5 Questions To Ask Before Buying Engagement Rings | Denver, CO

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Ideal engagement rings are forever, which puts a lot of pressure on the proposed spouse because they want to make sure that it is a ring their significant other will want to wear forever. While some couples are now picking out engagement rings together, other couples prefer to keep the element of surprise in the equation. After all, it is one thing to talk about marriage and another thing to see your beloved down on one knee with the perfect engagement ring in front of him.

If there is one thing that everyone can agree about, it is that we all dream of a proposal as adorable as the one on Schitt’s Creek. One thing that stands out about that episode is that Patrick completely customized the engagement rings to fit the style and tastes of David, which only made the entire thing even more endearing. While we can’t all be Patrick and David, finding the perfect engagement rings in Denver, CO, is possible if you work with the right jewelry and go into the task prepared.

Picking out the perfect ring has a lot to do with knowing your partner and with paying attention. There are a lot of subtleties to consider when you start shopping for a ring, so it pays to take a step back and take a few notes before you get started. From simply taking a little time to watch your partner and observe their tastes closer to talking to their best friend, a little preliminary research is the best way to make sure you choose the perfect ring.

While you may be anxious to find the perfect engagement rings so that you can propose right away, keep in mind that you are proposing to spend the rest of your life with a person. Forever is a long time, so if it takes a couple of extra weeks of that time to find the perfect engagement ring, you will still be good. With any luck, you will have decades to live together, so spending a little time getting your ducks lined up before choosing a ring is worth it. Your spouse will thank you when they see the perfect gem you have picked for their fingers. Engagement rings are pretty much an investment that will last for life, so choose carefully.

With that in mind, here are a few of the things that you should identify and figure out fully before buying any engagement rings. Buying engagement rings is always an overwhelming task, and it is even more overwhelming once you walk into a jewelry shop and realize just how many choices you have in front of you. The following guide will help you trim down your choices so that you are left with a smaller number of options, all of which will likely end up being perfect for your future spouse. So without further ado, grab a pencil and start compiling the answers to these questions.

Do I Want a Diamond (Or Another Gem)?

The first question you should start with is whether or not your spouse would want a diamond in their engagement rings. This used to be a given, but today with so many more sustainable choices out there, many brides are opting for other gems. If ethical concerns are high on the list of your intended, then lab-grown diamonds are another choice that may help alleviate some of the negative connotations of a diamond.

Of course, some people just love diamonds, and as a jeweler, we completely get that which is why we offer dozens of diamond rings. It just helps to know what you are looking for when you walk into the store. Another option for the bride or groom that likes some color is to go with a diamond, but choose a birthstone or favorite gem to place in the setting around the diamond.

Silver, Metal, Platinum, or Gold?

Once you get the gems figured out, you need to move on to the band. Most people have strong preferences for silver versus gold, which, luckily, you should be able to figure out quickly. Peak in their jewelry box or just pay some attention to their jewelry for the next week, and you should get an idea of what they lean towards. If they have an eclectic taste and you can’t get a feel for what their wedding ring should be, talk to a close best friend and get some input from someone who can gather information without attracting too much attention.

How Many Carats Should the Ring Be?

Many people think that price is heavily determined by the carat, but in reality, there are a lot of other factors that determine price, worth, and bang. Most of the time, you can actually balance out what are known as the 4 C’s of diamonds to land somewhere in the middle. For example, if you are okay with a slightly hazy diamond, you can compromise on clarity to opt for more carats or a larger cut.

What Cut for the Gem?

Speaking of cut, you need to determine what type of cut the diamond or centerpiece of your engagement ring will be. Princess cut diamonds are very popular, but square, oval, and diamond are all great options that you should consider. The overall aesthetic of the ring (modern, vintage, sleek, etc.) should help guide your final decision.

What is My Budget?

Finally, it would help to determine your budget before heading into the jewelry store in Denver, CO, so you don’t end up getting talked into more than you can afford. Knowing your budget upfront can help you streamline your options from the start, which can be extremely helpful. From there, you can use your answers to the above questions to land on the perfect ring.

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