Shopping For Engagement Rings With Your Significant Other | Denver, CO

Photo by George Rudy at Shutterstock

Thinking about proposing to your girlfriend? Nothing is more nerve-wracking or exciting than finally finding your soulmate and getting ready to pop the big question. However, before you get to the part where you are down on bended knee, you need to browse some engagement rings and choose one for your fiancé. A lot of men find this to be the toughest part of their entire engagement because to them all of the rings look the same, but to a woman, this is the most thrilling part so you want to decide wisely.

Most women will wear their engagement rings for decades, so you need to choose a ring that is timeless and up to the challenge. It needs to be something that your future spouse will be proud to wear, and something that embodies her sense of style. Sound daunting? It’s okay to be a little confused when you walk into a Denver, CO shop and start browsing rings. Most men don’t have a lot of experience buying diamonds, so it’s okay to feel a bit hesitant about choosing the right ones. Here is a quick guide to make it easier to navigate through the process.

Set Your Budget

While it would be nice to think that money is no object, for most people it is a very big defining issue. For this reason, it is best to set your budget upfront. Knowing how much you can afford to spend will set some parameters that will make it easier to shop for engagement rings. Instead of casting a large net and seeing where you land, your budget will help you focus on your options so that you can pay attention to other things like ring designs and different gem shapes. At this point, your task changes to finding a diamond that fits your budget without sacrificing any qualities. Of course, there are always financing options you can take advantage of to make the ring more affordable as well like layaway or financing depending on the jeweler you work with.

Figure Out the Best Style

Before worrying about the diamond setting, you need to pick out the ring style. This will once again narrow your choices down and help ensure you choose a ring that your bride will be happy to wear every day of their life. Some would argue that the staff is the most important aspect of choosing among engagement rings. To get an idea of what style would best fit your future spouse if you are shopping on your own, take a peek in their jewelry box.

Women tend to gravitate towards their own style whether that is modern, classic, earthy, glamorous, or a combination of any of these. While you are looking at the jewelry box take a minute to notice if they prefer silver, platinum rose gold or gold jewelry. You will need this information for the next step.

Choose Your Band

Most women have a strong preference for either silver or gold, and you want to make sure you choose the right ring band while looking at engagement rings. White gold in particular is becoming very popular with rose gold right behind so it may be worth taking a close look at these two types of bands if you aren’t sure what she would like. However, once again, you can probably figure out the shade your bride will like the most by just looking at her collection. Also, pay attention to hints. Consider peeking at her Pinterest account, because there is a good chance she has liked a few rings that can give you some inspiration.

Learn to Pick a Diamond

Is this your first time ever looking at diamonds? Then you need to learn how to pick out a diamond based on the 4 C’s: cut, clarity, color, and carat. Up first on the list is cut, which refers to the way it was carefully cut and shaped. The way a diamond is cut influences how it is able to refract light which in turn will influence how bright and light the diamond is. This also affects the pricing of the diamond so you will have to balance the cut with the other C’s to get a diamond within your budget.

Next up on the list is clarity. Clarity essentially refers to how perfect a diamond is and the absence of blemishes. Some things that may affect the clarity of a diamond in Denver, CO include blemishes in the diamond, tiny cracks, the location it was mined, and inclusions all affect the pricing of a diamond and its clarity.

The clearer and whiter a diamond is the more valuable it is considered. Nitrogen formed the base of the diamonds when they first came out of the crust of the earth, so the clearer the diamond is the more brilliantly it shines.

Finally, rounding out the list is carat, which is one of the 4c’s that everyone seems to recognize. Usually, you will hear about the carats in the engagement rings description, but really all carat means is how much the diamond weighs. Obviously, a carat that is heavier will cost more because there is more diamond compared to others.

Choose Your Diamond Shape

Now that you know the 4c’s, you should have an idea of how to play with them to get a diamond that is within your price range, but while negotiating through the process of buying engagement rings you also need to know the final gemstone shape to settle on. Round diamonds usually cost the most since they are the traditional option, so if your spouse is willing to go with a princess cut, squirt cut, oval cut, emerald cut, or pear-cut you may be able to splurge for a more expensive engagement ring.

Now that you know everything about engagement rings, it is time to actually get out there and look at some options. Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry offers a fine selection of engagement rings that we would be happy to show you. Come on down and view our selection, we would be happy to walk you through the process of finding the perfect ring.