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When you buy a Rolex watch, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product that can last a lifetime. However, just like any other watch, proper care and maintenance are significant parts of its proud owner. Regular Rolex watch repair, service, and overhaul can ensure that your asset stays in top physical and mechanical condition with top-notch performance.

However, to ensure the safety of your watch and the authenticity of its service, you need to find a genuine Rolex service store. But before you head to a service store, here are a few things you must know.

How Frequently Should You Take Your Rolex for Overhaul at a Rolex Service Store?

Modern Rolex watches need a complete overhaul at least once every 10 years. While many of them can run efficiently for longer than this period, it’s advisable to get your watch serviced before it starts developing problems and showing signs of wear and tear. Timely maintenance at a Rolex service store keeps it in optimum condition. However, older models need servicing more frequently.

Why is Rolex Watch Overhaul So Important?

One primary reason why servicing a watch is so important is because lubricants tend to break down over time and use. The primary objective of a Rolex watch service is to reduce friction and help the watch run smoothly. Rolex watches consist of several lubricants to facilitate movement. When the lubricants break down, friction may increase, which puts extra pressure on the components, thereby affecting the watch’s performance.

Signs that Your Rolex Watch Needs Service and Repair

Rolex watches are the products of great engineering. However, they can run smoothly for decades and generations, provided that you maintain them with timely and regular service at a Rolex service store.

Ideally, take your watch for service once in 10 years. However, look for these signs that indicate that your watch needs an expert checkup at a specialized service center in Denver, CO.

Moisture in the Watch Case:

Moisture is among the most common causes of damage to mechanical watches. It can lead to corrosion inside and deteriorate its performance. If you notice condensation or moisture inside the watch glass, get it checked professionally at your local Rolex service store as soon as possible.

Moisture indicates worn-out gaskets that need to be fixed immediately. If you recently winded your Rolex, the chances are that you might not have resealed it properly, due to which moisture might be entering inside. You must get the moisture issue resolved quickly to ensure your watch’s safety.

Inaccurate Time:

According to the standards set by COSC or the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, a difference of up to 6 seconds faster or 4 seconds slower than the usual time is acceptable. But if your watch has more than this margin error, it’s best to go for professional winding services at a Rolex service store.

There can be different causes of this issue, such as magnetization, dried up lubrication, worn out parts, etc. Only an expert technician can assess the cause of such inaccuracy and fix it properly.

Tight or Loose Parts:

There are so many parts that keep moving as you wear it around. If you hear a rattling sound from your watch, there might be a loose screw or spring that needs to be fixed in place. Sometimes, the crown may become too loose or stiff, due to which it becomes difficult to set the date and time. It may indicate that the stem has been stuck and may snap if you put too much pressure.

If any of these become too loose or tight, take it to a Rolex service store where trained repair experts will ensure everything is in the right place.

How is Rolex Watch Service Done?

Rolex watch repair and service are something that you should never try to do yourself. Rolex watches have precision movements and mechanical parts that should be handled by a knowledgeable and specialized service provider only.

Before you handover your Rolex watch to a Rolex service store understand the steps to service your timepiece and give it an overhaul.

  • Disassembling: The first step is to disassemble the watch and its internal movements completely. A mechanical watch can contain as many as 100 tiny components, and some pieces may even have a thousand. So, the expert will use numerous tools and expert eyes to disassemble your watch without losing or damaging any part.


  • Thorough Cleaning: Once disassembled, the parts are cleaned carefully before they apply new lubricants. Usually, ultrasonic cleaning methods are used to clean the components, aiming to remove any dirt and old lubricants.


  • Replacing Damaged Components: The specialist looks for any worn or damaged parts in the watch and replaces them using genuine Rolex parts only.


  • Reassembling and Lubricants Reapplication: Once they clean the parts and replace the damaged parts, the next step is reassembling the watch and reapplying the lubricants.


  • Calibrating the Time and Making Other Adjustments: After reassembling the watch, they adjust the movement and calibrate the time using special tools made for the process.

Who Can Conduct Rolex Watch Repair and Service?

Not any professional watchmaker can repair or service a complex Rolex watch. Even if an expert knows how to repair or service a Rolex watch properly, they might not have access to genuine Rolex parts.

Rolex maintains very high standards for the supply of their genuine parts. Without original parts, you cannot expect your Rolex watch to perform well and last long. For this reason, you need to find a licensed Rolex service store.

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