The Most Common Types Of Rolex Watch Repair Services | Denver, CO

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Rolex is a prestigious brand of watch which is famed for its good quality timepieces and is popular worldwide. If you own a Rolex, it’s essential to keep your watch in good working order. If your timepiece has stopped ticking, you’ll be in need of a Rolex watch repair service. Watchmakers also offer servicing, refurbishment, and restoration.

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When maintaining your Rolex watch, it’s crucial to find a professional watchmaker who has experience with the brand. Maintaining your Rolex wristwatch will ensure that it works for years to come. Many people can pass their Rolex onto the next generation. Let’s look at some of the most common watch repair services.

Rolex Watch Service

If your Rolex watch seems to be losing time, you likely require more than a self fix. Most watchmakers recommended that Rolex watches are serviced by a professional every three to five years to ensure they remain in good working order.

A professional watchmaker can provide a full service of your Rolex watch and will be able to recommend any watch repair services that may be necessary. Ensure that the company you choose to repair your watch only uses original Rolex watch parts as replacements. Replacement parts should be sourced from Rolex for both quartz and mechanical watches. This ensures that your watch is repaired to the highest standards.

Watch Strap Replacement

Whether your Rolex has a leather or silicone strap or a metal bracelet, if it becomes worn and tattered, it will affect the look of your watch. The good news is that a Rolex watch repair service can easily replace your watch strap. Watchmakers can source original and replacement Rolex straps in various styles to suit all models of watches.

Glass or Crystal Replacement

If you’ve accidentally cracked, chipped, or scratched the face of your watch, you’ll need a professional Rolex watch repair service. Watchmakers can remove and replace the glass or crystal on your watch’s face. You may find that completely replacing the glass is more cost-effective than trying to polish out scratches. A watch repair service will have the tools and skills to fix your watch and ensure that it looks new again. A professional watchmaker will use replacement watch glass crystals. They will then carry out a professional reseal and test the watch’s pressure and functionality.

Crown Replacement

The job of the crown is to ensure the time and date can be set. It also allows you to wind up and start or stop your Rolex watch. Sometimes accidental damage can occur to the crown due to misuse or if it’s suffered from a blow that has impacted the crown’s functionality. This can cause malfunction, and you may find that your watch’s crown and steam has been broken. A Rolex watch repair service can replace the crown and stem, so your watch can operate effectively and look new.

Bezel Replacement

The bezel of your Rolex is a ring that surrounds the watch’s glass and holds it in place. Rolex watch bezels vary depending on the make and model of your watch. For example, on dive watches, the bezel can rotate so that elapsed time can be read. Sometimes the bezel suffers from general wear and tear and becomes tarnished or scratched. In the worst cases, it may become damaged or even fall entirely off. If you have problems with the bezel of your watch, you can call on the help of a watch repair service who can fit a new bezel to your watch.

Face Restoration

If you regularly wear your Rolex watch, it can suffer from damage to the face, digits, or hands. Your watch face may look tarnished or even start to corrode. Sometimes components may even break or fall-off. Other issues include water that has entered the watch’s case.

Vintage Rolex Watches and Repairs

Owners of vintage Rolex watches will need to find a professional who’s experienced with vintage models. Many rare vintage Rolexes are irreplaceable, so you should maintain your watch carefully. It may take some time to repair a vintage Rolex as the correct pieces will need to be sourced.

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