Complete Guide To Lab Grown Diamonds | Littleton, CO

Unless you happen to be in the jewelry business or the business of collecting as many precious pieces of jewelry as you can, then you may not have heard the term lab grown diamonds. However, as soon as you start looking at diamonds, engagement rings, necklaces, etc the option of a lab grown diamond is likely going to pop up. If this is the first time you have heard the phrase, you might be scratching your head. It sounds a little odd truth be told, especially if you happen to know that diamonds are generally mined.

However, if you happen to have an ethical issue with the way diamonds are mined, then lab grown diamonds may just be the solution you need to go ahead and purchase the diamond that your heart is sold on. On the other hand, if it really isn’t a concern, then you might just need reassurance that a lab grown diamond is in fact a diamond so go ahead and choose the ring you want regardless of where it came from. In the end, that is the scenario that plays out for most people, because lab grown diamonds are practically the exact same as any traditional diamond.

Therefore, lab grown diamonds are simply allowing you more options when you hit the jewelry store in Littleton, CO. When you look at it that way, you have twice as many jewelry options which can be a bonus or a hindrance depending on which side of the boat you happen to fall on. A man struggling to pick the right ring might be a bit overwhelmed, but most gals will love the additional options. The bottom line is that you should not fear any lab grown diamonds or exclude them from your search.

Interested to know why and how a diamond ends up becoming a lab grown diamond? Let’s take a second to delve deeper into what makes a lab grown diamond and how this process can create perfect diamonds. While it is not exactly a fast or simple process, it turns out that with the right ingenuity, tools, and a lot of advanced knowledge you can in fact create your own diamond. Of course, you also need to be a diamond manufacturer with billions of dollars to purchase the right machinery, so we are sad to report that you cannot just grow a diamond in your room (although it sure would be nice).

Is a Lab Grown Diamond a Real Diamond?

First of all, the most popular question in Littleton, CO that we hear by far is whether or not a lab grown diamond is a real diamond. The answer is a resounding yes. Despite what their title may make them appear to be, they are 100% real diamonds and are not a simulated or a fake substance such as cubic zirconia or moissanite. It is also useful to know that sometimes they are referred to as man-made diamonds or lab-created diamonds, and in all cases, they are real diamonds.

What Exactly is a Lab Created Diamond?

The reason for this is that they are made out of the same physical, chemical, and optical properties that any diamond on the earth is made out of. They look the same and they have the same sparkle and waiting system. The only difference is that natural diamonds are grown on the earth and lab diamonds are grown under the same conditions but in a lab.

Most diamonds are made in the crust of the earth and experience extreme heat and other pressures and chemical reactions. Scientists have discovered that this same process can be replicated, but the process is extremely precise and meticulous. It also utilizes advanced technologies so while it can be done, it is not a process that is simple nor is it completed on a regular basis. Therefore, lab-grown diamonds are still considered just as valuable as any other type of diamond.

There are two ways that a diamond can be grown in a lab, utilizing chemical vapor or high-pressure high temperature technology. Both of these processes begin with a small sliver of a diamond known as a “seed,” which is then subjected to extreme heat, chemicals, high pressure, or a combination of all three. Regardless, the process breaks down the molecular bonds of the seed allowing the carbon to bond with the seed which then leads the seed to grow larger and fuller. The process is not only complicated but lengthy. A one-carat diamond often takes over a month to grow.

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Natural or Lab Diamond?

While the process of creating lab grown diamonds is interesting, what most people really want to know is whether or not you can tell the difference between a natural and lab diamond. The answer is no, because the process the diamond is created under is exactly the same. In fact, even experts can’t tell unless they have very specialized tools that allow them to see a tiny, almost microscopic, imprint that is placed on a lab grown diamond so that it can be identified as such.

It should also be noted that how a diamond forms when the carbon forms are just as individualized as how a traditional diamond forms. Just like naturally occurring diamonds, not all lab diamonds are perfect, cut perfectly, or of the same quality. Therefore, they are still judged by the same 4Cs that all traditional diamonds are and then priced accordingly.

Lab Grown Diamonds Make Great Alternatives to Mined Diamonds

Some people have an ethical issue with mined diamonds, and that makes lab grown diamonds in Littleton, CO a great alternative option. Lab grown diamonds are also less expensive than mined diamonds, which can be a great way to secure a stunning diamond at a fraction of the price. Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry can help you see if a lab-grown diamond is the right option for you. Come down to our shop and take a look.

Photo by Oleksii Biriukov at Shutterstock