Rolex Watch Repair: Your Guide To Knowing Your Watch | Denver, CO

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Whether you were gifted a Rolex or finally sprung for yourself, it feels great to have a Rolex on your watch. However, like any investment, if you want to get the most out of it you need to learn to take care of it. From Rolex watch repair to basic Rolex maintenance tasks, your goal as a new Rolex owner should be to keep your watch in pristine condition for as long as possible so that it lives out its entire lifespan. If you take care of your Rolex, it can even become an heirloom piece that you pass onto your own children.

A Rolex is quite an investment because it is a mechanical marvel that is built to last for a decade. While they are viewed as expensive when you consider the fact that a Rolex watch can last for several generations the price tag drops significantly. You can easily drop a few hundred on a watch that you will replace in a few years, or purchase a watch that with proper Rolex watch service will last for the rest of your life. When you consider how much you would spend buying multiple watches versus just one the price tag is much more reasonable.

Daily Rolex Care

If you want to avoid needing Rolex watch repair right off the bat, then you should learn the basics of taking care of your Rolex watch on a weekly basis. The same way you need to wash your body daily because it gets dirty over time, you need to gently wash your Rolex. You wouldn’t skip washing your wrist in the shower, so you shouldn’t skip over your Rolex either. Plus, in addition to daily dirt that accumulates on the skin, your Rolex is probably subject to a fair amount of sweat.

While you don’t need to wash your watch daily, you should give it a quick wipe down at least once a week to keep it looking good and germ-free. Once you work the weekly wash into your daily routine it should become second nature. The wash itself doesn’t have to be extravagant, as some warm water and mild non-toxic soap are all that is needed to freshen it up. Once you are done just dry it with a microfiber cloth and you are done until next week.

Of course, this only applies to watches that have metal bracelets. Before you wash, also check that the winding crown is secured properly otherwise you may have to seek out Rolex watch repair in Denver, CO sooner than normal. If you happen to have a Daytona Rolex and want to avoid watch repair you will need to double-check that the pushers are also tightly in place.

Monthly Rolex Cleaning Routine

At least once a month you will want to give your watch a more thorough cleaning to keep it clean from debris that can get into the inner workings of the watch and lead to premature watch repair. While you only need to do this about once a month, the process is simple and should only take a maximum of ten minutes if you keep up with the task.

To get started, purchase a soft toothbrush or small jewelry watch and use it to gently remove all of the grime from your watch. Cover the entire faceplate area and make sure to squeeze it into the small crevices in the plating. Then work your way through the chain bracelet. Dirt and grime can easily get caught between the bracelet links which will make it look dirty and dull the shine. However, the larger issue is that over time the small particles will build up and actually stretch out your bracelet. This can lead you to need Rolex watch repair solely to restore or replace your bracelet sooner than you should need to.

Just make sure that you purchase a non-abrasive brush to clean out the metal links, otherwise, it can scratch up the bracelet and you won’t get ahead at all. Just like your weekly cleanings, you also want to ensure that you properly screw down the winding crown before you start any washing so that water is not able to seep into the actual timepiece.

On the other hand, if you have a leather strap in place of the chain bracelet you will need to purchase special leather cleaners to keep it looking supple and bright. All leather straps can be removed, however, so while you may not want to wash them with a brush, you should take them off and continue to thoroughly clean out your watch case at least once a month to prevent the need for future Rolex watch repair in Denver, CO.

Make Sure to Book Annual Rolex Watch Repair and Servicing

In addition to monthly and weekly cleaning, you need to schedule your Rolex watch for a service visit every couple of years. In the same way that regular servicing will help extend the lifespan of your car, regular Rolex watch repair will enable the watch to last for decades. As part of standard Rolex watch repair and service, the watch is carefully taken apart, cleaned out, and then polished and put back together. If there are any parts that look like they are wearing down, they are replaced and every moving component within the watch is lubricated. Once everything is placed back together then the watch is pressure proofed so that it is once again completely waterproof.

If you have a new Rolex or have inherited one and are not sure of the last time it was serviced, now is a good time to schedule Rolex watch repair and service so that you can get on a schedule. Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry has been helping Denver, CO customers with their watches for years and will gladly take a look at your Rolex.