What Happens During Rolex Watch Repair And Service | Littleton, CO

If you are reading this article with a Rolex watch on your wrist that hasn’t been repaired or serviced in quite some time, then it may be time to pay attention. While Rolex watches are known for their strong durability, ideally you have to book Rolex watch repair and service at least once every ten years. For some reason, Rolex owners seem to skip that part of the equation, most likely because they think that they have invested in a high-quality item and are good to go.

However, that logic does not hold up in real life. If you own a Lexus you won’t skip the oil changes just because you have a premium luxury vehicle. Your Lexus still needs basic maintenance in order to continue to perform at the same high level that you expect it to. The good news about a Rolex watch is that it requires much less maintenance, so keeping up with the demands of your Lexus should not wear you out. In fact, it should not be too much trouble at all. What is more troubling can be remembering to service it every ten years.

In truth, the ten-year interval makes it hard to remember to schedule a Rolex servicing at a professional jeweler in Littleton, CO. This is why some people forget about the task altogether until they find themselves in need of watch repair and realize that they should have had their watch serviced at some point. The good news is that it is never too late to call and book a service, and in most cases doing so will lengthen the lifespan of your watch. In fact, a regularly maintained Rolex that has always received prompt Rolex watch repair can even become an heirloom piece in some cases.

With that in mind, it may be time to take a minute to learn about Rolex watch service to better understand the value of keeping up with your service schedule. Every Rolex has its own recommended service schedule, but in general, most Rolex watches require a service every eight to ten years. Therefore, if you know that your Rolex has not been looked at in the last decade, it is a safe bet that it is time to call a Littleton, CO jeweler to schedule your appointment. Here are just a few things that might happen at that appointment.

Thorough Dusting and Cleaning

The very first thing that happens before anything else occurs, is the movement case is taken off and the components inside of your watch are carefully removed. This is done so that each item can be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. The parts by themselves are too thin and small to be cleaned properly while in place inside of the movement.

The jeweler will carefully take apart the watch components and then carefully analyze them. As part of this process, he or she will use small tools to carefully dust and remove all debris that might have managed to get inside of your case. Despite the waterproof qualities of a sealed case, over time it is possible that things can slip inside. This is common if you happen to be in areas with sand over the last decade, but can happen even if you don’t wear your watch frequently. Proper cleaning can help prevent Rolex watch repair down the line.

Rolex Watch Repair

Another great part of the annual service is proactive watch repair. While looking over the various components of your watch your jeweler will be looking for any signs of damage or impending failure. If they see anything that looks like it is starting to rust or break then they will order a replacement piece and replace the component before they put the watch back together. This has two benefits for you as a watch owner.

The first benefit is that proactive Rolex watch repair during a regular service can help save you from a breakdown or issue down the road. By bringing in your watch on a regular basis it can be inspected and problems can be fixed before they become bigger. This can save you a lot of trouble and an extra trip down the line.

The second benefit is that it can reduce damages in the future. Usually what happens when a watch component breaks is that it increases friction and workload of other components, and eventually those pieces wear down and break as well. The quicker you catch the first broken component the more you can reduce Rolex watch repair.

Rust Examination

One more thing that a jeweler will do doing any standard Rolex watch service is keep a close eye out for any signs of rust. Just like dirt can sneak into your Rolex over time, so can rust. The problem is that rust can spread and can eventually eat away at your watch. Therefore, if there are any rusty components they need to be immediately removed. The good news is this process doesn’t have to be long or tedious. As part of your Rolex watch repair any parts that are rusty will be replaced with similar parts and you will never be able to tell the difference.


Like any piece of machinery, at the end of the day, your watch needs to be lubricated so that all of the gears and parts inside of your movement properly function in tandem without too much friction. This is easier said than done, however, which is why lubrication is important. While your watch does not need a lubrication every three months like a car, it does require its regular lubrication at that ten-year mark. if you miss it, then pieces will start to rub together resulting in potentially catastrophic Rolex watch repair down the line.

With this in mind, if you need to book your Rolex watch repair or service visit in Littleton, CO give Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry a call. We are always happy to help get our customers back on track with their fine watch care.

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