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Rolex is a brand synonymous with sheer luxury and esteem, and buying an authentic Rolex watch is probably one action item that is part of a lot of people’s bucket list.

“A Rolex is a Rolex” – and once you buy a Rolex watch, it stays with you for a long time and even passed down as an heirloom to your younger generations. However, even though Rolex watches are masterfully crafted timepieces, they aren’t infallible.

Despite their durability, they require proper care and maintenance to stay in top condition. However, if your watch is not working right even after necessary maintenance steps, you can rely on the expertise of Rolex watch repair service providers.

You can have the experts look at your Rolex and fix it with unmatched precision and skill.

Here are some common problems that your Rolex may be susceptible to and the steps you can take to get it fixed and ticking:

Rolex is Not Showing the Right Time

While your Rolex is designed to last for a long time, it can run into issues at times. It may show the wrong time or running slow. While most modern Rolex watches come with perpetual movements that adjust automatically with your wrist’s motion, it may cause random changes in timing.

If you have worn the watch for a while and have not maintained it well, it can run into problems just like every other watch.

You can try to wind the Rolex manually using the standard self-winding procedure:

  • Reach out to the crown of the watch that is usually located at the 3 o’clock marker
  • Unscrew the crown toward you counterclockwise without pulling until it pops out
  • Rotate the crown away from you in a clockwise motion around 30 to 40 times
  • Secure the crown to its original position by screwing it down tightly

If you are unsure of the winding process or have tried winding and still find it keeping an inaccurate timing, it’s time to get help from Rolex watch repair professionals.

You can reach out to watch repair service stores in Highlands Ranch, CO, and get it fixed in such a case. The experienced technicians know how to electronically calibrate your Rolex watch’s movement and improve the accuracy of your Rolex watch to keep time properly.

Even though winding is a simple process and you may opt to do it on your own, it’s best to leave it to the experts who possess specialized knowledge to overhaul your Rolex.

Rolex Has Stopped Working

If you find that your Rolex has stopped working altogether, don’t hesitate to depend on Rolex watch repair services. There can be several reasons for your watch not working.

Mostly if you have not used it for a long time and have set it aside, your Rolex may need an overhaul by Rolex watch repair service agents. The Rolex watch repair department experts will disassemble your watch and examine the root cause of the problem.

If there are any replacements, lubrication, or calibration needed, they will provide you with cost estimates for the necessary repairs and a time frame for returning the watch in working condition.

Broken Parts or Loose Springs

If your watch shows a wrong time or has stopped working altogether, it may be due to broken internal parts. If you have tried winding the Rolex and it’s still not working properly, it can indicate an internal problem. There are also chances that there may be an issue with a loose spring.

Besides, if you hear a rattling sound, it may be because a tiny screw or jewel has come loose.

To tighten the springs or examine your Rolex watch’s internal parts, get in touch with a licensed Rolex watch repair outlet who can assess your watch’s condition and take the necessary steps to get it repaired.

Rust, Dents, or Cracks Developing on your Watch

The Oyster casing of your watch shields it from harmful elements and ensures that it is free from dust and water. All Rolex watches are designed to be waterproof and can withstand depths of 100 meters or 330 feet of water. However, to maintain the watch’s waterproof properties, the Oyster case must be secured and sealed correctly.

The crown of your Rolex plays a pivotal role in creating a hermetic seal like a hatch. Therefore, if you have reset the time or date or winded the watch manually, you need to ensure that you have screwed the crown securely. If you fail to do so, your Rolex can be prone to exposure to dangerous elements and get damaged with rusting or cracks.

In such cases, a watch pressure test may be needed to be performed by the Rolex watch repair facility to ensure that your watch is completely sealed at vantage entry points. People often face this issue when they need to adjust their time according to daylight savings, for instance, and fail to secure the crown.

The best solution to save your Rolex from such issues is to get periodic inspection and maintenance by Rolex watch repair professionals.

Depend on Trustworthy Rolex Repair Service Experts to Secure your Prized Possession

Even though Rolex is a renowned brand that makes reliable and accurate watches with durability, it may need an overhaul from time to time to keep it in perfect condition. Matheu’s Fine Watches & JewelryHighlands Ranch, CO has helped several customers save time and money on Rolex watch repair. Call our in-house trained experts who will assess your Rolex inside out to troubleshoot problems and help you refurbish your watch to performing like new again.