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A Rolex is a lifetime investment for many, and when you don’t want your precious investment going down the drain, it’s crucial to know when it needs a repair. Whether it has visible or invisible damage, there are many signs you can look out for that can signal when your valuable asset needs the help of a Rolex watch repair service.

You can find experienced technicians in Denver, CO, who can restore your Rolex into brand new condition if you manage to bring it in time. Be aware of the following signs of damage on your Rolex so you can take it in immediately for needed repairs.

There’s Moisture Inside the Watch

If you can see fog or mist clouding your Rolex, and it isn’t on the outer glass, there are chances that either water or moisture have reached the watch interior. The slightest leak inside your Rolex can spell immediate danger to the aesthetic and functioning of the watch.

Moisture can get inside your watch if it’s been damaged externally or if it has a worn-out or malfunctioning gasket. You can find out more about the condensation buildup and cause behind it when you take it to a Rolex watch repair expert.

It’s Showing Incorrect Time

Rolex is a famous brand for making their watches one of the most accurate in the world. They have a strict margin for how accurately the time is displayed on all of their watches.

If you’ve started noticing that your watch is running too slowly or too fast for several days, it’s time to head to a Rolex watch repair immediately. 

There can be possible problems with the watch’s movement and the lubrication. Your watch losing or gaining time can worsen over time if you don’t take it to an expert. Any signs that you’ve noticed should be reported to the technician so they can diagnose the issue quickly and effectively.

Heating Rattling Sounds

There are hundreds of tiny components inside your Rolex that keep it performing all the time optimally. When any one of these components starts malfunctioning or becoming dislodged due to strong impact, it can cause chaos for the whole functioning of your Rolex.

If you’re hearing rattling noises or other odd noises emanating from your watch when you’re putting it on or during the day, take it to a Rolex watch repair to figure out what’s going on. You can find experienced technicians in Denver, CO, who can immediately replace any malfunctioning parts as well.

You Own a Vintage or Antique Rolex

Owning a vintage or antique Rolex is cause for pride itself. There are many intricate and beautiful Rolex watches that don’t get reproduced today. While you may be hesitant to take your pre-owned Rolex to a Rolex watch repair for fear that they’ll replace valuable antique components with newer versions, it’s often necessary to ensure your watch is functional.

Not only do you have no clue how often your vintage Rolex has been serviced, but many older models also don’t have the same efficiency and durability that newer models have. This means that frequent inspections are necessary to ensure that your Rolex remains valuable in the long term. You can find technicians who provide that no parts are replaced without your express permission.

Inconsistent Maintenance

If you haven’t been the best with taking your watch for regular maintenance and servicing, you might not even come to know when something is wrong with your Rolex. Due to the watch’s complexity, being aware of every little change that can denote a defect or malfunction is extremely hard.

You should visit an experienced Rolex watch repair to ensure that nothing is wrong internally with your Rolex. You can miss the signs and end up with costly replacements or repairs in the future if you don’t take proper preventive measures in time.

Difficulty with Making Manual Adjustments

Every Rolex needs regular adjusting to ensures that the time and date are correct, especially if you’re donning on your watch after a while. However, if you’re beginning to notice that the components you use to make adjustments are getting stiff or difficult to work with, there may be a lack of lubrication or rusting components.

Even if you’re having the slightest difficulties in changing the time and date on your watch, consult a Rolex watch repair as soon as you can. Because Rolex values customer satisfaction above all else, your crown should be perfectly functional unless something is significantly wrong.

Cracked Or Broken Parts

If you’ve subjected your watch to any sort of extreme impact that’s resulted in visible damage on your Rolex, which can range from having the glass cracked to having scratch marks on the watch, there’s a need for it to be professionally repaired.

Rolex watch repair technicians can not only help the scratch marks disappear, but they can also completely replace many components of your Rolex with branded replacements to ensure the integrity of your watch remains intact.

If you leave the damage as it is, over time, it can grow and cause more damage to your Rolex. Cracked glass can help moisture get inside your watch and leading to rusting of internal components, while scratch marks can weaken the material of the watch.

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