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2021 was a challenging year for many people. Besides the global pandemic, it was rough for people to return to the office and school and adapt to what modern life is now going to look like. A lot of things changed throughout the year and people as a race learned to be more flexible, and open to change. In fact, the one thing 2021 should have taught anyone paying attention to is that change is inevitable and useless to fight. However, one thing did not change in 2021, and that is the number of people looking for and purchasing engagement rings.

In fact, if anything after 2020 finally ending more and more people were willing to take the plunge and propose, which means there were more people looking at engagement rings than ever before. It turns out that even the worst crisis can’t stop love, and there was plenty of it blooming everywhere. Even more, as restrictions lifted and many people were finally able to get vaccinated, the idea of weddings and large celebrations once again became a reality, which meant that proposals and wedding rings were back on the table.

The end result is a lot of cool 2021 engagement ring trends that are worth taking a second look at if you are thinking about proposing or are planning your own wedding. Modern couples often pick out engagement rings together, so if that fits your description here are a few wedding trends to think about before settling on your final choice. Of course, at the end of the day, your wedding ring and engagement ring are yours forever, so there is no real pressure to be on par with the trends. What you do need to focus on is picking a ring you are comfortable wearing for the rest of your life.

However, if you need some inspiration and want to explore a bit before choosing your forever gem, then here are some ideas to think about. After all, it is better to explore and experiment a bit with your potential engagement rings than it is to explore and experiment a bit before settling down with your future spouse right? Here are the top 2021 engagement ring trends so you can have some fun and indulge in a few designs that may have never been in your peripheral before.

Rings With Dual-Purpose Bands

One big trend this year has been clients who are poting for a band engagement ring that not only serves as an engagement ring but also as a wedding band. While traditionally people choose a matched set, or a wedding band and a single stone engagement ring, a lot of brides are opting to combine the two. Not only can it sometimes be a great economic choice, but given the uncertainty of the wedding season over the last year, it gives brides a bit more confidence in their ring that they are set to tie the knot at any time.

Interestingly enough, there are a lot of European counties where engagement rings are not even used, but instead, wedding bands are given that serve as a type of eternity band to represent the union. Therefore, it could actually be considered super ultra-trendy to fall go European with your enhearten ring. At the very least, for those concerned with proper sanitation, it is a lot easier to clean a band that serves as both rings than it is to deal with a bunch of jewelry and gems on your fingers.

Heirloom Styled Pieces

Everyone likes the idea of receiving grandma’s special ring, but let’s face it, grandma probably only has one engagement ring and if there are multiple siblings in the family then it simply may not be on the table. However, you can create your own heirloom piece by jumping on the 2021 trend of purchasing engagement rings that look vintage and like they were handed down. Plus, they are a great way to create a sense of continuity for future generations, which is something that everyone has been thinking about this year.

2021 was the start of loved ones finally being able to come together again, after what was months of separation and visits over Zoom. The nostalgia has made everyone yearn for a simpler time, and that means a simpler engagement ring that has vintage details and antique designs. The same way Taylor Swift completely switched gears and created throwback music, you can expect to see a lot of vintage, throwback engagement rings on the market and everyone is loving it. This even opens the door to incorporate gems that are not a diamond into your engagement ring, which is another big trend that has been actually building over the last decade.

Online Engagement Ring Shopping

In a move that perhaps surprises no one, a lot of people are heading online to look for engagement rings, which is a giant shift for jewelers all over. While ring pictures are pretty, nothing can compare to actually getting your hand on a ring and feeling it on your finger. A lot of customers enjoy it, but we still suggest that while virtual shopping can give you ideas, not to make a final purchase without visiting the jewelry shop and seeing it in person. Like most things, there are a lot of variables online that don’t always represent fine pieces the way they should. oFtentimes you will find that in person you love a piece you didn’t notice online in the line-up or hate another ring that seemed like a sure thing.

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