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Rolex watches are a great investment that you can pass down to the next generation. They’re extremely high in quality and can last for decades without requiring any Rolex watch repairs. In fact, Rolex recommends that you get your Rolex watches serviced every 10 years depending on the make and model. Some customers have been able to prolong this with no problem at all.

Although Rolex watches can last a lifetime, you might run into a problem now and then. All you need is a simple Rolex watch repair and your timepiece will be good as new. You’re more likely to run into a problem if you’ve inherited the watch or purchased a well-loved secondhand one.

One of the most common problems that you’ll likely run into is a watch that has stopped. This is one of the most common reasons why many owners will bring their watches to a watch repair shop. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy fix. The cost of it will solely depend on what has caused the watch to stop running in the first place. In this article, we’ll look at 4 reasons why your watch may have stopped.

#1. There’s a Loose Part Somewhere

The most likely scenario is that there is a loose part somewhere inside the Rolex. This is even more likely if the watch has been passed down from generation to generation and if you haven’t gotten the Rolex watch serviced in the past several years.

The best solution is to bring your watch into a certified Rolex watch repair store and have them take a look at the situation. A professional will be able to easily take the watch apart and to look at the inner mechanisms. They’ll also be able to get certified parts from Rolex and also examine your watch to see if there are any other issues that need to be addressed. For example, they may recommend that you lubricate all of the parts. The Rolex watch repair store will also clean your watch properly using an ultrasonic cleaner.

The cost of the Rolex watch repair will largely depend on which part is compromised and needs to be replaced. In most cases, the repair shop will have all of the parts that are needed available, so you should be able to get your watch back in no time. Once the repairs are done, your watch will work like new! You won’t even be able to tell that there was something wrong with it.

#2. It’s Not Winded

If you haven’t worn your Rolex watch in a long time, it might not be running because you have winded it yet. Although Rolex watches are self-winding, you should go ahead and give it some help by winding it yourself if you haven’t worn it in a while.

Winding a Rolex is a fairly simple process, and you may not necessarily have to bring your timepiece in for Rolex watch repairs if this is the only problem A.. you have to do is locate the crown of the watch and turn the crown towards you until it pops out. Then, rotate the crown away from you about 30 to 40 times. Last but not least, return the crown back to its original watch. Make sure that you screw it down tightly in order to keep your watch as water-resistant as possible.

Fortunately, you cannot overwind a modern Rolex watch because it has inner mechanisms that prevent this from happening. Once you’ve reached the maximum amount of winding allowed, the winder will simply disengage. This ensures that you won’t damage your Rolex watch, so wind away because you won’t have to worry about bringing it into a Rolex watch repair shop for this reason!

#3. There’s a Problem with the Battery (ONLY for specific models)

Last but not least, your Rolex watch may have stopped working because there’s a problem with the battery. This is not a common reason why many watch owners may need to bring their timepiece in for Rolex watch repairs because most Rolex watches are self-winding and do not rely on a battery at all. Only Rolex’s OysterQuartz may have a battery, so it’s important that you understand the inner mechanisms of your watch to get a better idea as to whether this could be a potential problem or not. If you’re not sure, you can always bring your Rolex to a watch repair shop and ask them. A certified repair technician will know the answer immediately.

If you do have this particular watch the battery can be faulty or it may have rusted depending on how old it is. It may also not be fully contacting the inner mechanisms of the watch; thus, preventing it from working properly. You’ll really need to get a repair specialist to take a look at the inner mechanisms in order to diagnose the problem. In most cases, replacing the battery will fix the problem. This is a fairly easy fix that can be completed in no time!

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