Caring for a Legacy: TAG Heuer Watches Repair | Highlands Ranch, CO

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An important player in the long and distinguished tradition of precision Swiss watch making, TAG Heuer has been making luxury time pieces since 1860. Owning a TAG Heuer is a privilege; caring for a TAG Heuer time piece is a responsibility.

Precision luxury timepieces deserve and require routine maintenance to keep them running accurately. And when TAG Heuer watch repair or chronograph repair is required, only the most skilled and trusted repair service will do. That’s where Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry of Highlands Ranch, CO comes in.

All About TAG Heuer

Founded by Edouard Heuer, a young watchmaker based in St. Imier, Switzerland, TAG Heuer has become one of the world’s most coveted brands for fine timepieces and other luxury goods.

Highlights of the company’s unique trajectory include the creation of the Mikrograph chronograph in 1916 (re-released in a special anniversary edition in 2016); it was the first time piece to be accurate to 1/100th of a second. TAG Heuer has also been key to the development of precision sports time-keeping, serving as official timekeepers for numerous prestigious sporting events, including the Olympics. In addition to pioneering elegant jeweled wrist watches for women in the late 1880s, TAG Heuer were also one of the first consumer watch companies to perfect water-resistant wrist watches in the 1930s.

Since the 1970s, TAG Heuer has had a close relationship with Formula One car racing. They have been long time sponsors of Ferrari and Porsche teams and some of the most legendary drivers in motor sports history, including Mario Andretti and Jacky Ickx. They have since branched out to sponsor other sports, including downhill ski racing and competitive motocross.

Today, TAG Heuer remains a legendary and respected name in luxury time-keeping, creating precious limited or special edition watches for sports, important occasions and everyday wear. Each piece is carefully crafted and exquisitely styled, often with precious metals and stones.

These remarkable watches are built to last and meant for passing on. With care, regular maintenance and diligent cleaning and storage, your TAG Heuer will last a lifetime and more.

Caring for a TAG Heuer Watch

Lucky owners of a TAG Heuer timepiece will want to ensure its longevity. If you are completely comfortable with the task, clean your TAG Heuer watch carefully at least four times a year, making sure the crown is tight and secure. Use a soft brush, non-static cloth and a small amount of soapy water. If the strap is leather, avoid getting it wet. If you’re not comfortable taking the DIY approach to cleaning it, bring the watch to an authorized repair service for a professional cleaning and basic inspection. Do this annually if possible.

All types of TAG Heuer watch require an annual check of their water-resistant seals, a service that is available at Matheu’s Fine Watches in Highlands Ranch, CO. Full inspection and maintenance service every two years, or after a failed water-resistance test, is highly recommended.

Storing a TAG Heuer Watch

If you have an automatic TAG Heuer watch, you should be careful while winding the mainspring by hand, or learn how to use an automatic watch winder. Do this regularly. It’s important to ensure that the lubricating oil remains fluid and the moving parts moving.

If you have a quartz watch, do not leave an old dead battery inside. Take it to an authorized TAG Heuer watch maintenance and service center to safely change the battery.

You can store your TAG Heuer timepiece in the original box, or invest in a dust, shock and waterproof case for extra protection. The most successful TAG Heuer watch repair is the one you don’t let happen.

TAG Heuer Watch Repair

However, even vigilant luxury timepiece owners can wind up with a broken or non-functional watch. A sharp hit in a certain spot on the casing, a drop from a height, a broken seal and water damage, snapped strap, damage from dust, dirt or corrosive substances, or a watch that’s been lost and forgotten — all these scenarios can happen. When TAG Heuer watch repair or maintenance is required, take it only to a certified and expert repair service such as Matheu’s Fine Watches and Jewelry.

While routine annual maintenance follows a detailed checklist of operations — from something as simple as bracelet removal and a visual inspection to complicated tasks such as dismantling the case and lubricating the mechanism — sometimes extra attention is required. As with any complex machine, TAG Heuer watch repair demands a unique skill set for technicians.

Vintage TAG Heuer watch repair is particularly delicate, and may necessitate sourcing obsolete parts or consulting historical documentation.

If any TAG Heuer timepiece has been damaged or neglected to the point of running down, it may require special care of a horologist. Horology (the art of making clocks and watches) is a rare profession. While it’s not necessary for a fully certified horologist to perform each and every TAG Heuer watch repair, advanced technical skills are required. Don’t trust your precious heirloom to just any watch repair service. TAG Heuer watch repair should be performed by someone who is familiar with the brand’s mechanisms and is authorized by the company to do them.

Your TAG Heuer watch is an exquisitely crafted legacy piece destined to be handed down to the next generation — by design. Take care of it with regular inspection and maintenance servicing and you’ll be rewarded with enduring beauty and precision.

And, if or when it finally comes time for a TAG Heuer watch repair, no matter how large or small that repair is, come see the experts at Matheu’s Fine Watches in Highlands Ranch, CO. These skilled technicians love luxury timepieces and it shows in the care they take with each TAG Heuer watch repair and routine maintenance inspection.