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Congratulations! You’ve decided to propose to your girlfriend and are trying to work out what the best way to ask the big question would be. You’ll also be looking for an engagement ring. There are so many engagement rings available that you may be forgiven for feeling confused about which to choose.

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While most couples prefer an engagement ring with a diamond, you may also like to consider other gemstones. It’s an excellent idea to incorporate a birthstone into an engagement ring. Birthstones are semi-precious stones with unique properties that are said to encourage healing. This article will provide a month-to-month guide to birthstone, which can be incorporated into engagement rings.

Birthstones by Month

Each month of the year corresponds with a semi-precious birthstone, which can be incorporated into engagement rings. Birthstones are a nice touch as they can add a hint of color. They also allow the wearer to benefit from the stones healing energies.

January: Garnet

The birthstone for January is a garnet, which is an attractive red stone. Garnets can also be found in other colors, most commonly orange or green. Garnets are an excellent choice to add to engagement rings as they represent trust, friendship, and loyalty, all of which are qualities you’ll want to bring to your marriage.

February: Amethyst

February’s birthstone is a beautiful purple amethyst. These stones come in various shades and are considered mysterious. Purple is considered a luxurious color that would look great set against a diamond. Amethysts were favored throughout history by members of the royal family. Purple also represents strength and spirituality and can help to bring balance and harmony in relationships.

March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a bluish-green stone that’s March’s birthstone. It helps to encourage a sense of peace and calm and is available in a selection of shades of blue. The stone gets its name from aqua marinus, which means seawater in Latin. It’s associated with friendship, hope, and good health and also represents eternal life. In many cultures throughout the world, it’s believed that aquamarine has healing energies that will soothe issues in relationships.

April: Diamonds

If your girlfriend’s birthday is in April, a plain diamond ring may be the right choice for an engagement ring. There’s no need to add any other gemstones as Diamonds are the birthstone of April. Diamonds represent love, commitment, and faithfulness, as well as everlasting love and courage.

May: Emerald

Emeralds are May’s birthstone and is a stone that’s associated with fertility. They are also an attractive, eye-catching stone that’s unique. Emeralds help to promote love, friendship, and loyalty and encourage harmonious love relationships.

June: Pearl

People with birthdays in June are very nurturing. They are also peaceful and strong like the sea. Pearls represent purity and are generally white or cream. They are also sometimes grey or silver, with beautiful translucent overtones in either rose, green or blue.

July: Ruby

Ruby is July’s birthstone, which represents joy, happiness, and positivity. It’s a colorful and attractive stone that can be incorporated into an engagement ring. People who wear a ruby will receive the stone’s positive energies, which will allow them to overcome their fears and follow their dreams.

August: Peridot

A peridot will help to bring positivity into any relationship and will also reduce stress. The stone is greenish-yellow in color and was known as “the gem of the sun” throughout Ancient Egypt. The stone was believed to help eliminate anxiety and improve marriages.

September: Sapphire

Sapphires are usually blue but are also sometimes available in orange, pink, purple, or yellow. The stone traditionally represents nobility and truth. They help to encourage faithfulness and are believed to bring joy and success into a relationship.

October: Opal

Opals are considered to be lucky birthstones as they represent healing and balance. The opal’s energy brings good luck, happiness, and harmony to relationships and the lives of those who wear the stone. Opals are most commonly cream or white and have a pearly luster. Fire opals are also available, and these are orange or yellow.

November: Citrine

People whose birthdays fall during the month of November are usually loving and caring and can be surprised with an engagement ring that contains Citrine. The stone is unique; it has an attractive yellow color and represents energy, vitality, love, and affection.

December: Turquoise

Turquoise is a green-blue birthstone that will bring prosperity and good luck to the marriage. The stone traditionally represents compassion, truth, and honor. Those who are born in December are generally considered optimistic, kind, and adventurous.

Using Gemstones in Engagement Rings

There are many ways to use birthstones in the design of an engagement ring. Many people choose a cluster of stones with a diamond in the middle and smaller birthstones encircling the outside. Alternatively, a diamond in the middle with one smaller gemstone at each side is also very eye-catching and attractive.

Diamonds can be cut to various shapes, including oval, round, heart shapes, or marquise. These can be used alone or with a gemstone to create a uniquely designed engagement ring. Pink diamonds are also a stunning and popular choice for engagement rings.

When choosing an engagement ring, it’s essential to consider the personality of the women you’re buying the ring for. Think about what she likes and what her favorite colors are as well as her birthstone. You’ll also need to choose a metal and setting for the ring. Engagement rings are commonly platinum or white or yellow gold.

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