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Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry works on Rolex watches of all makes and models, including the brand’s Oyster watch. This article focuses on the history and importance of this brand and why you should choose us for all your Rolex watch repair needs!

The Oyster case was created in 1926 and represents a major milestone in watchmaking. It was the first waterproof watch and one of many Rolex innovations over the past century. The wristwatch features a new design with a crown, case base and bezel secured firmly against a middle case.

History of the Iconic Rolex Brand

Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law William Davis went into business together in 1905. They sold movements and other parts to small importers, who then assembled them into bespoke timepieces. Wilsdorf then decided to make a name for the company by focusing on wristwatches. This later proved to be a savvy move and paved the way for the new company to make its mark in history. In addition to creating new watches, the company also performed watch repairs.

Wilsdorf proved to be a natural marketing guru. Just before WWI broke out, the watchmaker sent one of his wristwatches to a Swiss observatory. This netted Rolex the first certificate for accurate timing awarded to any wristwatch. The savvy Bavarian watchmaker didn’t stop there though. In 1915, his wristwatches faced the “Kew A” test. This is still considered the world’s toughest timing test and resulted in a new certificate for Rolex wristwatches, which became known as one of the finest brands of pocket watches as well.

Although a great tragedy for the world, World War One became an immense marketing opportunity for Rolex. Military officers found wristwatches more convenient than pocket watches in the field. Previously, Rolex wristwatches were designed and purchased for women. Starting in the war, the brand became known mainly as a fine producer of watches for men.

Rolex Oyster Watch’s Place in History

In the 40s, wristwatches became part of every well-dressed man’s wardrobe. They weren’t only for the ladies. So, the market for Rolex watch repair and design grew immensely. Wristwatches were more vulnerable to collecting dust and debris in the case than pocket watches, necessitating more Rolex watch repairs.

Wilsdorf realized he needed to develop a hermetically sealed winding button to eliminate frequent maintenance issues. He bought the patent rights to a screw-down crown, designed by Perret & Perregaux. In 1926, this innovation culminated in the first “Oyster” watch. Now that the brand had a unique product, Wilsdorf put back on his marketing hat to trumpet the novel watch line. It also created a larger market for Rolex watch repairs around the globe.

First Watch to Swim the English Channel

The first woman to swim across the English Channel was Mercedes Gleitze. However, controversy surrounded her first crossing, so she scheduled a confirmation swim. Wilsdorf capitalized on the heavily covered event by giving Gleitze a new Rolex Oyster watch, which she wore on her confirmation swim. Shortly after, Wilsdorf bought a full-page ad in the Daily Mail. Rolex was the first watch manufacturer to do so.

Continued Refinements

Wilsdorf bought out his brother-in-law’s interest in the company and became a joint shareholder in the movements produced by the Aegler family. Hence forward, Rolex would only use this company’s movements. With each new refinement, the need for Rolex watch repair decreased for individual wearers. However, one problem continued to plague Oyster owners. To wind the watch, owners had to remove the winding button, making it onerous for everyday wear.

There were two main issues resulting in an uptick in Rolex watch repairs for the Oyster:

  • If customers didn’t screw the winder tightly, water entered the watch’s inner workings
  • When the threads wore out, water could leak into the gaskets

Fortunately, Emile Borer of the Aegler family solved the issue in 1931. As head of research and development at the company’s Rolex Bienne factory, he was used to solving sticky problems. This solution resulted in a game-changing perpetual winding mechanism. Thanks to the patented system, there was no need to wind the watch, increasing the longevity and effectiveness of the Oyster’s waterproof qualities.

A Tradition of Excellence

In 1945, Rolex created a 3 o’clock date window on Datejust. It’s still popular and one of the most iconic models introduced by Rolex. Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry provides Rolex watch repair services in Littleton, CO for many Rolex models, including the Oyster, Datejust and these fine watches:

  • Submariner, which brought time-telling to the oceans of the world as the first diving watch
  • President, featuring the day-date
  • Explorer, designed for adventure and sports
  • GMT Master, first dual timezone watch

Although each of these watches faced fierce competition from counterfeiters, no other company has matched Rolex’s timeless quality standards.

More recently, the company introduced the Cosmograph Perpetual (1988) and Yachmaster (1990). The brand promises to remain an industry leader for many years to come. Just as it’s important to find a quality watch that you can pass down from generation to generation, it’s equally important to find local jewelers specializing in Rolex watch repair.

Choose the Right Repair Team!

Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry sells and services fine watches such as the Rolex Oyster. If you own or are thinking about purchasing this iconic brand, feel free to visit our shop in Littleton, CO. Dan Matheu was a Certified Master WatchMaker, who founded the company and passed along his skills to his son, Scott. We strive to provide the best watch repair services for Rolex and other fine timepieces, and you can always count on help from our knowledgeable staff.

At Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, we provide top Rolex watch repair, so contact us today to discuss your service needs in Littleton, CO!

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