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Choosing an engagement ring is a personal decision. Whether you plan to get engaged soon or you just want to explore the options way ahead of time, you might be curious as to where to start.

Your preferences and budget certainly inform your choice in a huge way. Still, there’s a lot more to consider when looking for the perfect engagement ring. You need to give some thought to the cut, carat, metal, settings, engraving, and more. This article offers suggestions to help guide you as you explore different engagement ring styles.

1. Signet-Styled Engagement Rings

Engagement rings with thick signet-style settings have grown popular, especially in the past year. Some jewelers believe that one possible reason behind brides preferring engagement rings with thicker bands has to do with the ongoing pandemic.

Today, many couples may have extended their engagement periods because it’s not clear when they can have their weddings due to restrictions around traveling and gathering. As a result, the brides may prefer these thicker bands because they expect to wear them longer.

2. Two-Tone Engagement Rings

If you’re struggling to choose a metal color for your engagement ring, a two-tone ring can provide some flexibility in options by blending two colors. For example, you can choose a diamond top and platinum setting to go with your rose gold band. The rose gold accentuates the white in the diamond, and the platinum makes the center stone on the engagement ring pop.

As your preferences and trends evolve, the engagement ring will still look great because one aspect of the two-tone blend will still retain its initial appeal from when you first liked it. For added interest, you can use the two-tone approach on the wedding band stack.

3. Repurposed Heirloom

The tone of proposals has shifted in the last year or so. Many couples have had to consider the possibility that they may not have the engagement party or wedding they’d always wanted because of the pandemic. This uncertainty drove many of these couples to focus less on the minute details of their proposals and more on the emotional impact of their engagement rings.

If you’re one of those couples, you may feel that an engagement ring with a simple setting won’t fully express your relationship and tell its story. In that case, you may want a setting with a unique and bold design. Alternatively, you may want to cherish your heritage by repurposing a family heirloom in an engagement ring. Now more than ever, people appreciate family, and repurposing an heirloom is a fine way to show it.

4. Colored Diamonds and Custom-Designed Gemstones

In recent years, an engagement ring with black diamonds has seen renewed interest. Uniquely designed custom gems are becoming increasingly popular as conventions around engage rings loosen. So, you can go for an engagement ring that features a blend of diamond and other gemstones, such as apatite and black onyx.

Many Littleton, CO people today, including celebrities, who feel like traditional settings such as the solitaire is too on the nose prefer alternative settings. As a result, they opt for diamonds with different colors, such as black or pink, or imperfect diamond with speckles in various shades of gray. As long as the engagement ring makes you happy, you don’t need to limit yourself to traditions and rules.

5. Large Stones and Fancy Cuts

If you want your engagement ring to be a medium through which you express your unique individuality, you may want to go for fancy cut diamonds. Engagement rings with diamonds set in bespoke settings are becoming trendy in the post-COVID era because diamond is a legacy gem that holds its value well.

As a result, it can be a powerful symbol of your loving relationship as well as a sound investment. You can express your style and personality with outstanding diamonds cut in shapes like a shield, elongated oval, or curvy pear. You can have a solitaire diamond sit asymmetrically or in an unconventional setting like ceramic. Such edgy designs and modern silhouettes can tell your story remarkably.

6. Intimately Detailed Engagement Ring

Perhaps you’re looking for something that not only feels unique but something that will stand the test of time. In that case, you want an engagement ring that features unpredicted and intimate details.

For example, you can add a twist to the timeless platinum setting by using a bezel set in diamond instead of the conventional round diamond. Alternatively, you can give your diamond basket extra sparkle by including a hidden halo.

7. Classic or Art Deco–Inspired Engagement Rings

Engagement rings with a style that is inspired by art deco hearken back to the Gatsby era. These throwbacks are a great option if you feel like traditional diamond halos, for example, are overly fanciful.

Alternatively, you can go the classic route. Whether it’s having a uniquely shaped center stone or a distinctively styled setting, you can express your individuality by customizing a classic design to showcase. In addition to exceptional design and personalization, you may be socially conscious and prefer sustainable engagement ring options that impact the planet positively. In that case, consider going for recycled gold or diamonds that are created sustainably.

8. Compass-Prong Engagement Rings

Compass prongs are here to stay. Conventional prongs have four corners that typically cradle a round center stone, such as an old European cut, oval or round diamond, with edges that seem squared off.

On the other hand, the North-South-East-West (NSEW) orientation of compass prongs is a significant departure from the traditional prongs. This structure highlights the shape of rounded stones without altering the ring’s overall aesthetic. It is for this reason that compass prongs are becoming more and more popular.

9. Comfortable Engagement Rings

Comfort plays a crucial role in the current engagement ring trend cycle. As more people work from home, they want a ring that sits as flat and flush as possible with the finger. That way, it’s easier to wear the ring as they go about their daily activities. This engagement ring provides a balance of elegance and comfort.

Show Her How Much You Adore Her

A lot of thought should go into choosing the right engagement ring. The suggestions discussed here will get you started. Contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry for an engagement ring in Littleton, CO that proves your love for her.

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