Quick Guide To Purchasing Engagement Rings | Denver, CO

Photo by Serhii Bobyk at Shutterstock

Looking at engagement rings can be one of the best experiences of your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful if you don’t work with the right jeweler in Denver, CO. Most people don’t realize how many things there are to consider when buying a ring until they are in a jewelry store surrounded by dozens of rings. Suddenly, a decision that you thought you had under control can seem out of reach and complicated. However, before you get too overwhelmed by the situation you should step back and take a minute to consider what you want out of the ring you choose.

The key to choosing the right engagement rings is not what happens once you walk into the store, it is how you prepare before you get to the store. It is easy to get lost in budget constraints, one-up-manship, and the dazzle of hundreds of rings in front of you. Not to mention, most jewelry clerks are paid on commission so they will be nudging you in the direction of the rings they want you to buy, and not always in the direction of what works best for you as a couple.

With that in mind, if you truly want to make sure you get the most out of the engagement rings process you need to prepare before you even leave your home. There is a lot of research and decisions that you can make from the safety of your home that can make you more comfortable when you walk into the store. Knowing what you want before you start to browse rings is a great way to make sure you walk out with the perfect ring. While few females will say no because you chose the wrong ring, they will be much more enthusiastic if you choose a ring that perfectly fits their personality and jewelry preference.

Choose the Gem

While it may seem the most basic, the first thing you need to do is figure out what gem your bride or future spouse would like. Once upon a time, everyone wanted a diamond, but now some people have very clear thoughts on diamonds and prefer lab-grown diamonds or blood-free diamonds. Other people opt to skip a diamond altogether and would prefer a non-traditional gem as the centerpiece for their design. If this is something that you think that your finance would prefer you need to be careful to start there. Non-traditional gems are growing in popularity but you still won’t find as many options as if you had simply gone with a diamond so looking for engagement rings may require more research on your part.

Choose the Setting

When it comes to engagement rings there are a lot of different ways to create settings. Some people just want a diamond sitting in a princess or square cut at the top of a band, while other people prefer smaller diamonds to be set around them. Others actually like the idea of incorporating another gem around the main diamond. If you think that your fiance would enjoy another gem in the setting this is a good thing to know upfront because it may limit where you end up shopping for engagement rings in Denver, CO depending on the gem setting they have in mind.

If you don’t know whether or not your fiance would want a separate gem incorporated into the setting, it is always a better idea to err on caution and just stick with a solo diamond or a diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. Some women are not that extravagant, and the addition of color may be too much for them. At the very least if they want more color they can have gems set into their matching wedding band when it comes time to shop for those.

Do You Want a Set?

This of course brings up another large question that is one of the top reasons that people choose to shop for engagement rings as a couple instead of alone. It has become very popular for couples to purchase both their engagement ring and wedding bands together to ensure they have a matching set that is attractive and easily melded together. However, this can be extremely overwhelming for a groom who always feels skeptical about just purchasing one engagement ring.

If you think that a set is probably what you will prefer, then it may be a good idea to talk it over with your spouse. While surprise proposals work for some people, others find that talking it out as a couple and skipping the extravagant proposal is the best way to ensure that both parties get exactly what they want. You need to judge your partner and their tastes on your own, but it may not be a bad idea to get comfortable with the idea that maybe your bridge should be involved.

Pick Out the Metal

Finally, before you actually step into a jewelry store it’s a good idea to know what metal you ideally want for your ring as this will play a large role in your options as well. Most women and even men have a preference when it comes to jewelry. Platinum, gold, rose gold, and silver are all popular materials for engagement rings to be made out of and each carries its own disadvantages and disadvantages. If you aren’t sure what metal to choose, take a few days to just watch the jewelry your fiance tends to wear or peek into her jewelry box. Chances are high that you will see a pattern that will make it easy to make a choice.

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