Engagement Rings: Finding The Best Options | Denver, CO

Getting engaged is a huge milestone in your relationship. Given how important this step is in you and your partner’s life together, you want to get the proposal right. The engagement ring you choose will play center stage in the proposal, so you need to put a lot of thought into selecting the right one.

Among the essential considerations, you’ll make is how well the engagement ring suits your hand. There are no hard and fast rules here. To get the right ring, you’ll probably have to try on multiple engagement ring styles.

Ultimately, you want an engagement ring that highlights the best features of your hand and steers attention away from the less flattering ones. This article will help you search for engagement rings that are suitable for the shape and size of your hand and fingers, be they short, long, slim, wide, tiny, or large.

First and Foremost: Assess Your Hand Shape

The first step to choosing the best engagement ring is determining the shape of your hand. Take into account the overall size of your hand and the length and width of your fingers. Likewise, consider how trimmed or long you prefer to keep your nails because longer nails make your fingers look longer.

Next, you need to try out some engagement rings that might suit your hand’s shape and size. The best way to go about this is to try out multiple rings to see how different ring styles look on your finger. This is important because engagement rings don’t usually look the same on your finger and hand as they do on the display case.

Crucially, ask for help from your Denver, CO jeweler. Unlike you, assessing an engagement ring is not a once-in-a-lifetime task for them. A well-established jeweler will have helped countless people with different hand shapes to pick an engagement ring that best suits their hand. Besides helping you find the right style, your jeweler adjusts the size of the engagement ring to ensure it fits snugly around your finger.

On the one hand, if the ring fits too tightly, it hinders circulation and is uncomfortable to wear. On the other hand, if the fit is too loose, your ring might easily slip off your finger. If this happens without you realizing it, you may end up losing your precious engagement ring. That’s why you need to work with your jeweler to make sure it fits your finger perfectly.

The Best Engagement Rings for Short Fingers

You can make your fingers appear longer by wearing an engagement ring with longer shaped stones, such as pear-, marquise- or oval-cut stones. A narrow band can also have an elongating effect on your finger, as can keeping long nails, provided your lifestyle permits.

Keep in mind that the tapered point and rounded of a pear-cut diamond are universally flattering. This cut makes a short finger appear longer yet provides a balanced shape for people with large hands. Lastly, you can create an illusion of length by setting marquise-cut stones vertically.

The Best Engagement Rings for Long Fingers

If your digits are long, you have a wider variety of engagement ring style options available to you compared to your counterparts with short fingers. You can try out bold and even dramatic designs, such as an engagement crafted into a snake that winds its way up your finger.

Furthermore, you can go experiment with bigger stones, meaning you have the license to splurge on as colossal a center stone as your budget permits. For example, setting round- or princess-cut diamonds on a thick band can look fantastic on long fingers.

The Best Engagement Rings for Slim Fingers

Large stone can appear unwieldy on slim fingers. Create an illusion of width by setting a small stone on a thick band. If your fingers are slender and short, consider wearing a pear- or marquise-cut diamond to make your finger appear wider and longer.

The Best Engagement Rings for Wide Fingers

If you have wide digits, you want to steer clear of narrow stones as they may make your finger look even wider by showing too much skin on either side of the engagement ring. Instead, have your jeweler set cluster styles or larger, more rounded stones on a medium-to-thick band.

This style creates a slimming effect by drawing the attention inward. Additionally, wearing an engagement ring with angular and asymmetrical shapes can make your fingers appear slimmer.

The Best Engagement Rings for Tiny Hands

Go for an engagement ring with a smaller princess-, heart- or round-cut diamond that aligns with your hand’s proportion. Whereas extremely delicate rings with small stones seem disproportional on long and large hands, they flatter extremely small fingers regardless of the cut. If you want to go for a heftier aesthetic, you can pair a petite, delicate engagement ring with a wider than usual wedding band.

The Best Engagement Rings for Large Hands

The converse is true if you have large hands. An engagement ring with a small design can seem like a toy ring if worn on a big hand. You want to go for large, bold cocktail-ring styles as you can easily pull these off. Consider rings with large stones nestled in a bezel setting because they flatter beefier hands. Stay away from thin, petite bands.

The Best Engagement Rings for Square-shaped Fingers and Hands

If your fingers and hand are square-shaped, you want to wear an engagement ring that softens the sharp angles. Flowing, feminine stones, and designs that feature rounded cuts are ideal for this purpose. Go for pear-, oval- or round-cut stones and avoid square cuts like the princess cut.

Find a Ring That’s Deserving of the Wearer’s Hand

Whether you’re exploring different engagement ring styles in preparation for a proposal or buying a ring as a couple, this article provides useful tips for choosing a ring design that will flatter the hand that wears it. Contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry for more advice on finding the perfect engagement ring in Denver, CO.

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