When To Worry About Rolex Watch Repair | Littleton, CO

Owning a Rolex is a special milestone for a lot of adults. Adults who grew up watching their parents or grandparents with a Rolex often see the watch as a status symbol. It symbolizes that they have reached adulthood and become comfortable with their station in life. It also symbolizes that they now have something they can cherish and hope to pass on to their kids one day. That is one thing that makes owning a Rolex so special, but it is not the only thing to consider once you own a Rolex. If you want that watch to reach heirloom status, you must keep up with the required Rolex watch repair.

However, sometimes the fact that you need Rolex watch repair is not always as obvious as you would think. If your watch isn’t working, then you probably know you need to do something about it, but you could have hidden damage under your watch case that is causing more havoc inside that you just can’t see yet. Eventually, like a domino effect, everything will fall apart, and then you will notice that your watch is not working. With this in mind, here are a few things that you should know about so that you can watch out for them.

How Often Should You Have Your Rolex Serviced?

Before we get into the specifics of what to look for in a broken Rolex, it might be useful to step back and talk about how often you need to take your Rolex to a watch shop for Rolex watch repair and service in Littleton, CO. One of the best ways to avoid expensive repairs or potentially lethal damage to your Rolex is by keeping up with your service appointments.

A service visit is about more than just cleaning your watch and making sure that it is operating correctly. It is a period of time when a jeweler can closely examine every component of your watch to ensure that it is working the way that it is supposed to. If they notice that anything doesn’t look right, then they will perform Rolex watch repair during the service.

Rolex watch repair, at this point, can take on many different forms. Sometimes it includes replacing a piece that has started to rust because rust will spread along with corrosion, and you want to minimize the damage it can cause. Replacing one or two components with rust can help save the rest of the inner mechanisms of your watch down the line. It can also mean looking for weak spots or pieces that are starting to show signs of age.

Wear and tear is normal, especially in a watch like a Rolex, which can function for decades. While wear and tear might not be so obvious at your first service visit, a few decades down the line and there will probably be some evidence of it. Once again, proactive Rolex watch repair in Littleton, is the best way to avoid any wear and tear and ensure you can replace parts before they damage others.

Damage within a timepiece is usually cumulative, so the quicker you address issues that may need Rolex watch repair, the better the final scenario will work out for you. This is why proper service is vital, and with the investment that a Rolex watch can be, it makes sense to protect it by keeping up with your regular Rolex watch repair and service schedule. Plus, since the schedule is not too taxing, there is really no reason why you cannot keep up with it.

With that in mind, it might be useful to know that Rolex recommends you have your Rolex watch serviced about once every 5 years. This is actually pretty impressive, as there is no other major investment that can go this long without a service or repair visit. In fact, most of the home appliances in your Littleton, CO home are probably going to need to be replaced or serviced long before you need to even worry about Rolex watch repair. This one simple fact is a testament to just how well Rolex watches are made.

With that in mind, it is time to take a look at the hints that it may be time to have your watch repaired. While there are a lot of things that might indicate your watch needs to be repaired, here are a few of the big ones.

Watch is Slipping on Minutes

If your Rolex is failing to keep up with the time, then this is a big indication it is time to look into repair in Littleton, CO. This is the one job that your watch has to perform, so if it is slipping and your watch is getting behind by a few more minutes or more, then this is a clear indication something is wrong.

Sand is in the Case

Another major problem with Rolex watch owners who go on vacation is sand. Most Rolex wearers are used to having an indestructible watch on their wrist, but sand and Rolex watches do not mix. Tiny granules can get inside and cause a lot of issues. If you have any reason to think there is sand in your case, then you need to have it looked at.

Water or Moisture in the Case

Another thing not meant to be in your watch case is moisture. There should never be any moisture in your case, so if you notice any fog or any other signs of moisture, you need to have your watch looked at before any damage occurs.

Any Type of Noise from Inside the Case

Finally, you need to be aware that your watch should never make any noise. If you hear any jingling or cluttering, then something is loose, and it is time to take your watch to a reputable shop for a service. Call Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry to set up an appointment. We will always take a look.

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