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Time means different things to different people. To Albert Einstein, time was a dimension, it was not constant and varied according to one’s position and relative velocity. To a Buddhist the linear flow of time from the past to the present and the future is an illusion, and that the liberation from Samsara is liberation from suffering, time, and space. Whatever, you believe most people will need an accurate timepiece to tell the time and aid in planning their day.

Is it Time for a Repair?

Since 1905, Rolex watches have been worn by explorers and adventurers from around the world. It was worn by one of the first mountaineers to climb Mount Everest. A special Rolex was designed to be strapped to the bathyscaphe Trieste when it traversed to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, they checked and double-checked the Rolex watch repair before entering the depths of the Trench.

Rolex is the official timekeeper for many important sporting events, including all four tennis Grand Slam events, the Open Championship and the U.S. Open for golf, and the 24 Hours of Daytona and Le Mans 24 Hours motor races.

A Rolex is designed to withstand all weather and conditions, but even the best watch will need occasional service and repair. Since 1951, Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry of Denver, CO have offered top-quality service, and watch repair for all leading brands.

We understand that you will want your Rolex to look its best and work exactly as originally intended. Should you need a Rolex watch repair, you need to look no further than Matheu’s. We have the largest watch and clock service center. with the most up-to-date precision equipment.

Our watchmakers are CW21 (Certified Watchmaker of the 21st Century) and SAWTA (Swiss American Watchmakers Training Alliance) certified, so you will be assured of the highest possible standards of Rolex watch repair and service.

Rolex Watches -Timepieces Without Equal

Wristwatches at one time were considered feminine and most men wore large pocket watches. Hans Wilsdorf thought overwise. He founded Wilsdorf and Davis Ltd in 1905 with his brother-in-law Alfred Davis. With careful advertising and product placement with famous explorers and the like, Rolex quickly established a reputation for quality workmanship, durability, and precision timekeeping.

After renaming the company to Rolex Watch Co. Ltd. in 1915, Rolex went on to develop innovations like the waterproof and airtight Oyster model, and a self-winding wristwatch the Oyster Perpetual.

Today they are worn by all the top movie and sports stars. They are one of the most iconic brands and are both fashionable and functional.

Taking Care of your Rolex

Each Rolex watch usually contains over 160 expertly made parts, so your watch will require very little daily care. We advise that you clean it periodically with a microfiber cloth to help preserve its luster. The case and bracelet can be washed occasionally with soapy water and a soft brush. Be careful to make sure that the winding crown is turned down properly against the case to make sure the unit is waterproof.

If you are active a Rolex is designed to withstand knocks and prolonged periods underwater. Each watch undergoes stringent testing to ensure its accuracy in real-life use. If you like swimming at the beach just rinse your watch afterward with fresh water to get rid of any salt and sand.

By far the best way to look after your Rolex is to wear it often, after all, it is too beautiful to sit in a drawer or a safe. When a watch sits for a long period of time, the lubricants inside can harden, which causes friction and damage when the parts start to move again. The perpetual self-winding mechanical movements within the Oyster models are driven by your movements when the watch is on your wrist. So, the more you wear it the healthier it is.

Matheu’s Rolex Watch Repair and Service

A Rolex watch can last for decades if it is serviced properly and regularly. There is some disagreement between experts about how often a watch should be serviced, but most agreed that maintenance is necessary every three to five years. Rolex strongly advises that a professional regularly services the watch. A Rolex watch repair and service requires skill, dexterity, and patience. The tiny parts of a watch are very delicate and can be easily broken by technicians without proper training.

At Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry, you will be assured of the highest possible standards of Rolex watch repair and service. Our watchmakers are CW21 and SAWTA certified. The SAWTA certificate is from Rolex-funded watchmaking schools in the United States, so your Rolex watch repair and service will be carried out by our knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Having your Rolex regularly serviced by Matheu’s will prevent it from needing more costly watch repairs.

It is About time – Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry of Denver, CO.

At Matheu’s we use state-of-the-art computerized calibration to ensure that your Rolex is as accurate as the day it was made. A service will normally involve the full disassembly of all parts of the watch. After the movement is removed from the casing and it is carefully dismantled piece by piece. Each piece goes through a four-stage cleaning machine to remove impurities, then dried and polished. The movement is then completely reassembled, and each part is lubricated. Any damaged pieces are replaced with Rolex parts. While this is done the case and bracelet are also cleaned and restored to their original appearance. One reassembled the Rolex watch undergoes further rigorous technical and aesthetic checks. This includes a test in a vacuum and pressure machine to ensure that the watch is sealed against dirt and water.

A Rolex watch repair is a delicate operation requiring great care, dexterity, patience, and time. Because of our high standard of work, each Rolex watch repair comes with a three-year warranty. We promise a free estimate on all service requirements and a one-year warranty on battery replacements and reseals.

Remember at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry we always have time for you!