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A Rolex is a watch that lasts a lifetime. It can resist shocks, extreme temperatures, and depths and adapts to all lifestyles. Even if your lifestyle involves extreme sports or being exposed to extreme temperatures, rest assured that your Rolex watch stays safe and efficient. The only thing required for a Rolex watch is a little TLC so that it stays in excellent shape. This article discusses how you can regularly maintain your watch to avoid Rolex watch repair in Denver, CO.

Regularly Clean Your Rolex Watch

To avoid Rolex watch repair you need to regularly clean your Rolex using a microfiber cloth. Unless your watch has a leather strap, wash the metal bracelet and the case with a soft brush and soapy water. Should you decide to go swimming or diving, it’s essential to clean your Rolex with fresh water, removing the sand and salt deposits. Your watch is waterproof, but the winding crown must be sealed completely to ensure your Rolex watch remains waterproof.

Wind Your Rolex Before Wearing it for the First Time

Have you recently bought a Rolex watch? Then you must wind your watch manually so that it functions correctly and precisely. To successfully wind it manually, you need to unscrew the winding crown completely. You need a minimum of 25 turns to wind it partially. The next step is to carefully and thoroughly screw the crown back so that it remains waterproof. If you have questions about your Rolex watch, get in touch with a professional.

Store it Properly

If you don’t wear your Rolex every day, ensure that it’s stored properly. Use the Rolex box for storing it or a watch box that can carry multiple watches. However, make sure the watches are not piled on top of each other to avoid scratches or Rolex watch repair. Also, always keep your watch away from direct sunlight and moisture. Store it in a cool dark place, far from any electronic device.

Do a Monthly Rolex Cleaning (Deep Clean)

Apart from regularly cleaning your watch, we recommend that you spend a few more time deep cleaning it at least once a month. Use a soft brush to get rid of the grime out. Remember that dirt buildup in the metal bracelet won’t only look dirty but may cause scratching or stretching. You can avoid Rolex watch repair in Denver, CO, when your watch gets the care it deserves.

To reach harder to reach areas of your watch, use a soft, non-abrasive watch and gentle soapy water and carefully clean it. For leather bracelets, contact your official service center on specific cleaners you can purchase.

Regular maintenance of your Rolex avoids Rolex watch repair and ensures that your watch is still in excellent shape.

Take Your Rolex for Regular Servicing

You can avoid costly watch repair so long as you properly care for your watch. While regular cleaning can help, it’s also essential to have it professionally serviced. However, you need to make sure that you only choose an official Rolex service center to avoid other issues down the road. It’s recommended that you have it serviced every couple of years so the Rolex watch is in top shape.

What happens during the service:

An expert watchmaker will clean the exterior of your watch and polish it thoroughly. Expect it to look like you have recently bought your Rolex watch after you have it serviced. Damaged parts or components will need to be replaced. Also, the watch’s movement is disassembled and then relubricated. After cleaning and lubricating, your Rolex watch is pressure-proofed for optimal water resistance.

Some Rolex owners, especially vintage collectors, would want to avoid polishing, so everything stays vintage. This is a personal preference; however, we recommend that you speak with a professional and whether or not it’s the best choice for your Rolex watch.

How long a Rolex service takes:

It takes approximately four to six weeks to have your Rolex watch serviced. First, a highly skilled and trained watchmaker will thoroughly inspect your watch, do some extensive tests to determine what type of procedure is necessary to meet the watch’s strict requirements. You may contact us if you need information about professional Rolex watch repair or regular maintenance.

Rolex Can Withstand Extreme Conditions

One of the good things about buying a Rolex watch is that you can play extreme sports, as the Oyster case provides the watch movement with protection against shocks. You can even go scuba diving off at least 50 or 100 meters, depending on the model of your watch.

All Rolex watches are tested to extremes, which means they can also withstand snow. However, you do need to still regularly clean it and have it serviced professionally to avoid Rolex watch repair and other issues with your watch.

Where to Have Your Rolex Watch Serviced

For professional maintenance, please only visit official service centers to avoid costly Rolex watch repairs or other problems with your watch.

Going with an official Rolex service center ensures you’re getting the best service. All professionals are carefully selected and highly trained by Rolex. Get in touch with us if you need watch repair. Our team can even advise you on the technical aspects of your watch.

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