looking to find alternative styles. Independent watchmakers, such as those operating in the German watchmaking town of Glashütte, have become increasingly trendy. The Nomos timepiece is at the forefront of this alternative trendy movement, thanks to its stunning Bauhaus-inspired minimalist design.



The Oyster Perpetual By Rolex

One of the greatest watchmaking breakthroughs of the 20thcentury, the Oyster Perpetual fuses water resistance with automatic winding. Additionally, its flawless, pared-down design makes it a truly timeless classic watch. Even today, the Oyster Perpetual remains one of the most popular watches, especially since Rolex continues to offer this timepiece in a range of sizes and materials to suit every taste. The Oyster Perpetual by Rolex can be seen worn by public figures such as Samantha Ronson, Demi Lovato, and Sonam Kapoor.



The Longines Master Collection


Fashioned by one of the oldest and most prestigious Swiss watchmakers, Longines. This watch is prized by all of those who admire watchmaking of the highest and finest quality. It was first unveiled back in 2005, the Master series is a perfect example of the company’s traditions and heritage. The Master Collection timepieces are both breathtaking and well-constructed.



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