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The time has finally come for you to go down on your knees and propose to your loved one. But before you do that, you need to find the perfect engagement ring that epitomizes your relationship and makes your proposal truly unique.

With so many choices of engagement rings, the hunt for the perfect one may seem overwhelming. However, it’s imperative to choose the right engagement ring that will be treasured for years together as a symbol of your love.

Here’s a step-by-step guide when shopping for that dream ring in Highlands Ranch, CO:

Step 1: Decide on the Center Piece Stone

All engagement rings ought to have a prominent centerpiece stone. While some rings are designed as multi-stone rings, they have a middle stone that is typically larger than the side stones.

Whether you choose diamonds or gemstone, you need to figure out what shape you want for your centerpiece stone. An expert engagement ring jeweler can help you narrow down on the right choice.

If you prefer a slender look, you can choose vertical shapes like marquise, oval or pear. For making a bold statement, radiant shapes like round, princess shapes offer amazing sparkle.

Else you can also opt for step facets and emerald shapes. The cushion cut is a traditional shape that adds a vintage appeal. And the classic heart shape adds romance to the setting.

Step 2: Consider the Stone Size and Quality

After you have decided on the shape, you need to determine the stone size and quality. For engagement rings with diamonds, it’s essential to source your diamonds from a certified vendor to be assured of its quality and authenticity.

Below are the 4 Cs that can guide you to choose the right diamond stone size and quality:

  • Cut – The diamond’s cut is perhaps one of the most critical features that determine how well it sparkles and for every shape, there are a certain number of facets for it to have an ideal cut.
  • Color – A diamond’s color ranges on a scale from D to Z, wherein D indicates colorless, and Z is light yellow.
  • Clarity – Clarity refers to the level of blemishes in the diamonds. The fewer the blemishes, the higher the grade of clarity.
  • Carat – The diamond carat of your engagement ring refers to the stone’s weight. Larger diamond stones are more expensive and rare than small ones.

If you opt for gemstones, it’s recommended to focus on color saturation and hardness of the stone. You can opt for vibrant hues or softer tones as a centerpiece for your ring.

Step 3: Picking the Right Metal and Setting

The most preferred metal for engagement rings is white gold. Other metals include rose gold, platinum and palladium. When picking the metal, it’s crucial to choose a durable kind that is less likely to tarnish as the ring will be worn every day.

Besides, another important design choice is to choose the right setting style for the ring. For bespoke engagement ring setting, engage the services of an experienced jeweler who has the right knowledge about different setting styles. Below are some common setting styles:

  • Solitaire – This style features one diamond stone set in the middle of the ring.
  • Shoulder – Include one large diamond with relatively smaller stones inset on either side.
  • Three-Stone – Diamonds set in a linear formation for a uniform and elegant appearance.
  • Halo – A setting style that features one large stone bordered by smaller stones.

Step 4: Decide on the Details

After you have selected an ideal setting style, it’s time for you to add a personal touch to the engagement ring. If you want to add more design elements and embellishments, adding birthstones to engagement rings are a great way to personalize.

You can also add side stones or pave diamond accents that complement your centre stone, depending on the setting style. You can choose from gemstones, diamonds or even seed pearls as embellishment details.

If you don’t want additional design elements, you may also want to consider engraving a personal sentiment to the ring’s inner band.

Make your engagement rings even more special by adding hearty engravings that include initials, monogram, date of engagement or a simple ‘I Love You’. Several engagement ring shops offer engraving options for a unique personal touch to your engagement ring.

Step 5: Know the Ring Size

Without giving away your surprise proposal, try to find out your partner’s ring size. You can either measure the diameter of the ring that they wear or take it in with your engagement ring consultants in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Ensure that the designer you choose has the option to resize the rings after your proposal in case it’s not the right fit.

Step 6: Figure out Payment Arrangements

Shopping for an engagement ring is challenging. You need to fix your budget, research your purchase options and then determine the ring’s details while balancing needs, aspirations, and budget.

Spend all the time you need talking to experienced Highland Ranch, CO jewelers who will help you make the right decisions. Also, check if the engagement rings stores offer flexible payment plans to help you with finance options.

Step 7: Consider Buying a Ring Insurance

Engagement rings are an expensive and valuable investment. Therefore to protect against damage or theft, consider purchasing an insurance policy for your engagement ring to secure your investment.

Step 8: Plan the Proposal

Congratulations! Now that you know how to purchase the perfect engagement ring, you also need to think about how you plan to pop the question. Every proposal is unique and your proposal will be a memory that will last a lifetime. Just ensure to snap a few photos and a ring selfie!

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