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Since 1905, Rolex watches have been worn by explorers and high-fliers around the world. They have been on the wrists of adventurers and explorers either on the top of the highest mountains or to the deepest depths of the ocean. They have even been to the moon.

If you are fortunate enough to own a Rolex watch, we at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry of Highlands Ranch, CO. understand that you want it to look its best and work exactly as its maker intended.

Since 1951, Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry have been offering sales, top-quality service, and watch repair for leading brands of fine watches and jewelry. We are the best at what we do, and you will not find a more knowledgeable and dedicated staff anywhere else in Colorado. At Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry, you will be assured of the highest possible standards of Rolex watch repair and service.

A Brief History of Rolex Watches

In 1905, Hans Wilsdorf with his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis founded the company, Wilsdorf and Davis Ltd. to assemble and sell watches using mechanisms imported from Switzerland. At the time wristwatches were considered feminine while most men wore large pocket watches.

Wilsdorf considered that the wristwatches were going to be the future and set about making them masculine and fashionable. The trade name Rolex was registered in 1908, the brand name was easy to pronounce in any language, but short enough to fit on the watch face.

In 1914, Kew Observatory awarded the Rolex wristwatch a Class A precision certificate, an accolade normally awarded exclusively to marine chronometers. Passing this test for durability and accuracy made for great publicity and enhanced the name brand of Rolex.

The company was renamed Rolex Watch Co. Ltd. in 1915 and later moved to Switzerland. Over the years Rolex has led innovations such as the waterproofed and airtight Oyster model, and then released the first self-winding wristwatch entitled the ‘Oyster Perpetual.’

Rolex is a watch that is particularly resistant to magnetization. They are worn by all the top movie and sports stars. They are one of the most iconic brands and offer both functionally and set trends. Rolex has been popular for over a hundred years and continues to be a popular choice for a quality timepiece.

Rolex Watch Repair and Service

Rolex is one of the most identifiable and well-known watch brands in America and around the world. A Rolex can last for decades if it is serviced properly and regularly. They are one of the few brands of watch that increase in value over the years and are considered by many to be an investment. But why lock away such a beautiful and iconic timepiece. They were built to be worn.

A service will usually involve the full disassembling of all parts of the watch. The movement is removed from the casing and is then dismantled piece by piece, and each part is then fully cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaning bath.

This process uses ultrasound and a liquid to clean each part. Ultrasonic baths make use of Cavitation bubbles triggered by the high-frequency pressure sound waves which agitate the liquid. This creates millions of imploding bubbles causing a cleaning effect. This is a delicate process and is very time-consuming. Once the impurities have been removed the parts can dry and then are polished, after which the movement is completely reassembled, with each part lubricated.

While the movement is reassembled the parts are checked many times to be sure they are working as they should. Any damaged part is then replaced. After the movement is put back together it is tested and checked to make sure that everything is correct and accurate. The watchmaker makes any adjustments to the precision of the movement according to the Rolex’s benchmark requirements to ensure its accuracy working.

The case is also completely disassembled and the middle case, bezel, the back of the case, and bracelet are then re-polished or satin-finished according to their original appearance. Before the case is reassembled the seals are tested and replaced if necessary. The case is then checked for waterproofness and pressure resistance.

The movement is then put back into the case with further rigorous technical, and aesthetic checks taking place over the next few days to complete the servicing. A Rolex watch repair is a delicate operation requiring great care, dexterity, patience, and time.

Taking Care of your Rolex

Each Rolex watch usually contains over 160 expertly made parts, so your watch will need extraordinarily little day-to-day care. Cleaning it occasionally with a microfiber cloth will help preserve its sheen. You can also wash the case and bracelet occasionally using soapy water and a soft brush.

Do make sure that the winding crown is screwed down properly against the case to ensure that it is waterproof. If you like swimming at the beach you simply need to rinse your watch afterward with fresh water to remove any salt and sand.

If you are active, the Rolex Oyster case provides the watch movement with ideal protection against shocks. Rigorous tests are performed on each watch to ensure their accuracy in real-life use.

Peace of Mind with Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry of Highlands Ranch, CO

Each Rolex watch repair comes with a three-year warranty. Each of our highly skilled watchmakers is factory trained and certified, you could not leave your Rolex watch repair in better hands. We use state-of-the-art equipment to offer the finest quality Rolex watch repair and servicing.

Matheu’s offers the following warranties on repair and service:

  • Free estimates on all service requirements
  • Three-year warranty on each Rolex watch repair and services
  • One year warranty on Battery and Reseals
  • A 6-month warranty on all movement parts replaced
  • Factory Repairs are covered under manufacture repair

All our watch makers are CW21 (Certified Watchmaker of the 21st Century) and SAWTA (Swiss American Watchmakers Training Alliance) certified. The SAWTA certificate is from Rolex-funded watchmaking schools in the United States.

This ensures that your Rolex watch repair is carried by watchmakers with the highest credentials. If you do not believe us, then check all our 5-star reviews on Google. Many happy customers have had a Rolex watch repair at Matheu’s. Remember at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry we always have time for you.