Rolex Watch Repair: Things To Know | Highlands Ranch, CO

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The Rolex watch is a fine piece of machinery. It’s robust, accurate, and keeps time with little maintenance. However, Rolex recommends having your watch serviced every five years to ensure that the movement stays in prime condition. Owners that don’t clean and care for their timepiece might need Rolex Watch repair in Highlands, Ranch, Co, sooner than expected. Also, you must learn how to maintain this fine jewelry to prolong its life.

Everyday wear and tear can affect the beauty and function of your timepiece. Keeping it clean is critical, especially if you wear it to work or do outdoor activities. Dirt, sweat, and other environmental elements can accumulate on the case, band or buckle. Here are a few tips for caring for and maintaining your Rolex watch so it lasts a lifetime.

Keep it Dry

The number one enemy of a Rolex is water. Water is the one substance that can damage the movement inside the watch, so keeping your watch dry is paramount. Keep salt and fresh water away from the case and bracelet/strap to clean and maintain your watch’s pristine condition.

For older timepieces that are fraying or look dull, contact Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry for Rolex Watch repair. Our staff can help you choose a replacement band or upgrade to a new piece.

If you plan to do any water sports or play in the rain, store your Rolex away in a safe place from harsh elements. Think of the crown and other push-button controls as a boat’s wheel or car’s gear stick. If it gets wet, it will seize up and eventually ruin the whole thing.

Heat can damage the case, bracelet, or dial of your timepiece. If your watch gets wet, immediately take off the watch band or bracelet. Dry it with a clean cloth towel, and never use a blow dryer on your Rolex. Instead, take it to Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO, for a repair.

Keep it Clean

To clean your timepiece, take a soft cloth and moisten it with a gentle cleaner—never alcohol- or ammonia-based. After the cleaning solution has loosened the grime, gently wipe your watch with a clean cloth to remove any soap or dirt residue.

Remember, Rolex makes watches for both men and women. Remember to keep the links clean of body lotion, perfume, or make-up for ladies’ bands or bracelets. This vital preventive measure will ensure the metal doesn’t oxidize and damage your Rolex timepiece.

Don’t despair if you find creams, oils, or other beauty and self-care products on your fine jewelry. Contact Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry for Rolex watch repair to see if it’s something we can fix or replace.

Harsh cleaners and chemicals will cause corrosion and other issues, so never use tough detergents to clean your timepiece. Pay special attention to the band and bracelet, getting in the links and crevices. If you wear a Rolex Oyster band or bracelet, use a soft toothbrush and gentle soap to clean under the bracelet. Pay special attention to the bracelet where it attaches to the case.

Caring For Oystersteel and Other Rolex Watch Materials

Rolex uses Oystersteel, 18k gold, and platinum in its watches. Keep the metal pristine with regular cleanings. The low-carbon, high alloy steel is used in the watch’s main body, while they use 18k gold and platinum for some models. Each metal requires different cleaning materials.

Gold has a soft surface that oxidizes over time, so Rolex uses platinum alloy for watches worn daily. The harder metal doesn’t tarnish like gold and is resistant to scratches and other damages.

When cleaning the case, bezel, bracelet links, clasp, crowns, pushbuttons, and diamonds, be sure to use a soft cloth. Diamonds and gemstones are the most delicate parts of a Rolex watch. They can be scratched with anything abrasive, especially when set in metal. They can also fall out if the prongs holding them are worn down or dirty.

Clean the face’s diamonds with a toothbrush and warm soapy water. Clean the surrounding metal gently with a soft cloth to remove dirt and oils. For Rolex watches with inlaid diamonds or gemstones, contact Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO, for Rolex watch repair.

Removing Scratches From Your Watch Case and Bracelet

A professional can remove minor nicks and scratches from your Rolex case and bracelet with a jeweler’s rouge cloth. They make the cloth with aluminum oxide powder and work like sandpaper to polish the metal.

However, don’t attempt this for any scratches over ¼-inch. If the gash is too deep, you’ll need to take it for Rolex watch repair. In addition, if your band is solid gold or platinum, a jeweler’s rouge cloth won’t work. Also, a professional Rolex watch repair technician needs to remove case and bracelet scratches on these precious metals.

Winding A Rolex Properly

Proper winding for your Rolex prevents the mainspring from breaking and ensures correct timekeeping. All models have a crown and stem-winding system, but newer ones also use the Perpetual (Rotor) winding.

Crown Winding: To wind your timepiece correctly, turn the crown clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loosen. Don’t over-wind if it’s a quartz watch, as this can affect the battery.

Perpetual (Rotor) Winding: If your Rolex has a Perpetual rotor, it’s quartz and doesn’t need winding as long as it works. If you take your watch to a jeweler for Rolex watch repair, they can handle this for you.

Crown and Stem Winding: If your Rolex crown is only windable from the stem, screw it in clockwise until you feel resistance or it won’t screw in at all. Then, unscrew it counterclockwise to loosen and pull out the crown to wind it. Turn the crown clockwise all the way to tighten, then push it in until you feel resistance. Be careful during these steps. If you overwind, you might need a Rolex watch repair technician.

At Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO, our professional staff provides Rolex watch repair and maintenance. Contact us to schedule an appointment.