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Although an expensive purchase, a diamond engagement ring is a fitting expression of your love for your significant other. Gifting your partner such a personal token deepens the bond you already share.

Engagement rings, especially those with a diamond inclusion, win hearts like no other. The clarity, color, carat weight, and cut of your diamond give you valuable insights into the stone you are eyeing.

It helps to have sufficient knowledge about diamonds before you invest in a ring when in Denver, CO. Sift through the many styles of diamond engagement rings on offer so you can identify the ring that best matches your fiancée’s personality.

Diamond Shapes or Cuts

The shape or cut of the prominent stone is the most defining feature of engagement rings. Besides making a stylistic statement across Denver, CO, the diamond shape impacts how the ring appears on your partner’s hand. It also bears how the stone reflects light and how immune it is to sustaining damage.

Always consider the diamond cut in proportion with its setting, as both should complement each other. Listed below are typical diamond cuts or shapes set in engagement rings:

Round Cut

This popular cut boasts an elegant and timeless appeal that maximizes the diamond’s light brilliance. Almost 70% of diamonds sold globally reflect a round shape.


Many setting styles work well with this versatile princess shape. When the diamond is princess cut, the wastage is minimal, and the stone’s symmetry has a bearing on its selling price. For instance, an engagement ring with perfectly square diamonds is more expensive than its slightly rectangular counterparts.


Superior quality diamonds are an ideal canvas to create this unique emerald shape wherein step cuts border the stone’s large flat surface. This particular cut best reveals the clarity of the diamond as light interacts stunningly with the set stone.


The elongated tip of the pear cut creates a magical illusion by enlarging the diamond’s surface area. For the pear shape, symmetry makes all the difference.


Oval-shaped diamonds are considered a variation of the round cut because of the similar light refraction qualities the two achieve. Due to their stretched-out appearance, an oval-cut engagement ring also displays the illusion of being larger.


Diamonds with this cut display an elongated and narrow shape that differs slightly from pear-shaped cuts. Here too, the stone appears larger than it is.


Though cut square, these diamonds have a rounded edge. The cushion cut is a classic diamond shape, and its modern interpretations yield highly refined engagement rings.

Heart Cut

A larger diamond best displays a defined heart cut which smaller stones fail to depict. Heart-shaped diamonds also rely on symmetry to create this eternal romantic symbol.

Radiant Cut

Combining princess and cushion cuts, radiant-shaped engagement rings display different designs. They can either be elongated squares or rectangular stones with edges that reflect a round or square shape.

Asscher Cut

Like their emerald cut cousins, the Asscher shape also reveals step cuts bordering the diamond’s large flat surface. This particular cut is more desirable when the square is perfectly symmetrical.

Tips to Make the Right Choice

Considering the variety of diamond shapes out there, making a wise selection seals your romantic reunion for life. Refer to the handy guidelines provided here when choosing from an array of impressively cut engagement rings:

Match Your Partner’s Taste

Instead of choosing what appeals to you, prioritize your partner’s preferences. Striking a balance between your significant other’s expectations and what your budget permits is ideal. Your partner will appreciate you considering her most preferred cut when selecting the ring you pop the question with.

Examine the Diamond Grading Certification

The corresponding certificate is only issued when a qualified technician from an authorized laboratory examines and accordingly grades the diamond’s quality. Today, synthetic diamonds are also made to reflect the same sparkle and brilliance of naturally formed gems.

Since you spend a fortune on your acquisition, you must only proceed when confident about its genuineness. A valid certification issued by recognized third-party labs grades the diamond on all essential parameters. If the polished stone is a synthetic diamond, the certificate will mention so.

Approach a Reputed Retailer

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Avoid Settling for an Inferior Cut

A diamond’s sparkle is attributed to its cut, which requires skillful craftsmanship. Stones that exude sparkle, luster, and brilliance have a superior cut. A poorly cut diamond deviates from maintaining a proportionate shape, maximizing its corresponding weight and selling price.

Engagement rings that retain more carat weight because of their disproportionate cut fail to disperse light from one diamond edge to the other effectively. Because such diamonds appear smaller, they lack the sparkle and brilliance associated with this magnificent stone.

On the other hand, a diamond with an excellent cut scintillates thanks to the magical play of light. Understanding a diamond’s cut quality is imperative to ensure you purchase the most superior shape. Settling for anything less at the price you are expected to shell out is a damaging move.

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