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Rolex is one of the most popular watches globally, and many people decide to buy a Rolex to reward themselves for achieving their goals. Buying a Rolex to mark a significant milestone will allow you to remember your achievements for years to come. And having a trusted Rolex watch repair expert to keep your watch working well for the entirety of its life is wise.

Rolex has a reputation for producing high-quality watches that are luxurious and robust. If you choose a model made from stainless steel, it will maintain or may even increase in value. Rolex is considered timeless timepieces that will stay in fashion and can be worn for decades. You’ll even be able to hand your Rolex down to the next generation.

If you live in the area and are looking to buy a Rolex watch or require Rolex watch repair, you may like to contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry. Let’s look at what you should consider before buying your first Rolex.

Buying Your First Rolex

It’s essential to buy your Rolex from a reputable dealer such as Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, which also offers Rolex watch repair. Rolex watches come with a high price tag, so before you buy them, you should ask yourself whether the brand is a good fit for your style and personality. How do you plan to wear the watch; with formal workwear or when you dress casually?

Contrary to popular belief, Rolex watches aren’t designed to be worn with suits and formal outfits. All of Rolex’s most popular watches are sports watches or professional watches, rather than dress watches. However, lots of people do wear their Rolex with a suit. If you’ve decided that you want to buy a Rolex and will wear it frequently, the next step is to choose your watch.

Choosing a Rolex

You can choose either a new, second hand or vintage Rolex. If you’re buying new, you’ll have to pay a high price but will know that you’re getting an authentic product. If you choose to buy a second-hand Rolex, you should approach a verified dealer and be aware that there are many counterfeits out there.

The other option is to buy a vintage Rolex, which is between twenty and thirty years old. This is an excellent option if you love the vintage look, such as old leather straps. In recent years vintage watches have started to become more popular.

Watch Details and Sizing

The first thing to think about when choosing a Rolex is the size of the watch. Some people see Rolex as a status symbol and believe that bigger is better. That’s not the case; it’s best to have a watch that’s in proportion to your body. If your wrist is relatively slim, it’s best to get a smaller watch. For those with bigger wrists, you’ll have the option of bigger, chunkier watches. It’s best to stay away from oversized watches, as these are likely to go out of fashion quickly. Chunky watches look flashy and inelegant. Once you’ve decided on what size of watch you need, you can start to think about other details such as the material and what the bezel and dial looks like.


If you’re buying a Rolex, it’s a good idea to choose a stainless steel watch case, and strap as these are long-lasting and durable. They are also in line with Rolex’s image as a producer of quality sporty watches. Stainless steel is also the most sought-after material for a Rolex as it is age-resistant and retains the most value.

Bezel and Dial

Once you’ve decided what material you like, you can consider the bezel and dial. You may want to stay away from bright colors or watches that have bold details, as these will only suit certain outfits, and you may find that you wear your watch less often.

Choosing a Rolex Model

Rolex has created a wide variety of watches throughout the years and regularly brings out new models. You’ll need to consider whether you want a classic sports watch such as the GMT Master, Datejust, or submariner. If you’re looking for a sports watch that is likely to increase in value, you could go for a Daytona or the Sea-dweller. On the other hand, the Explorer and the Milgauss are very cool watches, but it’s expected that these will fall in value over the years.

If you’re looking for a sporty watch that also goes well with a suit and can be worn to the office, the Datejust is a great choice. The Datejust has a magnifying glass over the date, which many people don’t like. You may also want to consider the Oyster Perpetual as an alternative. This watch is very classic and straightforward; it has clean lines and looks great with whatever you’re wearing.

If you’re looking for a bigger watch, you may like the Explorer or the Explorer 2. These watches are sporty and were designed by Rolex in the 1950s to commemorate Sir Edmund Hillary’s summit of Mount Everest.

Rolex Watch Repair

When buying a Rolex, you should ensure that you find a reputable seller. Many watch shops stock a wide range of Rolex and are also able to offer aftercare such as Rolex watch repair. Knowing that you have a watchmaker to return to should anything go wrong with your watch will give you peace of mind.

Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, Rolex Watch Repair, Denver, CO

If you live in Denver, CO, and are looking to buy a Rolex watch or require Rolex watch repair, you may like to contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry. The company employs a professional team of watchmakers that are able to offer help and advice about buying your first Rolex. They also stock a wide range of other designer watches and jewelry and are available for Rolex watch repair.

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