Caring For Your New Engagement Rings | Denver, CO

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Purchasing items like engagement rings require a lot of thought and deliberation. You want to make sure that you made the right decision. Caring for the jewelry you’ve invested in today requires knowledge and assistance. That’s what your Denver, CO jeweler is good for today.

Sharing what we know with you helps you better care for the purchases that you’ve made with us. It lets us assist you long after your initial visit to our jewelry store. It preserves the quality of the settings and stones that you carefully selected for yourself and your partner, too. That way, you’re able to enjoy your purchase for longer because of your ability to take care of what you now own.

Care for the Rings That You’ve Purchased Better with These Tips

The rings that you select should last a long time. They withstand the test of time. When cared for carefully, you can pass them on to future generations. That’s a testament to the quality of the jewelry we sell in our jewelry store.

Here are some tips that make caring for your new engagement rings in Denver, CO easier:

  • Put them in a safe place when you’re not wearing them. Safeguard your possessions by placing them where they won’t be misplaced. You can store them in their original boxes, which contain cushiony velvet that keeps them from getting scratched and damaged while in the safe. It’s also easier to find them when they’re in a box and not lying loose in the safe. Refrain from taking off your rings until you know you can properly store them. If you’re traveling, use the hotel’s safe and take pictures of your belongings as proof that you stored them there.


  • Have them professionally cleaned every few months. Your engagement ring will need cleaning regularly. It keeps them from deteriorating and looking grungy over time. Having a jeweler who knows how to care for special stones and precious metals is imperative. They won’t make a mistake by using the wrong type of cleaning method to tackle the task. Some materials are very fragile. That’s why you should use extreme care when cleaning them. Having a professional who has the right solutions and tools to clean the engagement ring is our recommendation.


  • Be mindful not to wear them when operating heavy machinery or doing activities that can be lost or damaged. There are silicone rings you can wear in place of your engagement ring. They won’t get caught on machinery or cause you harm while working. You can opt to wear one of them instead of your engagement ring. It keeps the metal from getting dented, dinged, and scratched, too. You’ll find it’s much more comfortable to wear a silicone ring during certain activities because it keeps your engagement ring in excellent condition long-term.


  • Make sure that the engagement rings get sized correctly. It keeps them from falling off or getting stuck. You mustn’t lose or need to have the rings cut off fingers because they were too snug. Asking your jeweler for advice on the subject is the best way to know how to handle it. A sizer that you can’t see easily may do the trick to give you and your partner a better fit.


  • Contact your jeweler with any loose stones or bent prongs. It’s the best way to keep from losing the beautiful engagement rings that you purchased. When the stone is loose, it falls out easily. If you don’t want to spend time searching for a precious gem that you paid good money for, take your engagement ring to the jeweler for repair.


  • Properly insure your investment. That way, you can protect it against loss and theft at all times. Having the rings appraised and insured is your best level of defense. It makes it easier for you to enjoy the jewelry you purchased for a long time. You’ll experience fewer issues with it when you have it insured for the right amount of money. There’s no sense in spending a lot of money on expensive engagement rings only to risk losing them. Having them appraised by a jeweler and insured for the full amount they’re worth is the best way to protect yourself. It eliminates the risk of loss that you experience in the event of a natural disaster or break-in at your home.

Now that you’ve purchased engagement rings and popped the question, it’s time to take good care of your investment. By following the tips listed above, you can easily avoid some of the problems many newly engaged couples face after purchasing their rings. You’re able to wear your engagement ring with the greatest ease because you followed the advice of a knowledgeable Denver, CO jeweler.

Choose a Jeweler You Can Work with for a Lifetime

Selecting the right jeweler to give your business to took time and required you to learn more about the company you shopped by researching it online or asking your family and friends about it. Fortunately, you’ve got the biggest task out of the way. You know who to contact whenever you need a helping hand with your engagement rings. You can bring them to us whenever you need them cleaned or repaired so that you can continue to enjoy your jewelry for a really long time.

Who to Reach Out to When You Need Help with Your Engagement Rings

Reach out to Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry with your request for assistance. We’ll provide you with additional ways to keep your jewelry looking its very best. That way, you’re never caught without your engagement rings on because they need to be cleaned or repaired. You’re also less likely to misplace them too.

Call 303-471-8463 with your request for assistance today. It’s something that we’re more than happy to help you with year-round. We want your rings to look their best at all times. If there is anything we can do to make that happen, let us know right away.