Hamilton’s Limited 100 Year Aviation Watch


Khaki Aviation X-Wind – H77796535

Hamilton released this limited-edition timepiece in June 2018. A very popular watch in their portfolio, the Khaki Aviation X-Wind. This limited-edition watch was released to celebrate the 100thanniversary of Hamilton’s aviation watches. Most collectors will recognize the regular version of the Hamilton X-wind. It is a magnificent piece of aviation mechanization.  The original Hamilton X-wind allows pilots to manually calculate cross-wind and drift angles. Of course, the new limited edition is no different but it also comes with a couple of subtle differences.


The first noticeable difference is the addition of the vintage lume on both hands and indices. Not everyone may be thrilled with this ever-lasting vintage fad but in this piece, it does not look out of place.  The second difference is it has new shapes for the screw-down crowns. It is by no means that much of a difference but rather a very subtle one at that and at first glance it most likely will not be noticeable at all. The difference in the crowns is that they have a more cone appearance, which gives the timepiece a more refined and mature appearance.


Finally, last but not least, the new limited-edition Hamilton X-wind is endowed with the same automatic chronograph H-21 movement that was used in the original. However, there are some modifications with it also. This is the first Hamilton chronograph timepiece that makes use of a silicone hairspring, and it is also COSC certified as a chronometer.


The new limited-edition Hamilton X-wind H77796535 is truly a nice touch to their already considerable portfolio for aviation timepieces. The new subtle color scheme is attractive and timeless.  It has a well-balanced distinction between vintage and modern timepieces. Additionally, the new crowns and COSC certified movements make this limited edition watch a true winner.  This truly is a limited-edition timepiece that is a must-have and at only 1918 pieces they will be gone quickly.


If you are interested in viewing and / or purchasing the Limited Edition Hamilton X-wind H77796535 then come visit Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry. With only one left in stock, #517 of #1918, visit us to view this timepiece before it is gone for good. Pictures cannot do justice for this watch, seeing it in person is a must.



Hamilton Watches

Established in the United States in 1892. Hamilton first began making watches in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and spent its first 111 years there.  Hamilton became a renowned brand during the early days of the American railroads. Supplying watches to the railroad workers in order to help prevent and reduce accidents by synchronizing timing on the rails.Once again in 1918, Hamilton made a name for itself when it began timing the skies and it was Hamilton watches that helped keep the U.S. Airmail service on time.

Innovation has been one of the largest keys to Hamilton’s success. Pioneering many innovations, such as, the world’s first electrical watch powered by a battery and Pulsar, and the world’s first LED digital watch. For almost 90 years, Hamilton has also been known as the Movie Brand, due to their close association with Hollywood. Hamilton’s timepieces first appeared on the silver screen back in 1932 in the film ‘Shanghai Express’. In 1951, their watches had a starring role in the Elvis Presley musical comedy, ‘Blue Hawaii’.  Appearing in over 450 major feature films, you can see where Hamilton Watches gets its nickname.

Hamilton has been a part of the Swatch Group since 1984, and, in 2003, they relocated their headquarters and production center to the center of the watchmaking country in Biel, Switzerland. Hamilton watches now have the prestigious Swiss made label. However, Hamilton is still very much American at its heart, just as it was when it was first established over a century ago.  From land to sky, to the very depths of the ocean and the concrete jungles, Hamilton watches represent the perfect balance of the American Spirit and Swiss Precision.


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