What You Shouldn’t Believe About Engagement Rings | Denver, CO

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When it comes to popping the question to your loved one, buying the engagement ring is one of the crucial things on your mind. Since engagement rings mark your journey into a new chapter of your lives, the piece you pick should indeed reflect your partner’s tastes.

You will select the enjoyment ring after careful consideration, as it is a massive emotional and financial investment. But even in this modern-day and age, there are some myths and superstitions that people believe when it comes to engagement rings. Here are some of the top and preconceived notions that you should stop right now:

1. The Couple Should Not Shop Together

You can agree that a surprise proposal can be very romantic. But consider whether you would do it at a place or setting where your partner will hate or even dislike it. When you start a life with your partner, it is wise to understand their interests.

Likewise, you want to make sure that the one design you pick from a bevy of engagement rings will be well-received. Of course, you can go back and exchange it, but wouldn’t it be great if you hit the bull’s eye? Whether it is a fairytale proposal or uber casual and modern take, chances are, your partner is already expecting your next move.

So, the idea that you should not go ring-shopping together may not be right. When your future fiancée is the one wearing the ring every day after saying “yes,” they should be included in the process. Besides, you may know them, but they know themselves much better.

2. Bigger Is More Beautiful

Whenever couples buy jewelry like an engagement ring, it is easy for them to mistake that size impacts happiness. When buying diamonds, the 4 C’s – cut, clarity, color, and carat weight – play huge roles, but no one said anything about the ring size.

Perhaps you are dreaming of giant rocks that offer the most spectacular bling. But if you love a smaller and prettier one, there is no need to let it go because of its size. Bigger diamonds don’t always mean more beauty or elegance. This myth probably came into existence because people were more into showing off than admiring it themselves.

Furthermore, a poorly-designed and low-quality diamond ring may be large but dull. On the other hand, a customized engagement ring that you order, although small, can sparkle and bring a twinkle in your partner’s eye.

3. Engagement Rings Should Have Diamonds

For years, diamonds have been the go-to option when it comes to an engagement ring. But if you think that diamond is the only classy and elegant gemstone, you are in for a treat.

Particularly with colored gemstones like ruby, aquamarine, emerald, sapphire, topaz, etc., you can wow the onlookers. Agreed – your choice may be out-of-the-ordinary, but it will be one that you love.

Choose a gemstone after your partner’s personality and favorite color. Add non-conventional designs in the mix, and you get alternative engagement rings that can turn heads. Pink sapphire, ruby, and emerald are some popular choices of celebrities like Jessica Simpson.

4. Custom Designing Is Difficult

Engagement rings are not a fashion statement, nor are they just striking pieces of jewelry – they symbolize eternal love and commitment between two souls. And no two pairs of lovers have the same story. So, there is no point in picking an endearment ring that you can see on every other person.

Master diamond cutters in Denver, CO, can craft your custom engagement ring in beautiful designs and patterns. But if you worry that it is not an easy process, you will believe hearsay. While it may take a bit longer to make, your custom ring will be far more appealing than mass-produced pieces available in several stores.

Whether you need a mixed-metal or rose gold diamond ring or a radiant cut center blue sapphire with halo & steps, you can bring your vision to life. Get a one-of-a-kind, exclusive piece of jewelry for your big day.

5. Stick to the Traditional Round Shape

This myth is another way for advertising campaigns to trick you into buying what companies sell. There is no rule that the engagement ring has to be round. Even if you don’t know anything about jewelry, much less about diamonds, you may have seen many rings with round diamonds. Round is the classic shape preferred over the years, but there are many others you can try.

If you choose colored gemstones for engagement rings, diamond or oval shapes may provide more brilliance. Such forms enhance the gemstone’s natural color and shine. Cushion, radiant, heart, princess, pear, etc., are some of the best alternative shapes that pack a lot of flavors. However, it is essential to consider the build of the wearer to be a perfect fit.

For example, an oval-cut finish is ideal for shorter individuals, as the ring shape elongates the finger. If you choose a narrow stone for someone with wider fingers, it may look odd. Longer fingers can carry off a ring of any shape and size, provided it does not overwhelm the beauty of the person wearing it.

As you can see, there are a lot of stereotypes associated with engagement rings. But no matter what anyone says, you have to be satisfied with your choice. Most jewelers are many things, but they are not you; they have no idea of what your soon-to-be fiancé is like. Hence, experiment with various styles, stones, shapes, and sizes before committing to one.

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