Top 2022 Trends For Engagement Rings | Denver, CO

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Jewelry trends change every year, but one thing remains the same if you are going to get married in Denver, CO, you need engagement rings. It is unlikely that engagement rings will ever go out of style, but the style and designs of rings change over the years. While some people tend to choose classic engagement rings because they want a timeless piece (and keep in mind you will wear this ring hopefully for the rest of your life), others enjoy wearing the latest trend. If you or the person you are proposing to falls in the latter group, the following list is designed for you.

The following guide takes a quick look at the top engagement ring trends of 2022. The trends range from flamboyant to reserved and even classic, so there is bound to be something that fits with your sense of style and your overall taste in jewelry. Remember that an engagement ring is one piece of jewelry where you should feel free to have a little fun and customize the final result. Ideally, you will wear that ring on your hand for decades, so embellish it as you like and wear your engagement ring with pride!

Eternity Bands/ Multiple Bands

Take a look at most women’s hands in their mid-twenties and thirties right now, and you will likely see multiple bands on multiple fingers. Eternity bands are extremely trendy right now because they are iconic and individual. There is no wrong way to pair rings that appear to be polar opposites but somehow work together when piled on top of each other. The differing colors and bands add to the sparkle and dazzle of the ring and make it an attention-getter.

While you may not want to go too crazy with your engagement ring (after all, you hopefully will wear them the rest of your life), you can have some fun by opting for an eternity band that is thick and wide and features several diamonds throughout the band alongside some other fun gems instead of one large diamond placed in the center of the ring. Purchase a complimentary ring or a set to add even more thrill to your ring and add some bling to the ring. What is the only thing better than one ring? Two stunning engagement rings designed to be worn together!

Go Pear or Be Square

While you can never go wrong with a princess cut or a classic cut diamond, engagement rings are getting more individual, which means that the shape and cut of the diamonds in them are as well. Right now, pear-shaped diamonds are enjoying their time in the limelight because they are considered extremely sophisticated and very feminine. Dozens of celebrities have shown off their pear-shaped engagement rings, and we bet the trend is here to stay for a bit. Not only does the pear cut help accentuate the curves of the diamond, but they create much more sparkle, which is an instant draw.

Some people refer to this cut as a tear-drop diamond, but you don’t want to hear anything related to tears unless they are tears of joy when it comes to an engagement ring. Whether the pear-shaped diamond sits by itself in a solitaire setting or is surrounded by many tiny gems, the setting is designed to impress. As a bonus, the unique shape of the diamond naturally elongates the shape of your fingers and thins them, which will be an instant win for pretty much everyone.

Plus, as a bonus, you can choose to wear the pear-shaped ring facing up or down based on how you feel that day or what other jewelry you might choose to wear, which gives it a bit more of a versatile life and frankly is just sort of fun.

Timeless Beauties

Of course, some people are traditionalists at heart, and there is nothing wrong with looking at an engagement ring designed to stand the test of time. It is pretty safe to stay; those classic solitaire settings will always be on trending engagement rings lists regardless of how much time passes and what year it is. Rings that feature one diamond in the center of a band will always be adored.

In this classic ring, the intent is for the diamond to be the center of attention, so you want to pay close attention to the size and the cut. Since there are no other diamonds in a solitaire ring, you need a diamond with a brilliant sparkle that is instantly beautiful at first sight. It should be the only thing you see when someone happens to look your way.

Bridal Sets

Rounding out the list are bridal sets, which are gaining in popularity every year and are a great way to incorporate your wedding band into your engagement ring. It can sometimes be challenging to find two bands that work with each other, but when you opt for a bridal set, the rings are always designed to interchange with each other. Some even have unique designs where the wedding band actually slides in between a double-banded engagement ring which is even more stunning.

If you prefer a bit of difference, you can opt for a bridal set where the gem and design style is the same, but the wedding ring is rose gold while the engagement ring band is white gold. There are hundreds of different ways to go with these engagement rings, making it easy to find the perfect ring in Denver, CO.

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