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Getting married to your significant other at a mystical venue in Highlands Ranch, CO, is a dream for many in the community. Besides choosing a venue, many brides-to-be have now set their hearts on finding the right vintage engagement rings.

Wearing a ring with a story adds to the charm of a magical engagement and wedding. However, everyone cannot easily recognize an authentic vintage engagement ring from a bunch. So, how do you choose the right vintage engagement ring for your better half?

Research More About the Vintage Rings

When you are looking for an elegant vintage engagement ring there is so much research to be done early on to educate yourself about the basics. Try to learn more about different metal options like gold, white gold, platinum, palladium, and the rest.

Get to know about diamond 4C’s, historical diamond cuts, and their evolution over time. You can also sift through the different jewelry eras to figure out which your favorite is. This process will help you narrow down the options on a vintage engagement ring.

Learn the Difference between Costume and Fine Jewelry

Vintage jewelry you find in antique shops may be costume jewelry. Even though most shops in Highlands Ranch sell authentic vintage jewelry, there are high chances of you unknowingly investing in costume instead of fine jewelry.

The costumes might be gold or brass-plated silver rather than being solid gold. Some rings may even be adorned with non-precious crystals or gemstones rather than precious stones.

Vintage costume jewelry tends to be significantly cheaper than authentic ones. So, if you feel skeptical about the price, it probably may not be a real deal.

To find a legit engagement ring from the local outlets, you must ask for period fine jewelry rather than vintage jewelry. Asking around for period fine jewelry will most probably direct you to the right shop in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Understand the Real Meaning of Vintage

The vintage trend has gradually built up steam in Colorado and Highlands Ranch in different communities in the past few years. However, confusion still prevails over what the term means.

When it comes to vintage engagement rings, three main categories of rings are highly popular:

  • Antique Rings
  • Vintage Rings
  • Vintage-inspired Rings

While shopping vintage, it is essential to understand the difference between these three categories. Knowing what vintage means will help you purchase the right ring. Be it a vintage-inspired ring or a pure vintage ring you are looking for, learning its intricacies will help you make the right choice.

Shop from Reputable Places in Highland Ranch

Highland Ranch houses a fair share of jewelry shop auctioneers specializing in vintage engagement rings. Many local online sellers are based in Dorchester Street and West Highlands Ranch Parkway, with an excellent reputation for selling engagement rings and jewelry.

Buying the ring from a reputable and quality jeweler does not just make a difference in your choice of rings. Such renowned stores will also take the responsibility to offer trustworthy advice and guidance.

So, make sure to check the reviews and testimonials given for a particular store before you begin shopping with them.

Check for the Diamond Certification

Make sure not to buy a vintage engagement ring without an independent diamond certification if the main diamond is over 0.50 ct.

Check if you have all the information about the particular diamond you plan to buy- its cut, exact weight, color, and clarity. A diamond certification is mainly crucial for various insurance purposes.

Ensure the Engagement Ring Is In a Good Condition

Many couples in Highlands Ranch are sought after Vintage rings, and it has been loved throughout many generations. However, given its make, sometimes a vintage engagement ring can show signs of wear.

Before purchasing a ring, make sure that the seller you are working with knows how to prepare and care for vintage rings in the first place. Only when the ring is in good condition from the beginning will it shine for more years to come.

Engraving the Vintage Engagement Rings

Once you have chosen the only vintage engagement ring for you and your partner, it is now time to engrave the band with love to make it eternal. As engagement rings represent commitment and love to one’s partner, adding a personalized inscription to it will seal the endless love deal.

Engraved vintage engagement rings can be extra special, and it is a beautiful way to hold your relationship close to your heart.

Whether you are getting married at extravagant setups in the Highlands Ranch mansion or a quaint wedding home in the community, engraved vintage wedding rings will help keep up the sentiment and love.

Here are some engraving ideas which can make your engagement ring and love eternal.

You Can Engrave a Promise

Just like a declaration of love, engraving a vow on the vintage engagement rings is an ethereal and romantic idea that has the power to sweep anyone off their feet. Use personalized and powerful romantic statements to create unique engravings in the vintage engagement ring.

You Can Add Names to the Ring

The engraving of you and your partner’s name in the engagement ring is one of the timelessly classic and romantic ideas. This personalized idea will never go out of style, from choosing a beautiful script to joining your names together.

You Can Add Humorous Inscriptions

Who can say no to a heartfelt and humorous inscription? Instead of adding emotional words, you can take the lighter and offbeat way of funny descriptions. There is nothing better than having a hearty laugh with your partner.

You Can Choose Important Dates

By engraving a date on the vintage engagement ring, you can commemorate the momentous occasion with eternal love. You can add the date of your engagement, wedding, meeting, or anniversary date to the band.

Engraving is a crucial aspect that can make your engagement ring a personal token and symbol of love. Before choosing an idea, give it a good thought or discuss it with your fiancée and family members to arrive at the perfect inscription.

Once you have decided, reach out to a local jewelry store and speak to a highly trained associate about the process.

Reach Out To a Renowned Jewelry Store in Highlands Ranch, CO

Once you have found the right ring and the inspiration for the inscription, you are now all set to engrave the message on the engagement rings. It is now time to give life to your imagination and present the perfect ring with the ideal inscription for your better half.

Reach out to Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry to purchase the best vintage engagement ring of your dreams. Our experienced jewelry technicians can engrave beautiful messages on the ring in no time. Book an appointment on 303-471-TIME (8463) today.