The Surprising Benefits Of Opting For Lab Grown Diamonds | Littleton, CO

Traditional diamonds have been the top choice for jewelry for centuries now, but it turns out that you don’t need to mine a diamond to create a dazzling or necklace. Now you can actually grow a diamond in a lab, and while the process still requires quite a bit of energy, it doesn’t harm anyone in the process which is just one reason why lab grown diamonds are growing in popularity in Littleton, CO. While most responsible jewelers ensure that their diamonds are sourced responsibly, lab-grown diamonds simply offer an alternative to customers who want that second reassurance.

This is just one reason that lab grown diamonds are starting to become more popular. It turns out there are a lot of great reasons to give a lab-grown diamond a second look if you haven’t before. In fact, depending on where you buy your jewelry you might already own a diamond that was grown in a lab and have no idea. This is because lab grown diamonds look exactly like their traditional counterparts, which is another solid reason why you should take a look at this option.

How are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

Lab-grown diamonds are formed under a great deal of pressure by utilizing high pressure and high temperatures to recreate the conditions that it takes to create a diamond naturally in the mountains. It turns out that you can replicate the growing conditions and produce diamonds just as pure and clear as any diamond mined from the ground. Of course, the process isn’t cheap, so you shouldn’t expect any diamond that is made in a lab to be dramatically cheaper than a traditional diamond, but they are still much more affordable than their counterparts.

Still not sure about whether or not you are ready to go with a diamond that has been crafted in a lab? Before making up your mind about it, take a minute to read over this list of the benefits of lab grown diamonds in Littleton, CO. You might be surprised by some of the benefits on this list and feel a bit more encouraged to shop for this alternative option. In fact, you might soon find yourself exclusively looking for diamonds from a lab because of the quality and the environmental benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some of these benefits.

Improved Quality & Purity

One of the advantages of a diamond that is grown in a lab is that the environment can be controlled, which most often means the resulting diamond is much purer and overall higher quality than a diamond that is grown naturally. Diamonds that are mined often have imperfections caused by dirt and other impurities that are deeply pressurized inside of them. This doesn’t happen when the diamond is formed in a pristine lab environment that is free of all debris.

In addition, lab grown diamonds are free of defects and have a clearer crystal structure since their growth takes place under conditions that can be easily controlled. The result is a much higher purity creating whiter, clearer diamonds, and usually much shiner. While diamonds grown in a lab don’t differ from diamonds that naturally form, they still tend to have much higher purity ratings which can swing you in their direction if this is something that is very important to you as a consumer.

Affordable Option

As mentioned a few times, lab grown diamonds tend to be more affordable than their traditional counterparts, especially if you are looking for a colored diamond. Colored diamonds are rare, which is often reflected in the price tag that is attached to them. However, the emergence of lab-grown diamonds has made it much easier to create natural colored diamonds. Plus, as mentioned above, when they are created, they tend to be much brighter than the ones that would be found in the ground. This opens an entirely new world of diamond shopping for the consumer who likes to stand out from the crowd with his or her jewelry choices.

Guilt-Free Origin

It is no secret that diamonds have a bad reputation attached to them, but not all diamonds come from unethical origins. In fact, most serious jewelers make it a point to know the origins of their diamonds so that they can assure consumers that they are not part of any ethical supply chain. Despite that fact, some consumers are still wary about buying diamonds that are referred to as “blood diamonds.” While most diamonds are not tied up in this struggle, synthetic diamonds never are, making them a welcome option for some consumers.

When you purchase lab grown diamonds, you know that it was carefully created inside a lab and not from an area in a civil war or the result of human rights violations or child labor. Once again, it bears repeating that it is possible to buy traditional diamonds that are not the result of any of these things also, but a lab grown diamond is a 100% guarantee. For that reason, many people who have ethical problems with diamonds find the option to buy lab-grown diamonds very relieving.

Environmental Option

Finally, people who are concerned about the origins of diamonds are also often concerned about the sustainable nature of diamond mining. A lot of fossil fuel tends to be required to create diamonds, but synthetic diamonds skip this step altogether, making them a comparably environmentally-friendly option. In fact, as the number of mined diamonds is starting to fall, lab grown diamonds are the clear sustainable choice for providing jewelry options to people. They help to fill the demand in a much more affordable manner.

With these benefits in mind, if you are ready to check out some lab grown diamonds in Littleton, CO, come down to Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry to browse our selection.

Photo by Pesh Siri at Shutterstock