What Happens During A Rolex Watch Repair Overhaul? | Littleton, CO

Rolex watches have been the brand to wear on your wrist since 1905. These watches simply don’t go out of style. This globally renowned brand is a luxury statement for many who wear it. Most wearers choose Rolex thanks to the company’s unrelenting commitment to quality. It is one of the most sought-after brands in the world. Not only do these timepieces last for decades, but they also often require little repair. So, if you need Rolex watch repair in Littleton, CO, trust your watch to the experts at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry.

The makers of Rolex watches take every small detail into account. That’s why every model they sell receives the respect of industry leaders. In order to maintain the perfection of these timeless pieces, check in with us every five years to see if you need Rolex watch repairs. For waterproof pieces, we recommend bringing your watch in for testing every 18 months.

If you need more extensive service, you might want to know what the overhaul process involves.

Rolex Repair Process, Including an Overhaul

It’s important to take your watch to an experienced jeweler specializing in Rolexes. This provides the best results and ensures the integrity of any work needed. Our jewelers start with a visual inspection, make any necessary Rolex watch repairs and test the timepiece before handing it back to you. Here’s a closer look at the main steps we take to keep your watch going for many years to come.

Visual Identification Inspection

This is a standard part of the process used to identify the make and model of the watch and note any visible damage requiring Rolex watch repair in Littleton, CO. As part of the overhaul process, we will identify aftermarket pieces added to your watch. Further, we can also replace non-Rolex parts with authentic ones. Using Rolex parts helps to maintain the performance and function of the timepiece. The technician will also record the serial number for future reference.

Thorough Diagnosis of Your Rolex

Expert technicians note minute errors in precision or other issues with your Rolex. The examining craftsman will make a note of any and all defects. This list serves as a checklist during the servicing and testing phases. Diagnosing a Rolex involves testing the accuracy in four or five different positions for up to a day. This provides the information needed to determine the accuracy of the watch. It also gives the technician information needed to determine the best Rolex watch repair strategy.

Servicing of the Movement

This is the critical phase of Rolex watch repair. It starts with taking apart the movement in order to clean every component. A special solution loosens any lubricants that have solidified. It also dissolves dirt and grime adhering to the movement. The technician will replace any worn parts.

Cleaning and Polishing

The technician will clean and hand polish the bracelet and other parts of your Rolex to bring back its original sheen. We do our utmost to maintain the same standards as the manufacturer, including the use of advanced technology to perform Rolex repairs and testing.

Rolex Watch Quality Control Tests

After your watch has gone through a visual inspection, diagnostics and repairs, it must pass rigorous testing by our thorough technicians. This may include a pressure test of the case after the movement has been removed.

If the repaired watch passes the pressure test, it’s time to reinstall the movement and lubricate the watch. At this point, it’s time to measure accuracy using specialized tools. As part of the watch repair process, the technician will make tiny adjustments to correct any minute deviations in time.

In the final quality check, we ensure that your watch comes back to you free of every possible defect we can fix. It’s important to note that our technicians go through a strenuous training process and must have here to the highest possible internal standards.

Benefits of Rolex Repairs in Colorado

There are many benefits to choosing the right jeweler to keep your Rolex in mint condition. Regular watch repair extends the life of your timepiece. This is particularly true with precision watches such as Rolexes. When you visit a professional jeweler to complete the work, you know that an expert has looked at every tiny piece of your Rolex.

You can save money with regular Rolex watch repair. Often, repairing a component immediately after detecting a problem costs a lot less than making major repairs on a neglected time piece. From the crystal to the crown to the dial, Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry will look out for every millimeter of your prized possession.

Why Overhaul Your Rolex?

Rolex dealers and enthusiasts value well preserved timepieces. By restoring your Rolex with the help of a master craftsman, you can help ensure the continued feel and performance of the watch. This goes a long way in maintaining the value of your Rolex. Whether you plan to hold onto your watch as a legacy piece or offer it for sale at some time in the future, it’s important to ensure no moisture damage or blemishes mar its value.

Best Watch Repair for Rolexes

A Rolex serves as a testament to great achievement, pride and success. Whether you received your watch as a gift or purchased it yourself, it makes sense to invest in Rolex watch repairs from a certified jeweler with a long reputation for excellence. Our customers can attest to our history of quality watch repairs and often recommend us to friends and loved ones.

Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry has a team of handpicked watchmakers and technicians, some of whom specialize in the Rolex brand. You can trust us to make only essential modifications and replacements.

Contact us today to discuss your Rolex watch repair needs in Littleton, CO.

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