6 Points to Know Before You Look For a Watch Repair in Denver, CO!

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A mechanical wristwatch, like a high-performance race car, requires service at times. In the case of a timepiece, this term is known as ‘complete overhaul.’ To a certain extent, this term is accurate, but it is also misleading at the same time. Interestingly, it also refers to a tune-up, which is a less costly and time-exhaustive undertaking.

Listed below are certain instances where your prized possession needs to undergo a service from a renowned professional of watch repair in Denver, CO. Keep in mind that taking initiative in due time will save you from costly repairs, ensure longevity and efficient functionality. Let’s start:


1.     Moisture Inside the Case

If you happen to notice condensation on the dial or the insides of a crystal, you need to head over to an experienced, local service that offers watch repair in Denver, CO, without further ado. An average automatic watch has around 100 moving parts and even a negligible amount of moisture/saltwater can corrode the internal components of the watch. In a matter of hours, it can dry out the oils and repairing your prized possession may become a costly affair.

In a worst case scenario, the internal components of the watch would need to be replaced, which will cost a pretty penny. Timely action can save you from this expenditure.


2.     You are Heading Out on Vacation

For those who are planning to go on a vacation, your prized possession could be vulnerable to a lot of hazards. This includes the likes of airport security scanners, saltwater, water, chlorinated water in the swimming pool or a warmer climate which could result in expansion of interior components.

It is prudent for you to avoid all of these factors while on vacation, and to be on the safe side, head over to a specialized service for watch repair in Denver, CO, to have it looked over. Chances are the in-house professionals may detect a fault in its nascent stage.


3.     Wristwatch is Faster/Slower than before

Another quite commonplace issue is that your wristwatch starts to work at a slower/faster rate than the standard rate. The main culprit in this case is not magnetization, but exposure to electronic components/devices, such as speakers, computers and cellular phones. The components of the watch are similar to an automotive vehicle, they require timely lubrication. If it has been a few years since the last service, it is highly advised that you get to it right away. If this issue is left unattended, it will cause the components to rub together, causing friction.

A reliable and certified service that has a reputation for watch repair in Denver, CO, will oil the components and retest it for maximum efficiency.


4.      A Rattling Sound is Noticeable

We tend to take the precision of our timepieces for granted thinking that they can endure extreme temperatures and rough conditions. But interestingly, these timepieces are quite sensitive. On an average, they have 100 moving parts, some smaller than a pin. The gears and springs are very delicate and durable. In some cases, it can easily endure hard knocks and drops, but a hit at the right angle can also loosen a spring or dislocate other sensitive components.

Thus, if you hear an irritating rattling sound, it is time to visit a renowned service for watch repair in Denver, CO, and have an examination conducted of the watch.


5.     Second-hand Moves Faster

For those watch owners who have a quartz timepiece, it means that the wristwatch is powered by a battery. In such watches, it is pretty common that the second hand of the watch starts to move faster than its standard speed. This sudden activity is due to end-of-life feature of the timepiece which indicates that the battery is nearing the end of its lifespan.

When the quartz watch notices that the voltage has dropped to a certain level, it starts to indicate that a replacement is now in order. When this happens, visit an expert of watch repair in Denver, CO, and get the battery replaced immediately. In any case otherwise, the battery will leak acid inside.

6.     Effect of Extreme Temperature

Yes. That old chestnut! When you go for vacations where cold or heat is extreme, this would impact the accuracy of your timepiece. In summer season, the metallic components of the watch tends to expand and this results in dislocation of the parts, resulting in a watch coming to a complete standstill.

Apart from that, a combination of heat and cold can also cause damage to the watch. For instance, a day beaching followed by a quick dip in cold water gives a watch a thermal shock.

Therefore, be sure to have professional eyes of an expert watch repair in Denver, CO, to make sure no costly repairs are in order.


When is a Complete Overhaul Required?

Most of the German and Swiss watch manufacturers advise on a complete overhaul after 5 years. Other manufacturers recommend 7 to 10 years. So, it is advisable to keep 5 to 7 years as a middle ground after which you should immediately go for a complete overhaul. Interestingly, the better care you take of the watch, the more you can wait with respect to its overhaul.

Certain experts feel that 3 to 5 years are more than enough and the owner of the watch should be quick on his feet to take care of that.

This is why you should be active to undertake your watch’s overhaul from a professional and licensed firm for watch repair in Denver, CO, to ensure efficient running.

Final Word

Last but not the least, it is extremely important that you look for an experienced, licensed and certified professional of watch repair in Denver, CO. Reason being, their in-house professionals will have hands-on experience of working with pricey timepieces and also understands the sentimental attachment you have with your watch.

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