Common Types of Watch Repair Services | Englewood, CO

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At Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry in Englewood, CO, we offer comprehensive watch repair services that keep your treasured timepieces looking as good as new over the long haul. From full restoration services to quick battery changes, our trained jewelers use only factory-direct parts to provide you with top-notch quality and services upon each visit.

Englewood, CO Watch Bracelet Cleaning Services 

Over time, natural body oils, dust and dirt accumulate in-between the links of your watch bracelet. These irritants act like sandpaper, causing premature breakage and wear that oftentimes leads to unnecessary watch repair services. Bring your piece into our store once a year for our watch cleaning services. Our jewelers use special tools to clean your bracelet thoroughly, removing all traces of debris and restoring the beautiful shine of your bracelet back to like-new condition.

New Strap or Bracelet Watch Repair Services 

When your bracelet or strap breaks, bring it into our store for a customized watch repair service. We’ll replace your broken strap or bracelet with a new factory-manufactured piece. If the same style is no longer available, we can outfit your watch with a similar-style bracelet or strap. You can also choose to refresh the look and feel of your watch with a different kind of strap or bracelet. We keep a large selection of factory-made styles on hand to help you get your watch back onto your wrist as soon as possible.

Metal Band Watch Repair Services 

Many metal bands can be repaired instead of replaced. Our experienced jewelers are adept in switching out faulty parts, such as clasps, pins and buckles. This watch repair service helps you keep the original band or bracelet, which maximizes your investment over the life of the piece.

Water-Resistant Reseal Watch Repair Services 

When you own a water-resistant watch, you must take certain precautions to protect its water-proof seal. Left unattended, the watch seal can break down, leaving your valuable timepiece vulnerable to significant water damage. Fortunately, our jewelers can examine these seals for you if you suspect that your seal may be comprised. When necessary, we can reseal your watch so that its once again able to defend its inner mechanisms from dampness, humidity, and accidental or intentional water submersion.

Metal Case Watch Repair Services

Most gold and stainless steel watch cases can be cleaned and polished to remove dents and scratches. This service restores the original look of the piece, and also helps to keep high-value watches in mint selling or heirloom-quality condition. Our jewelers can also reapply brushed finishes to your timepiece, reproducing the original textured artwork precisely to its showroom appearance.

Battery Change Services 

Watch batteries usually last 18 to 24 months, depending on how much you wear your timepiece. We keep batteries from all types of watch manufacturers on hand. So, we can replace your battery on-site in a timely manner. When our jewelers change your watch battery, they also look for other, hidden-to-the-naked-eye issues that can compromise the structural integrity of your watch. If we find any cleaning or repair issues, we can complete the other services before you come in to pick up your timepiece.

Watch Sizing Services 

Sometimes the only thing standing between you and your treasured timepiece is a wrist-sizing issue. We can size all types of watches from any manufacturer. Whether your watch is too big or small, we can fix it quickly and easily for you by adding or removing links.

Fine Swiss Watch Repair Services in Englewood, CO

Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry is a factory-authorized service center for most brands of Swiss watches, including Cartier, Swiss Army Victorinix, Tag Heuer and Philip Stein. Our CW21 (Certified Watchmaker of the 21st century) watchmakers are trained thoroughly and SAWTA-certified. Each one is approved as a post-sales certified technician, and only uses the finest on-site tools and equipment to repair your treasured Swiss watch.

National Mail-in Services

Our reputation for repairing watches to the absolute highest standards makes many past Englewood, CO customers desire to continue doing business with us long after they move out of town. To accommodate our loyal repeat customer base, and our new clients all over the country, we offer mail-in services. To take advantage of this convenient service, mail your watch to us through an insured, trackable method. Enclose your contact information, along with all known issues and expected services, in the package. We will complete your order, and ship it back to you when all replacement or repair work is complete.

Vintage Watch Restoration Services

Some vintage watch dials become well-worn over the years, which makes your timepiece look so dirty and unkempt that you can’t even tell the time. In these cases, we can perform several services to restore the fresh look of your piece. We can source for original replacement parts that revert the watch back to its original appearance immediately. We can also clean and polish the case, and all other parts underneath it that may be adding to the drab, unattractive look of the piece. This total vintage watch repair service can be an invaluable way to wear the piece yourself, and hand it down proudly to next-generation family members.

Contact us for Other Types of Englewood, CO Watch Repair Services

If you’re in need of other kinds of watch services, such as gasket replacements, water-resistance testing, or even engraving, contact us today through our handy online request system. Complete the short form, letting us know your specific watch services issue, and how we can get in touch with you. Our experienced staff members will review your request as soon as possible, and get back to you informing you of how we can replace or repair your watch parts. We have relationships with most watch manufacturers, so we can accommodate both small and large watch services requests with ease and efficiency.