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When you search for ‘engagement ring store near me in Denver, CO,’ many stores may display on the search results page. Choose Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry to work with industry experts with more than 70 years of experience providing engagement rings to committed couples. We’ve put together this guide to the different parts of a ring to help your search go more smoothly. So, review the following details and shop with confidence!

Different Parts of the Ring

Looking for an engagement ring store near me in Denver, CO? Our knowledgeable staff does their best not to speak in jargon. However, not all terms are as intuitive as the center stone. It may surprise you what the difference between a bridge and basket is. So, let’s dive in!

What Is a Center Stone?

The diamond or the gemstone sitting in the center of the ring occupies a prominent place and receives the most attention. The center stone is traditionally the largest stone on your ring. It often features a round-cut diamond or another precious gemstone. When you choose your diamond and setting, we will go over all of the options for cuts and shapes, including emerald, pear, oval, princess, and marquise gems.

What’s the Difference Between a Bridge and a Basket?

A basket includes a prong setting with thin strips of metal extending from the band to hold the diamond. A horizontal band connects the prongs to create more tension and hold the center stone firmly in place. These are important factors to keep in mind for an engagement ring store near me.

The basket is the area of the bridge that holds the gemstone or diamond. A bridge is an area under the top of the ring that sits on your finger. It’s important to choose a ring that has no sharp edges that can make wearing it uncomfortable.

Where Is the Ring Gallery?

Customers looking for an engagement ring store often ask questions about the setting. The ring gallery lies between the bridge that sits on your finger and the basket holding the stone. If you like traditional rings, you may choose an open gallery as many of our customers do. Multi-stone rings often have more decorative galleries.

When Looking for Engagement Ring Store Near Me, Also Consider Settings

Setting refers to the overall arrangement of stones on your ring. When looking for ‘an engagement ring store near me’ online you will no doubt come across many styles and unique settings. It’s important to choose a reputable jeweler, such as Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, that can guide you through all of your options to get a bespoke look that complements your love and commitment.

Here’s a brief explanation of the most popular settings for those looking for an engagement ring store near me:

  • Solitaire. This simple setting contains a plain or two-tone metal band with a single stone. This type of setting features the luminous diamond or gemstone encased in decorative prongs. Speak to one of our jewelers to choose between a 14-karat (or 18-karat) white gold or yellow gold setting. We also have many other choices, including multi-metal bands and prongs.


  • Pavé. Named for the cobblestone streets of France, this setting includes small stones arrayed along the band. It adds extra sparkle and pizzazz to the featured gemstones.


  • Channel Setting. Some customers find us when searching for an engagement store near me with channel settings. A channel set diamond lies embedded between two channels of the band. In effect, one or more rows of diamonds are cemented between walls of metal. However, light still reflects off the exposed sides, making channel settings as lustrous as pave’ settings.


  • Three Stone. If you have a bigger budget or more expensive taste, a three-stone setting with a center stone and diamonds or gemstones on either side could be just right for you. You can even choose different shapes for the diamond or central gemstone and other stones.


  • Side-Stone. Some brides want even more sparkle around the center stone, which is where the side stone setting comes in. Side stone settings include numerous stones along the band, arranged in patterns that highlight the center stone.


  • Tension. You may not know what a tension stone is but once you see it, it might meet your expectations for your engagement ring. This type of setting uses compression to keep the center diamond in place. When done well, the diamond appears suspended in midair.


  • Halo. Halo settings surround the center stone with micro or round pave’ diamonds. It’s believed to make the central stone appear bigger.


  • Bezel. This type of setting doesn’t use prongs. Instead, it has a metal rim keeping the center stone in place. Only the upper portion of the diamond remains visible, and this setting keeps your stone secure.


  • Prongs. Many engagement rings feature prongs, which are forked or claw-like projections that hold the center and other stones in place. There are a multitude of styles available with rings featuring prongs. they are an important category for those looking for an engagement ring store near me with both classic and modern options.

How Do You Create Your Engagement Ring?

At Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, we truly believe that we are the best choice when looking for an engagement ring store near me in Denver. We have a wide selection of settings and cuts so that you can take care of all your engagement ring needs in one place. Now that you more clearly understand the anatomy of your future engagement ring, it’s time to let your imagination roam to design your own ring.

Best Engagement Ring Store Near Me in Denver, CO

Design your engagement ring online or contact one of our helpful team members to find the perfect setting, stone, and other details for your ring. Contact us at Matheus Fine Watches & Jewelry today to set up an appointment, ask any questions that you may have, and to move it forward with your engagement ring purchase.

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