The Benefits Of Choosing Lab Grown Diamonds | Littleton, CO

When you’re searching for an engagement ring or a piece of fine jewelry for someone special, one of the most important choices is picking the right stone for the piece. When you want a piece to truly stand out from the rest, only a diamond will do the job.

However, nothing says that you have to spend the extra money on a natural diamond when you go jewelry shopping in Littleton, CO. Lab grown diamonds are an excellent choice in many cases because they provide all of the benefits of a natural diamond at only a fraction of the final cost. If you’re looking to find the ideal piece to give as a gift, lab grown diamonds can be the perfect finishing touch to create a truly exquisite choice that they’ll treasure forever. Here are a few of their biggest benefits!

Guilt-Free Purchase

The idea of a traditional diamond pulled from the ground has certainly been romanticized, but not all diamonds from the earth come from the best sources. Many naturally mined diamonds come from poor nations that are often engaged in violent conflicts regarding the government, and these diamonds can either end up at the center of the conflict or fund regimes with poor human rights records.

Lab grown diamonds provide all of the beauty, perfection, and excitement of a naturally mined diamond with none of the guilt. When a diamond is created in a lab, it’s done in a modern setting by well-paid experts in comfortable conditions. Plus, you’ll be able to track the diamond to its source for decades to come, ensuring that you know exactly where your diamond was created and what went into its development. There’s nothing like being able to give someone a truly timeless gift that they can feel great about wearing and showing off for the rest of their lives.

Protecting the Environment

The presence of unsavory regimes around the diamond mines isn’t the only reason that lab grown diamonds offer several advantages compared to naturally grown diamonds. There’s also the process of creating and extracting the diamond to consider. A naturally mined diamond isn’t only expensive because of its rarity; it’s also costly because of the damage it does to the earth and the amount of fossil fuels used to extract the diamond.

With lab grown diamonds in Littleton, CO, none of these issues exist. A diamond that’s created in a lab doesn’t require fossil fuels in order to obtain it, and it doesn’t damage the earth when its materials are used. All that you have to worry about is the time it takes to create a diamond, which doesn’t harm the environment at all. If going green is something that matters to either you or the person you’re buying the diamond for, opting for lab grown diamonds is your best bet.

Higher Grades of Purity and Clarity

Imperfections are going to happen with natural diamonds. That’s one reason that only a tiny fraction of diamonds earn the IF grade for internally flawless, and the diamonds that do sell for thousands of dollars because of their rarity. Most people aren’t going to notice flaws in any diamond that’s graded at a VS2 (very slightly included) or higher, but these diamonds are still difficult to find in a natural setting because there is no accounting for what Mother Nature or the mines do over time.

With lab grown diamonds, you don’t have these worries. It’s much easier to find a diamond that’s graded VS2 or higher because these diamonds can be created to be that way. If you have a specific grade in mind that you know the person you’re buying for will think is beautiful, not only can you select a diamond with that grade, but you can often get a diamond that grades higher in one of the other three C’s (cut, color and carat, with purity related to clarity). That can result in a better diamond overall without having to sacrifice on anything else.

The Same Chemical Makeup

One of the things that turns people off from buying a diamond that’s created in a lab is that they mistake it for cubic zirconia, which is known to be a fake diamond. However, this comparison couldn’t be more inaccurate.

That’s because lab grown diamonds have the same chemical makeup as natural diamonds, while cubic zirconia is much softer and much less durable. One of the easiest ways that you can tell real diamonds from a fake is whether it’s resistant to scratches. Diamonds rate a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means that only diamond can cut diamond. Scratching a diamond with a rock or a nail won’t have any effect on a genuine diamond. However, in the case of cubic zirconia, a foreign object will have a much easier time scratching it and leaving a permanent mark. If a diamond won’t scratch, it’s because it’s got the exact same chemical makeup as a natural diamond, whether it was created in a lab or naturally grown.

Lower Cost for Better Quality

If you compare two almost identical diamonds, with the only difference being that one was grown in a lab and the other was grown in the earth, the diamond created in a lab in Littleton, CO will always have the lower price tag, even though the two diamonds look and feel identical.

Why? Simple: the lab created diamond is much easier to replicate, which means it’s just as beautiful without being as rare. If you’re planning to keep a diamond piece forever, resale value isn’t going to be a concern, which means you can buy a higher quality piece for the same price.

At Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, we’re proud to provide first-rate pieces with lab grown diamonds whenever they’re looking for the perfect stone. If you’re in the market for an engagement ring or another treasured jewelry piece, come visit us to take a look at our selection!

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