4 Signs You Need Rolex Watch Repair | Littleton, CO

Let’s face it, running your watch down to a Rolex watch repair shop in Littleton, CO is not anyone’s good idea of a grand time. However, getting your watch repaired and keeping it in great order can help save you money so that later in the day, you can have a better time. Watch repair is the number one thing you can do to extend the lifespan of your Rolex, and it is also the one thing that most people forget the minute they strap their new watch on their wrist and walk out of a jewelry shop.

The truth is that your Rolex will not take care of itself, but with a little help from you, it can last for a few decades and possibly become an heirloom piece. So how do you make that happen? First, you have to know the signs that you may be experiencing issues. Your watch is not going to tell you there is a problem, even if you happen to have a smartwatch. In most issues, you have to recognize that there is an issue and then call to book an appointment for Rolex watch repair.

While this may seem intimidating, there are a lot of clear signs that it may be time for a Rolex watch repair. You just need to learn what they are so that when you see them happening, you get help right away. If you can handle that task, then you can keep your watch in great condition so that you don’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon. With the type of investment a Rolex is, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing it within your lifetime unless, at some point, you decide to upgrade. In this case, a perfectly kept Rolex is perfect for passing onto a child as they reach adulthood.

The only other thing that you may want to think about doing if you are not already is booking a Rolex watch repair and service visit in Littleton, CO. One of the benefits of owning a Rolex is that it does not need to be serviced frequently. In fact, most Rolex watches only need to be serviced once every five years. However, this service is vital because it includes lubrication and replacement of worn parts and will help you avoid a repair visit down the road. If you have owned your watch for over ten years and have never booked a service visit, then it may be time to do so.

With that in mind, here are a few other things you should be looking for to determine if it is time for Rolex watch repair in Littleton, CO, or not. While there can be other factors past what is on this list, traditionally, these are the biggest signs that most of our customers notice before they call to schedule a repair visit. Remember to trust your instincts; if you feel that something is wrong – it probably is.

Losing Time

One of the biggest signs that something is probably wrong with your Rolex is if you notice that it is losing time. This can mean anything from being a couple of minutes behind to being a couple of hours behind. Both scenarios present a problem that should not occur if your watch is working correctly. Therefore, if your watch is not doing its most important job, it’s time to take it to a Rolex watch repair shop that can help get it back on track.

Running Ahead of Time

On the other hand, instead of losing time, your Rolex watch might be gaining time. This is also a sign that something is malfunctioning inside of the gears because your watch should not be ahead if it is properly self-wound and working. While it may be nicer to be ahead of time than to be late for things, it is still an overall problem if your watch is not able to properly keep time. Once again, given that this is its main task, if there is a problem you need to take your watch in for Rolex watch repair right away.

You Spot Water Droplets Inside the Case

Another big problem that indicates it is time for a Rolex watch repair is if you noticed that there’s any type of moisture or water droplets inside of your case. There’s never a good reason for water to be inside your case, and if it is, it is a sign that the waterproofing seal is no longer working. All it takes is a little bit of water to start to rust your gears and the small mechanisms that make your Rolex watch work. Therefore, at the first sign of trouble, you need to take your watch in for repair and get that waterproofing function back to normal.

Skipping Second Hand

Another common sign is a second hand that is skipping. Usually, you will see this along with a watch that is failing to keep time but sometimes it will be the first thing you notice, as it is visually unappealing when you go to check the time. This is also an indication that something is going wrong inside of the watch that is not allowing it to properly keep time on schedule. Therefore, it is something that requires Rolex watch repair so that you can get ahead of the problem.

Have you noticed any of these issues with your Rolex watch? If you have, it is time to find a watch repair shop to help. Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry is always happy to take a look at watches. Give us a call to schedule a repair.

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