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There is very little that is more exciting than shopping for engagement rings, but there is also very little that is more intimidating. The idea of choosing the perfect ring among thousands of engagement rings that embody your love and the sense of style of your loved one can feel a little daunting. In fact, that is why many more modern couples decide to simply shop together for the perfect ring. Not quite as exciting, but it is an effective way to make sure that the ring is the right fit the first time around.

Whether you decide to shop for engagement rings with your significant other or on your own there are still a few things you need to know before buying a ring in Littleton, CO. Reading this guide before heading out can save you from some unnecessary stress and help you pick the perfect ring in a little less time. Depending on when you plan to propose, time might actually be of the essence and you don’t want to be rushed when picking out an engagement ring because that usually doesn’t end well for anyone.

You Can Purchase Diamonds and Settings Separately

Find the perfect stone but not sure if you can find the perfect setting to go with it? A lot of people don’t realize that settings and diamonds can be sold separately, and often are which actually gives you a lot more options and makes it easier to personalize engagement rings. Therefore, when you head out to shop for an engagement ring you need to know that you aren’t necessarily shopping for the perfect ring in one trip. You may need to find the perfect center stone and then the perfect ring might come later or vice versa.

However, if the idea of piercing every part of your wedding ring makes you nervous, there are still plenty of engagement rings out there that are pre-set with a diamond so that you don’t have to figure out quite so much. A lot of modern jewelers have a selection of preset rings on display because fewer particular customers like the idea of having a selection of rings that are ready to go home with them that day. In addition, most antique engagement rings are also sold already since the entire look is dependent on the complete set. If you have a preference, either way, you may want to call any Littleton, CO jewelry shops you plan to visit first to make sure they can accommodate your wishes.

Get Acquainted with the 4Cs

Before heading out to any jewelry shop or looking at any engagement ring, you need to get to know the 4Cs which are basically the guide to grading the worth of a diamond. The four C’s stand for:

  • Clarity – How flawless a diamond appears
  • Cut- How the cut of a diamond allows it to reflect light
  • Carat- How much the diamond weighs
  • Color- How opaque the diamond is

With all of this to consider, which one of these is the most important? After all, it is unrealistic to expect you can get everything you want from one ring and there has to be some give and take while sorting through different engagement rings. Some people have their own preference, but if you don’t most experts will recommend that you pay the most attention to cut because if it’s a poor cut it will look dull and that is the last thing that anyone wants out of their diamond.

Choose Your Settings and Shape

Once you have the center stone or diamond picked, the next thing you need to consider is the setting and the actual shape of the diamond. Some people like a round or princess-cut, while those who are looking for a more classic look will often opt for an emerald or oval shape. Each shape lends its own personality to the ring, so you need to think hard about what look you are aiming for and then go from there.

You also need to think about the setting, which is the enclosure that holds the diamond in place. It has become very popular for smaller diamonds or alternative gems to make up the setting of the diamond. A lot of that comes down to personal preference, but if you want to make a statement the setting is the place to do so.

Give Yourself Some Time

In most cases, you can’t expect to look at an engagement ring and walk home with the perfect ring on the same day. If you purchase a preset ring there is a possibility that you might be able to, but in most cases, the ring won’t be a perfect size already and you will need to have it resized. There are very few cases where you will find the perfect quality ring in the perfect size all at the time in a local shop. Therefore, you need to allow enough time to shop for a ring and be reasonable about when it will be ready for you.

If you are choosing a separate setting and diamond then this is even more important since the ring will not actually be created until after you have paid and ordered the ring. This can take a few weeks to actually happen. Most engagement rings guides suggest that you shop and select a ring about six weeks in advance of when you plan to use it, but if you are worried about the timeline you can talk with the jeweler you plan to use. Some may be able to offer a quicker turnaround while busier jewelers may actually need more time to produce the custom look you are after.

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