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Owning a Rolex isn’t quite the same thing as having any garden-variety wristwatch wrapped around your wrist. This is after all the brand that practically defines the essence of a luxury personal item and it deserves the consideration that comes not only with its price tag but also its exquisite quality. For this reason, knowing what Rolex watch repair entails is a useful first step if you’re the happy owner of your own Rolex who’s suddenly not so happy because it stopped working with its usual precision. This guide will explain what you need to know.

Rolex Watch Service Intervals

All watches can and will eventually break down. High quality models from Rolex may be expensive, precision crafted timepieces but they’re still made up of little parts and just as prone to entropy as anything. Rolex watch repair and servicing applies especially if you’ve put your own piece through rugged conditions a time or two, but it’s going to be the case regardless after enough time passes.

To keep this from happening in the first place or becoming a serious problem if it does, the expert fine watch repair technicians such as those at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry in Denver, CO, would usually recommend that you take your Rolex in for a full service and all your Rolex watch repair once every few years.

Mechanical Rolex Watches vs Common Quartz Watches

Almost all watches can basically be divided into two types. The most common and economic models are electronic quartz timepieces, which are powered by batteries and measure time by having a quartz crystal regulate a tiny electronic oscillator.

Many perfectly good budget watches work this way but they don’t quite have the same seemingly magical clockwork delicacy of mechanical timekeeping technology. This latter specialty is what mechanical watches, which don’t use batteries at all, are all about. The Rolex brand is obviously all about mechanical watch technology.

The most interesting thing about mechanical watches is that they’re made up of many, often VERY many, individual precision moving parts which measure time by having their extremely complex clockwork movement mechanism wound up either manually or automatically through natural hand movement. Therefore, while beautiful to behold, they’re definitely full of parts that could fail sooner or later.

With well made mechanical timepieces, it could take years for such a failure to occur, but it’s certainly a special risk of any mechanical watch that much simpler quartz devices don’t suffer in the same way.

The most common symptoms of mechanical Rolex watch repair being needed are when the device starts to either slow down or speed ahead in keeping time.

If this does happen, taking your mechanical watch to a jeweler or specialist in precision watch tuning becomes a necessity. If you don’t, the little machine could become more damaged, costlier to repair or possibly fail completely after a while.

The average mechanical Rolex watch will contain 200 or more different parts that carefully move together to keep its hands running correctly. Some models from this brand can even have many times that number of internal components.

With so much precision packed into such a deceptively tiny wrist device, high manufacturing quality definitely doesn’t mean a damage-proof device. In other words, just because your Rolex needs to be fixed doesn’t mean that it’s fundamentally defective in some way.

Then of course there are other problems that any watch, Rolex or otherwise, could fall victim to in daily use. You might suffer a broken glass cover, or the wrist band could break. These are usually simpler fixes but they can still cause aesthetic problems.

Whatever the Denver, CO Rolex watch repair you need to do, it’s critically important to note that this isn’t a task to be taken lightly with such a fine timepiece. Just as you’d want to keep up maintenance on a brand new car, the same logic should apply to fixing any well made mechanical Rolex watch. Many Rolex models literally cost the same as a new car, so they’re definitely worth repairing if something goes wrong.

Furthermore, If you own a high-end or heirloom mechanical wrist watch of any kind, getting dedicated professionals to look at it is vital. When it comes to something with 200 or more individual, extremely tiny moving parts, expert hands that know what they’re doing are a must. They will also have the tools to open and precisely manipulate such a tiny gadget without causing it any new harm.

What Rolex Watch Repair Means for You and Your Device

The idea of repairing a pricey luxury watch like a Rolex might seem scary in terms of both price and delicacy but it’s not a risk if done by trained technicians. Some Rolex watch repairs will cost more than others but all follow a very rigorous sequence of steps.

To start things off, the watchmaker will first assess your timepiece and note down any specific requests that you have for fixing it. As part of this assessment, you’ll be given an estimate of costs and what needs to be done. This process doesn’t bind you to anything and you can always decide on your options before any work gets started.

Once you accept, the Rolex will be gently disassembled with the bracelet carefully separated from the case and the movement along with dial and hands also removed from the case for secure storage. After this, the interior of the internal watch movement will be meticulously opened for inspection of each part and the repair or replacement of defective components until the little device is back in working order.

Following this, the Rolex watch repaired or replaced watch parts will be likely be carefully cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and then reassembled with all parts being re-lubricated to make sure they maintain their smooth motion.

In the final steps, the case will possibly be reassembled empty to ensure that it’s still waterproof according to the standards of almost all Rolex watches, and if it’s satisfactory, the match movement mechanism and dial face will be reassembled into the case. The watch will then be given a final precision test to ensure that it once again runs to the standards of chronometric precision for that Rolex model.

This is the essential process behind performing a Rolex watch repair. It’s safe, carefully done and very rigorously coordinated. The watchmakers and jewelers at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry are professionally trained experts in ensuring that each of the above steps and others are done as carefully as is possible for your valued Rolex timepiece. If you need to have it serviced by technicians who know how to handle such a high caliber device, give them a call now.