Rolex Watch Repair And Maintenance | Highlands Ranch, CO

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Owning a Rolex watch is as much a milestone as it is a symbol of success. The cold steel against your wrist can feel incredible, and most people discover that once they own their first Rolex they cannot go without it. It works out well then that properly cared for Rolex watches can actually last for a lifetime. However, this only happens if you keep up with necessary Rolex watch repair and a service visit to have your watch thoroughly examined about once every seven to ten years.

Proper Rolex watch repair is essential to the lifespan of every Rolex in Highlands Ranch, CO because of the number of small components that make up the movement inside of the watch. While each Rolex is excellently constructed, there are still a large number of small pieces moving in perfect rhythm responsible for the overall ability of your watch to keep the precise time down to the second. While you may not necessarily know if your Rolex misses a second here or there, a perfectly tuned Rolex never well. Every second adds up to show bigger problems, so it is best to stay ahead of all of those with a careful and responsible repair.

With that in mind, if you are a new Rolex owner or just someone who has had a Rolex for a few years and thus hasn’t had to worry about Rolex watch repair yet you may not know how to proceed and/or what any of the signs of trouble are. Unlike other advanced pieces of machinery, your Rolex does not have an alarm system built into it and will not tell you when it is not working correctly. That is up to you to determine as a user. For that reason, we have developed this quick guide that walks you through how to treat your Rolex and what you should know as a Rolex owner.

What is Covered Under My Rolex Guarantee?

If you have just purchased a Rolex you may wonder how long your guarantee is and what it can be used for. After all, if you find you need a repair sooner than anticipated it only makes sense you would want to use your guarantee.

While the guarantee itself is lengthy to read, the basic premise of it is that the functioning of your Rolex watch is guaranteed for five years after your initial purchase date. Note the guarantee is not aligned with the manufacturer date of your watch, but the date you first purchased it.

The guarantee does not include normal wear and tear which in particular usually pertains to the watch strap and/or band. It also will not protect you if you have Rolex watch repair performed by a non-authorized third party or your watch is lost or stolen. In all other cases to use the warranty, you need to present your guarantee card with your watch.

How to Maintain My Rolex Watch?

While you don’t need to do a lot to maintain the beauty of your Rolex watch, there are a few things you can do to help it retain its beauty. For instance, you can use microfiber cloth from time to time to clean the plate of your watch and the casing. This type of cloth will not scratch the coating and will help give it a shine.

On occasion, you may also choose to wash the case and the band (unless it is leather and then you should follow proper leather cleaning guidelines) with a soft soapy solution. Rinse lightly and then all to air dry or wipe with a microfiber cloth.

If you happen to go in seawater you should also ensure that you always rinse your watch after swimming so that it does not rust out the metal casing. Before you swim or decide to wash your Rolex you always need to check the winding crown and ensure it is tightly screwed down to ensure that water or moisture is not able to sneak into the movement.

Should I Polish My Rolex?

While it can be enticing to polish your Rolex, you should refrain as improper polishing can actually damage the case of your watch. Instead, if you want to restore the finish of your Rolex you should take it to an authorized Rolex repair vendor and allow them to handle the polishing.

How Often Should I Service my Rolex?

Rolex recommends that most of their watches be serviced every 5 years to ensure that they continue to accurately keep time and retain their waterproof attributes. Both are extremely important components that determine the lifespan of your watch. Any drops of moisture that sneak into your movement can wreak havoc on the tiny components inside so proper Rolex watch repair is the best way to ensure this never happens.

What is Included in a Rolex Service?

Rolex watch repair and service is an extremely tedious and precise practice which is why you only want to trust a Highlands Ranch, CO professional with the task. As part of your service, all components inside of the movement will be taken apart and ultrasonically cleaned to remove any dust or debris. The prices are then inspected for damage or signs of wear, and if any are noted then Rolex watch repair will be required to keep things functioning at 100%.

If you suspect that you need Rolex watch repair or haven’t yet scheduled a service appointment, contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO. We can set up a Rolex watch repair appointment for you and appraise your watch to see what needs to be done to keep it functional for years to come.