How Cleaning Your Watch Can Help Prevent Rolex Watch Repair Needs | Denver, CO

Photo by Seksun Guntanid at Shutterstock

If you are the brand new owner of a Rolex in Denver, CO, congratulations on buying or inheriting a timepiece with the ability to last for a century if properly maintained. Rolex watches are carefully crafted to last for ages, and when properly taken care of will not even show signs of their age. This is one reason why they are considered timeless, the other reason is that most Rolex designs are sleek, classy, and a clear sign of power. In other words, a Rolex can be a true power statement that virtually everyone wants to own.

However, your Rolex isn’t quite the same statement piece it could need if you end up needing Rolex watch repair in Denver, CO sooner than later. One of the perks of owning a Rolex is that you need to do very little to keep the mechanical components of the water working. It is actually a mechanical wonder with a precision movement, but it needs to be serviced once every decade in order to keep it working this way. A lot of people actually use their birthday as an easy way to remember when it should be serviced. Whatever it takes to remind you of the ten-year mark will work.

However, simple service is not the only thing that you should do to ensure that your watch does not end up needing Rolex watch repair sooner. Ideally, during your ten-year service visit your watch will be thoroughly taken apart, inspected, and then any worn down parts will be replaced before you get to the point that your watch is not working correctly. Sometimes however things don’t go that way and you end up needing Rolex watch repair a little sooner. So how can you prevent that from happening? One way is by developing great cleaning habits so that dirt, grime, and other small particles don’t have the chance to build upon your watch.

Keep Grime Out of Your Rolex

If you are an average Rolex owner, then you probably wear your Rolex on a daily basis which means that all of the dirt and grime that you wash off your hands at the end of the day is probably also on your watch. While this may not matter at first, eventually it will break down the natural luster of your Rolex and even impact its ability to function correctly leaving you in need of Rolex watch repair.

One of the biggest issues with allowing dirt and grime to build up is that it can make your bezels stick together or can affect the chronograph pushers until they are unable to work anymore. Even worse, they can force your bracelet to stretch out so that it no longer fits your wrist correctly. The good news is that you can prevent all of these situations by properly learning how to wash, scrub, and buff out some light scratches on your Rolex. That way your watch looks good and you can avoid Rolex watch repair in the future.

Can I Use Water to Wash My Rolex?

Almost all Rolex watches are water-proof, so the good news is you should be able to wash your Rolex with soap and water without worrying about water seeping into your case. Still, if you are not sure then you should ask a Rolex retailer before you wash your watch or attempt to swim with it. For most Rolex watch repair shops, this will be an easy thing to determine and most likely they will also test the watch while you are in there to make sure that it is still waterproof. One simple test is all it takes to make sure that your watch is still waterproof, and can save you a lot of money since all it takes is a little bit of moisture to cause large issues.

With that in mind, the answer to this question is usually yes, but make sure you know the status of your watch before you do so. On the side, be aware also that you need to rinse your Rolex after swimming at the beach or in the ocean because the salt and sand will eat away at the finish if left on the surface. A simple rinse with fresh water after a swim is all it takes to help save the finish on your watch and keep its components working properly.

Take Off the Bracelet Before Cleaning

One of the nice things about cleaning your Rolex is you can remove the bracelet of your Rolex without too much trouble. Some metal bracelets require special tools to remove, but Rolex prides itself on making watches that are easy to swap out and trade. This means that you can and should remove the bracelet before you clean the exterior of your timepiece. Not only will removing it means you don’t have to worry about exposing the metal or leather to any abrasive elements, but it will allow you to get a deeper clean around the exterior of your timepiece.

Use Soap and Water

If your watch just needs a quick clean, a microfiber cloth will probably do the trick, but if there is a buildup of grime on it then you will need to use soap and water. Before doing anything make sure that you check the crown and ensure it is fully screwed down so that you don’t end up needing Rolex watch repair. Then fill a bowl with warm water with a dab of mild soap. Do not use any chemicals as they will be abrasive and hurt your watch. Lightly scrub your watch with an extra soft toothbrush and then rinse with clean warm water. Lightly dry with a microfiber cloth and allow to air dry before placing your bracelet back on.

Does your watch look grimy and you are not comfortable cleaning it on your own? Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry in Denver, CO can help you with cleaning and Rolex Watch Repair. Call us today to find out more.