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Diamonds are the ultimate classic and timeless gemstone that has never lost its value over decades. However, the rarity and flaws in natural diamonds have made finding perfect diamonds for jewelry costly investments that not everyone can afford to make.

When you’re looking for alternate options instead of naturally mined and natural diamonds in Highlands, CO, consider opting for lab grown diamonds that have been becoming very popular and in-demand recently.

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Just like seeds become plants with a bit of nurturing and resources, an artificial diamond is a gemstone manufactured in laboratories by experts. There are two methods used to produce synthetic diamonds today, and both utilize growing the diamond from a sliver or small part of another diamond.

While natural diamonds emerge through natural pressure and heat from the Earth, manufactured diamonds artificially recreate those situations under a controlled environment. They can be manufactured only by certified experts and is classified as a natural diamond even by gemologists.

Manufacturing Process

The two methods used to make lab grown diamonds are High-Pressure High Temperature ( HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). Different jewelers in Highlands Ranch, CO, use either one of the methods to create exquisite diamonds used for all types of diamond jewelry.

The HPHT process seeks to recreate the natural environment in which diamonds are found. There are various types of HPHT technologies that can help manufacturers create the ideal setting for diamond creation. The process is most suitable for diamonds that are used for jewelry.

The HPHT technology that’s most popular for creating diamonds fit for jewelry is known as the Bar press. It uses multiple components to apply hydraulic pressure to the growth cell. The growth cell has a tiny diamond sliver, refined graphite, and a catalyst to speed up the process. Temperatures around 1000C with pressure above 50,000atm are used. The conditions ensure that the diamond is as durable and brilliant as its original counterpart. It takes a few days for the diamond to be made, and then it’s further processed to make it adequate for jewelry.

The CVD process begins by putting a small diamond piece in a low-pressure microwave CVD chamber. The gases then mix with electrical energy to ignite a plasma ball. A cloud forms in the contained chamber and carbon particles envelop the diamond piece. This process takes anywhere from six to twelve weeks to form a rough diamond. It is then further cut, polished, and refined, so it’s ready for certification.

Difference Between Mined and Lab Grown Diamonds

Depending on where you’re purchasing your lab-grown diamond from, you can notice a lot or none of the differences. The only real difference between a naturally mined diamond and a lab-created diamond is its origins.

Lab grown diamonds possess the same optical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. In many cases, you can find purer and more brilliant manufactured diamonds compared to naturally mined ones.

Even many certified gemologists have difficulty figuring out the difference between a good-quality lab-grown diamond and a naturally mined one without looking through a magnifier.

The only main difference would be that an artificial diamond can be mass-produced, while a natural diamond is one of a kind. Gemologists also look at the inclusions (visible only through magnification) that are different for natural and lab-created diamonds.

You can find more shapes and carat weight when it comes to lab-manufactured diamonds than natural diamonds. Both look almost the same when set in engagement rings and other diamond jewelry.

Benefits of Opting for Lab Grown Diamonds

There are many benefits to choosing a lab-grown diamond as opposed to a natural diamond. The sourcing of a natural diamond is very unclear, and the diamond mining industry is often blamed for practicing unethical methods for getting diamonds from underdeveloped countries.

A lab-engineered diamond is comparatively more eco-friendly as well. They are conflict-free and use the highest standards when it comes to using the most humanitarian methods to manufacture diamonds. Most jewelry stores also have a buyback policy for synthetic diamonds, similar to natural diamonds, so you don’t have to worry about them being fake.

Many people desire at least one type of diamond jewelry throughout their life, but the costs and quality of the diamond don’t always make it worth the investment. In such situations, opting for these diamonds in Highlands Ranch, CO is ideal.

Certification and Authenticity

Lab grown diamonds go through the same certification and authentication processes that natural diamonds go through. They are certified by expert gemologists and have been well-known to have the same clarity and carat value as the highest grade of genuine diamonds.

When you buy jewelry with manufactured diamonds, you get the same authentication certification that you’d receive for natural diamonds. The only difference is that it’s mentioned in the paperwork that the diamond is manufactured in a lab.

Costs of Diamond Jewelry

Ever since Meghan Markle walked out with diamond drop earrings that had lab-manufactured diamonds, the price and popularity of these diamonds have rapidly increased. However, they’re still more cost-efficient when compared to natural diamonds.

Depending on where in Highlands, CO, you’re buying your lab grown diamonds from, the price can vary. On average, you can expect up to a 20% to 40% price reduction when purchasing these diamonds compared to natural diamonds.

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