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Make your proposal perfect by finding the perfect engagement ring. Most people have to save up for some time for their engagement rings, as the average cost of an engagement ring in America is about $6,000. If you’re searching for diamond engagement rings, you’ll likely notice something odd. Some of the more expensive engagement rings aren’t necessarily nicer in appearance. They don’t appear shinier nor are the stones larger.

In these cases, you’re paying for the clarity of the diamond, which basically ensures that there aren’t any internal flaws; however, these internal flaws are so hard to see that most people won’t be able to notice it just by looking at it. So, if you’re looking for a larger, shinier engagement ring in Denver, CO, then there are some tips and tricks that you can follow.

Tip #1. Go for a Lower Clarity

The main reason why most engagement rings are expensive is because of the clarity of the diamond. This refers to the number of flaws that are within the stone, and the clarity of diamonds usually ranges from FL for flawless to I1 to I3 for inclusions. In general, if you want to choose a diamond that does not have any flaws that are visible to the naked eye, you should go for something that’s at the VS1 or VS2 level. I1 diamonds have flaws that are almost always visible although you might need to take a closer look to notice them.

The price difference from an FL to a VS1 is huge. It could be tens of thousands of dollars, and if your goal is to simply find an engagement ring that is pleasing to the eye, there’s no reason for you to fork over the extra money for an FL diamond rather than one that’s a VS1.

VS1 diamonds are clearly visible under a 10x magnification but are so minor that they may not be easily noticeable. You won’t be able to see them using your naked eye, and only 1 in 100 untrained people will notice the flaws. In short, there’s no way that your partner or anyone else will notice it.

Tip #2. Place More Emphasis on Color

If you want your diamond to shine bright, then you really need to care about color. The whiter that your diamond is, the brighter it will shine. In general, you should go for a diamond that has a color rating between D and F for the best results. As diamonds with a D clarity can be quite pricey, you can even go for an F, and the difference won’t be too noticeable.

Stray away from diamonds that have a lower color rating as they may not shine as brilliantly, and this could have an effect on the overall appeal of the ring (if you’re looking for something that is exceptionally bright).

Tip #3. Less Carat but Better Cut

Another thing that you might want to consider is choosing a carat size that is slightly less than a full integer. For example, if you want a carat that looks like it’s 1 carat, go for something that’s 0.96. If you want something that’s close to 2.0 carat, go for 1.90. The fact that the diamond hasn’t hit the next integer makes it a lot cheaper.

However, a slightly lower-in-carat diamond won’t necessarily look smaller. It really depends on the cut. Some diamonds may have a larger surface area and be flatter while others might have a smaller surface area and be taller. Keep in mind that the diamond is viewed from above, so your diamond will look a lot larger if you choose that has a larger diameter.

Before you purchase engagement rings you can always ask the jeweler to show you the loose diamond. The setting in the ring can also have an effect on how large the diamond looks, but you’ll get a good idea of how big everything is from the loose diamond as well. You’ll also get a really good idea of the diamond’s brilliance.

Tip #4. Avoid the Luxury Brands

If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, find a diamond wholesaler or a private jeweler. Stay away from big names, like Harry Winston and Tiffany. When your spouse is wearing the ring, no one will be able to tell whether it comes from a brand, and unless your soon-to-be partner has specified that they simply must have an engagement ring in a certain brand, it really won’t matter.

You’re going to get the best bang for your buck by avoiding these brands. The jeweler can also come up with a custom, personalized design that will really make the engagement ring stand out from other ones that are around. You’ll be able to also customize the small details to ensure that your partner will love what you’re getting them. It’s definitely a better choice and option to go with.

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