Seeking Services of an Expert of Watch Repair in Littleton, CO

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Your timepiece sets your style statement and carries your identity everywhere you go. Over time, it requires minor servicing or maintenance.

However, maintenance and cleaning aren’t exactly a glamorous aspect of possessing a timepiece, but it does ensure its smooth functioning and durability.

A wristwatch can easily last for years to come and depending on your degree of dedication and care, you can also pass it down to the next generation, if you feel like.


Caring for Your Watch

Your timepiece is a mechanical instrument. Regardless of wearing a watch occasionally or daily, it does require constant care. To this end, we have compiled information that will ensure that your watch keeps operating with precision and efficiency for years to come. Do note that along with your active involvement in looking after your watch, you may also need an expert of watch repair in Littleton, CO, from time to time.


1.  Regular Maintenance

As with any mechanical device, a wristwatch also needs maintenance on a regular basis. The purpose of maintaining your watch is to safeguard its proper functioning and extending its shelf life.

The make and model of a watch needs to be factored in to decide the frequency of its maintenance. Moreover, climatic conditions of the area and your dedication to its care also plays a key role in its efficient functioning. On an average, a watch may require maintenance after every 3 to 5 years.

For assurance of a top-notch repair service, your first and foremost priority is to look for an established service for watch repair in Littleton, CO. This ensures that your watch is in safe hands whenever you are in need of a maintenance.


2.  Resistance to Water

Every wristwatch has a different resistance level to water. In addition to that, this resistance threshold also may not remain constant, based on the conditions it experiences. Resistance of a watch to water can be severely impacted due to aging gaskets or even an accidental hard bump.

Apart from that, external conditions such as saline water, chlorine, ultraviolet rays, cosmetic products and perspiration can also impact the seal with the passage of time.

This is why if you are unsure of your watches resistance ratings, you should head over to a professional of watch repair in Littleton, CO, for a professional opinion.


3.  Changing the Batteries

The batteries of a wristwatch can last between 2-5 years, but this is a tentative number since amount of usage and movement type plays a huge role in determining its lifespan. When the second hand of your timepiece begins to move by an interval of 4 seconds, it is a clear indication of the battery nearing its end.

Apart from that, a drained-out battery needs to be replaced with immediate effect in order to prevent unnecessary leakage which could damage the mechanism of a watch.

Before heading over to professional of watch repair in Littleton, CO, you need to make sure that they have the tools and equipment required for your particular watch.


4.  Storing Your Watch

When unused, keep your watch in a dry place, to prevent atmospheric conditions from affecting it. It is ideal if they are stored in a case with a soft surface. Preferably, the case should have its internal compartment lined with suede clothe. There is a wide selection of watch cases to choose from and you can also select one which matches with your timepiece.

In case you have lost your wristwatch casing, you can ask for a replacement watch case from any service of watch repair in Littleton, CO. For paying a smallish price, you can effortlessly safeguard your watch when it’s not in use.


5.  Exposure to Chemicals

Household chemicals can wreak havoc on your precious timepiece. Be it perfumes, detergents, solvents and cosmetic products, they are all equally hazardous to the watch casing and bracelet/strap. These chemicals can also contribute in impairing the functioning of the gaskets which can result in water entering the internal machinery of a watch. This can cause the parts to rust very quickly, resulting in friction and damaged internal machinery.

In the event of an accidental exposure to chemicals, you should quickly get your watch checked by a specialist of watch repair in Littleton, CO, to minimize the scale of damage and repairing costs.


6.  Threat of Magnetic Fields

Just as is the case with any particular metallic material, a wristwatch becomes magnetized when it comes under a magnetic field. Magnetic fields are generated by speakers, microwaves, X-rays, radio and other electronic devices for that matter. In most cases, minor exposure to magnetic field may not have an impact on the watch.

In case of exposure to magnetic field, a wristwatch tends to run faster than normal. The magnetic field affects the individual coils, causing them to stick together. This results in shortening of the spring and thereby the watch speeds up. The effect is dramatic as the watch skips time by minutes rather than seconds.

Any professional of watch repair in Littleton, CO, will demagnetize the watch in a jiffy. It is a relatively less time-consuming and pricey repair compared to others.


7.  Shocks and Temperature

Extreme climatic conditions (heat and cold) can adversely affect the functioning of a watch. Long exposure to sunlight or cold water can cause a timepiece to function rather erratically.

Apart from that, it is recommended to avoid wearing a wristwatch during outdoor sports (tennis, golf, football) since an accidental bump can dislocate the mechanical parts of a watch which could result in costly repairs.

Any established and renowned service for watch repair in Littleton, CO, will charge a hefty amount for undertaking these repairs. It is prudent to prevent exposure to your watch from extreme conditions and outdoor sports.



These are the essentials of watch maintenance and servicing. All you need to do is prevent your watch from these aforementioned conditions and select an expert of watch repair in Littleton, CO, to ensure a quality repair whenever you need it.


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