Signs You Need Rolex Watch Repair | Denver, CO

There is more to a luxury watch than just wearing it on your wrist where everyone can see it, although we have to admit that is one of the best aspects of owning one of these iconic watches. Rolex is a watch brand that people instantly recognize, and it is a milestone for many people to reach a point in their professional life when they can purchase a Rolex. While digital watches are slowly starting to replace traditional watches, there will always be a place for high-end watches.

However, if you own a Rolex you need to know the warning signs that you need Rolex watch repair in Denver, CO. There is more to owning the watch than just wearing it, and because at the end of the day it is dependent on mechanical components to work, you need to make sure those mechanical components are all working properly. It can be easy to think that because you purchased a high-end watch you never need to worry about Rolex watch repair, but that is actually not the truth. If you want your watch to reach its full lifespan, there are a few things you need to do.

In reality, Rolex watches can last decades and depending on when you purchased your watch, even become heirloom pieces that get passed on to the next generation. However, this can only happen if you keep up with the recommendations of Rolex, which include regular servicing based on the recommended schedule and prompt Rolex watch repair if you notice that anything is not working the way that it should be. Both of these things are extremely important and are not things that you can reverse if you allow damage to happen.

How often a Rolex watch will need to be serviced depends heavily on the type of watch that you have and the recommended service schedule. Rolex has a large range of watches, and all require their own unique type of service. From simple self-winding watches to high-end diving watches, some watches require a bit more service to keep all of their technical and even electronic (in some cases) components working properly. Therefore, it is best to check out your owner’s guide to finding out exactly how often you should have your watch serviced.

Most Rolex watches need to be serviced every five years, but as stated, you need to check your owner’s guide to get an official answer. However, if you know it has been at least that long since the last time you took your watch in for Rolex watch repair and service in Denver, CO, then now is the time to call and go ahead and make a repair and service visit. It is never too late to have your watch looked at, and it is always better to catch problems right away. So based on that, if it has been a while since your watch has been examined, now is the time to make your appointment.

A service is not the only time that you need to think about Rolex watch repair. You also need to think about it if you notice your watch is not acting as it should. If you are starting to notice your watch behaving oddly, it is probably time to have it looked at. In general, this can be defined as any activity that is outside the norm of what you would expect. Not sure if you are missing warning signs or not?

Luckily most of the signs are pretty self-explanatory, but just in case, we have provided an overview of when you should call and schedule an appointment for Rolex watch repair. Keep in mind that many things can happen to your Rolex watch that also need to be repaired that are not listed. While these are the most common things that can go wrong, it is not a comprehensive list.

The number one reason why most people call for Rolex watch repair is because they notice that their watch is not keeping time properly. This can range from a watch that is behind by a few hours or one that is behind by just a few seconds. However, if you notice your watch is behind by a few minutes, then it is time to take action because a watch that is losing minutes will eventually lose much more time.

You should also seek out Rolex watch repair if your watch isn’t losing time, but you can see the secondhand is skipping. If this happens, you probably lose seconds here and there, but eventually, they will add up, or the secondhand will simply stop moving. Both will impair the ability of your watch to work appropriately and need to be checked by a professional.

Another good reason to call a local jeweler for watch repair is if you notice that there is fog or a light mist behind your watch plate. Rolex watches are supposed to be waterproof, but if it has been a long time since your last service, then there is a chance that your waterproof seal is starting to break. This is one good reason to keep up with your service because doing so will help you proactively avoid these issues.

A little fog behind your screen indicates moisture is starting to break through your seal and get into your watch. It only takes a little bit of moisture to create an environment where rust can grow. Rust is the number one enemy of any watch, so you need to get it cleaned and removed before it can spread throughout the watch.

If you notice this sign or any other sign that you need Rolex watch repair in Denver, CO, contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry today to schedule an appointment.

Photo by Chutima Chaochaiya at Shutterstsock