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Diamond engagement rings are prized possessions. It’s a symbol of love and commitment between you and your significant other. Because it signifies a strong bond, your ring is an important piece of jewelry that you need to take extra care of. Keeping it sparkly and shiny for years should be top priority. Also, they may be really expensive so it’s only right to protect the ring at all times. Protecting means taking care of it properly. Below are a few tips to help you take care of your precious diamond.

Contact a jeweler if you need additional help especially when it comes to professional cleaning or repairs.

1. Purchase an Insurance For Your Ring

Get insurance to protect your investment when it gets damaged, stolen or lost. Make sure that it is insured for the full replacement value. Engagement rings must also be appraised every five years to ensure that the value insured isn’t less than the actual value. Contact a jeweler for assistance or if you want to know how much your precious diamond is worth.

2. Clean Engagement Rings Regularly

Always use a proper cleaning solution when cleaning an engagement ring. You can use a dishwashing liquid for cleaning your ring but we would suggest you hire a jeweler to get it professionally cleaned. Never use bleaching solutions for cleaning your engagement ring as they can severely damage their finish. Also – to keep it shining, clean the ring at least 4x a year or when deem necessary. Use only microfiber or lint-free cloth when drying the ring; paper towels can be abrasive to the gemstone.

3. Never Touch the Stone

Always hold engagement rings with their band and avoid touching the gemstone. Your fingers may be dusty or oily and that will only stick to the stone. Keep in mind that diamonds can be magnets for oil and dust, and they may look either cloudy or hazy when dust or oil is stuck in places that’s difficult to reach. Contact a jeweler for professional cleaning.

4. Do Not Wear Your Ring When Doing Hands-on Activities

Always remove your engagement ring when swimming, cleaning dishes, gardening, moving furniture, baking, exercising or when doing any activity requiring manual labor. Wearing your ring in a swimming pool may damage the gemstone as chlorine can weaken it. Also, you may likely lose it while swimming as fingers shrink when submerged in water for longer periods. You absolutely shouldn’t wear it while baking as flour or dough will accumulate and it may be difficult to clean it. As much as possible, wear it only when you are not doing anything involving your hands. For cleaning, you can always contact a jeweler.

5. Put Ring Dishes Around Your Home

It would be best if you can keep a small dish next to the bathroom or kitchen sink for your ring. That way it won’t slip and get lost in the drain. We would suggest you don’t remove it while inside a public bathroom though as you might forget it. Should you need to take it off while outside, put the ring on a necklace chain.

6. Schedule Regular Maintenance With a Jeweler

Diamonds may be durable but they are not indestructible. If you do not take care of them, they will become damaged eventually. To avoid this, contact a jeweler in Vail, CO to schedule regular maintenance with your engagement ring. A jeweler would check whether the prongs are tight so that the diamond doesn’t accidentally fall out. It needs to have a secure and strong hold so you don’t lose it. Preventive maintenance ensures that your engagement ring is always in good condition. Keep in mind though that apart from maintenance, you still need to do regular cleaning of your ring so dirt or dust do not accumulate on them.

7. Buy a Ring With a Warranty

Find a jeweler that can give good warranties for engagement rings. Choose a warranty service that offers free re-polishing, tightening of prongs, cleaning services. It may be better if they can also replace it when there are manufacturing defects. Diamond engagement rings are a good financial investment; their value appreciates with time. Knowing that you won’t have to pay for any repair service years after buying it even maximizes its value.

8. Avoid Resizing Engagement Rings Multiple Times

When a woman becomes pregnant, hands tend to swell and there might be a need to resize engagement rings so it fits in her hand again. You will need to contact a jeweler in Vail, CO to assist you with resizing. However, it’s not recommended to keep resizing the ring as it will eventually make the gemstone fragile. Avoid adjusting it often; instead just store the ring in a safe place and wear it again when it fits.

9. Safely Store Your Ring

If you’re not wearing your ring, keep it in a jewelry box lined with fabric and has dividers so your jewelry doesn’t rub against each other. Also, it would help if you can keep the box in a fire-proof safe to add more security especially when you are going away.

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