Tips For Picking The Perfect Engagement Rings | Highlands Ranch, CO

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These days most couples pick out the engagement ring together. While the proposal may be kept hidden for a bit, a lot of couples make the conscious decision to get married while cohabitating which leaves plenty of time for them to browse engagement rings and talk about preference. This actually helps out a lot of guys who otherwise would not know what they are looking for as they browse what may start to feel like an endless amount of rings.

However, the standard jeweler has so many rings out on display that the task of picking out the perfect ring can feel a little daunting to both the bride and the groom. This is one way of narrowing down your options and the factors you need to consider can help make the ring selection process a bit simpler. The following is a brief guide that can help you or your fiance pick out the right ring. Printing out this article and leaving it lying around where they can see it with helpful notes written on the side certainly never hurt anyone.

Consider the Shape

The very first thing you have to think about is the shape of the diamond. Once you figure out your diamond cut you can quickly cut through the mass of rings and get down to business. Every shape and cut has a different price attached to it so once you figure out the cut you want you can determine the size based on what your budget looks like. These two factors tied together will help cut down your options so that you can take a more realistic look at what is out there.

Pick Out the Metal

Next, you have to determine what type of metal the ring will be crafted out of. For a long time, wedding bands and engagement bands were all yellow gold, but then the market started to open up some as people became more adventurous and now there are a lot more options. It is not uncommon to see engagement rings made out of silver or platinum in addition to the yellow gold options.

However, as the entire line of Apple products will tell you, rose gold is an extremely popular shade to women across the world. Therefore, when looking at rings don’t discount the potential beauty of rose gold. However, keep in mind that if you intend for your engagement ring to match your wedding ring you need to choose the same metal. Therefore, before going too crazy with your metal option make sure there are engagement rings and wedding rings that will do the trick.

Keep in mind also that some wedding rings scratch a lot easier than others, so if your spouse is very active then it may be a good idea to go with a sturdier metal. You also can set stones into the band for extra pizazz so these are all factors that need to be considered while shopping for the perfect rings in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Have the Right Ring Measurement

Nothing kills a wedding proposal like slipping the engagement ring onto your fiance only to have it slip right back off onto the floor. If you are shopping as a couple this isn’t an issue, but if you are attempting to surprise your fiance then you should talk to their best friend or slip a ring out of their jewelry box at some point. You can quickly get the size by holding a piece of string against it and tying a note to signify the size. Take the loop with you while shopping for engagement rings and you should be able to get close to the right size. While rings sometimes need to be resized, you want the ring to be close enough that your fiance can immediately start wearing it.

Choose Your Carat Size

Choosing the right diamond can be a bit difficult, especially if you don’t really know what you want. For many people, engagement rings are the very first time that they are actually looking at valuable jewelry. Some people want a stone that is clearer while others are more concerned about the size of the rock versus the clarity. Instead of trying to figure out all of those things at once focus on the carat size first. You can tweak clarity and size somewhat but you can’t cut corners with the actual size of the stone.

It also can be useful to be open when you approach diamond sizes. When it comes to engagement rings most people want popular measuring points like a half a carat or a whole carat. People don’t often look for weights that are less common, which means that sometimes you can save money. For instance, purchasing a .93 carat instead of a one-carat diamond can save you a measurable amount and it’s very unlikely anyone will ever notice the .07 carat difference.

Think About the Wedding Band

As mentioned earlier, if you are thinking about going with a ring stack then you need to start planning the stack while you are browsing engagement rings. The wedding band is often an afterthought, but if you want your rings to fit neatly against each other then it is important to make sure you choose the proper engagement ring. Sometimes buying the set at once is the best way to get around this, but you want to make sure that your partner is in on the deal. Buying engagement rings and the wedding band without them is usually not the best way to kick off a successful marriage.

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