Details To Consider With Engagement Rings | Denver, CO

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For most people, engagement rings will be one of the most important pieces of jewelry that they ever purchase or wear. Because this is the ring that everyone who wears one wants to show off to their family, friends, colleagues, and everyone else, getting the details right means more on this piece than on any other.

If you’re buying a ring and don’t feel like you know what you’re doing, that’s OK. Most people who shop for an engagement ring in Denver, CO are doing so for the first time, so it’s very common to feel a bit overwhelmed when you start talking with an expert jeweler. These tips can help you figure out the best ring for both your significant other’s tastes and your budget!

Know Their Tastes

Before you ever set foot in a jewelry store, you should get an idea of what details are must-haves for your significant other and which ones can be ignored if you have to make sacrifices to meet your budget. For example, diamonds are the stone everyone expects for an engagement ring, but nothing says engagement rings have to feature diamonds. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other stones can make for beautiful, unique choices if your significant other likes that idea. But if only a diamond will do, then that’s the stone you need to choose.

Beyond the stone choice, you’ll also need to figure out the ideal shape and look of the stone. Does your future spouse want a round cut, or would they be happier with a cushion cut? Does a clear, brilliant stone mean the most to them, or do they want a bigger stone that doesn’t look quite as flawless? These are questions you’ll need to have answered before you work with a jeweler in Denver, CO, so do yourself a favor and listen intently whenever your significant other talks about jewelry. If they drop a few hints, you’ll have much more information that you can use to buy them a ring they will love.

View the Ring and Stone Together

If you’re going with a diamond, looking at the ring and the stone together is an absolute must, because some engagement rings can actually mask a few small flaws, depending on the look and details of the ring.

For example, color is an important part of a diamond’s detail, and the lower the grade, the closer your diamond will be too yellow than it will be too colorless. But if you’re planning to set the ring in yellow gold, a yellowish diamond really isn’t that big of a deal. When a yellowish diamond (think a K, L, or M grade) gets set against a yellow gold band, the yellowish color isn’t noticeable; it simply looks like a higher-grade colorless diamond. If you’re going with white gold, rose gold, or platinum, on the other hand, you’ll need to go J or higher for your diamond’s color grade because anything else will look very noticeable on the finished engagement ring.

The same can also work with clarity. When you look at the stone and ring together, take a look to see if you notice any flaws at all in the stone. If you’ve chosen a VS2 diamond or higher, you shouldn’t see any issues whatsoever, because those grades are only given to diamonds with no flaws visible to the naked eye. Taking a look at the stone and the ring can help you either ensure that’s the case or decide that you need to go up a grade in clarity in order to get the ideal ring.

Be Open Within Reason

If your significant other has always considered a certain type of ring when they think about engagement rings, don’t even think about going against their wishes and buying something that doesn’t fit their mental picture. It won’t work for their desires if they don’t feel like the ring is truly theirs.

But if your significant other isn’t rigid with their tastes, then you can and should trust your jeweler to show you several options that might work for their desires. If you know that your significant other desires a round cut above all else, your jeweler can show you a few different options for engagement rings that might sacrifice a little on clarity or carat in order to get them the perfect cut for their taste. If a round SI diamond doesn’t show any obvious flaws when you take a look at it, it might be the best choice for them. If, on the other hand, you do spot an issue, you might want to sacrifice in size or color to make the right choice for their desires.

Remember, engagement rings are made up of multiple details, and anywhere that you can make a small sacrifice without affecting the ring’s beauty can pay off in a big way.

Ask Questions

Jewelers know that you’re not an expert on this topic, and they don’t expect you to be. When you’re buying engagement rings, they want to make sure that you’re getting the right ring for your future spouse, and they’re happy to help you figure out the details so that you get a ring they truly love.

That’s why you should always ask questions about engagement rings whenever there’s something that you don’t feel like you understand. If you’re confused about different grades of clarity, or why an E grade is different from a G grade for color, all you have to do is ask. When you leave the shop, jewelers want you to feel like you got the best help possible so that you made the right decision for your needs.

At Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, we’re honored to help buyers in Denver, CO find and choose engagement rings that truly represent their love for their significant other. If you’re looking to purchase a ring for the right person, contact us for an appointment; we can help you select a ring that fits your budget and wows your special someone!