Less Common Watch Repair Terminology You Should Know | Highlands Ranch, CO

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When it comes to getting watch repair taken care of you want to make sure you know what your repair person is talking about, right? You want to make sure you are getting your watch cared for in the right way and that means understanding the terminology that’s being used in the conversation. So, what kind of words do you need to be listening for when you’re asking about watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO? Let’s take a look at some of the things that might be said along the way.

Inner Parts of Your Watch That Might Need Watch Repair

Balance Wheel – The balance wheel moves at a specific rate to make sure that all of the gears inside of your watch run at the right speed. This is usually a rate of one oscillation over a fraction of a second, so it’s actually moving quite quickly.

Balance Spring – This spring is very small and very fine and it helps to regulate the speed of the movement of the balance wheel. It can also be called a hairspring, but it’s extremely important that this spring is working properly and is properly attached.

Barrel – The barrel is a cylinder and it has teeth on the inside with the mainspring. This is where the power reserve for your watch is located. You can also add multiple barrels to make sure that your watch has an even longer power reserve.

Bridge – The bridge is exactly what it sounds like, a bridge between the mainplate that helps to protect some of the other inner pieces and components of your watch. This piece is a type of plate and it provides even more protection overall.

Escapement – This is the part of the watch that actually causes the second hand to move. It does this by taking the power that’s built up in your watch and then pushing the balance wheel to move. It also maintains the rate of speed that your balance wheel needs. It may also have additional components like pallets and an escape wheel.

Gasket – This is something you might already know something about, because gaskets are used in a lot of different things. These particular gaskets are used to protect the gaps in your watch where it all comes together. They keep water and dust from getting in.

Gear Train – This is the process of all of the gears working together in order to keep your watch functioning the way that it should. The gears act in a sort of train, going from one thing to the next and so on until the whole thing functions.

Mainplate – This is where everything is mounted in your watch. All of the gears are locked onto this one piece of metal and from there everything in the watch will function.

Mainspring – This is the spring that takes in all of the energy when you wind your watch. It becomes tighter and tighter until it can’t take any more load. Once that happens it means that your watch is fully ‘charged’ and ready to go. As the spring starts to loosen and unwind it will actually keep your watch running.

Tourbillon – This escapement isn’t necessarily the one that’s in your watch, but it’s one that could be. It has a rotating cage that helps to protect the watch from gravity. That way, it’s meant to be more durable and more accurate without the pull of gravity causing problems or slowing it down.

How Your Watch Works

Complication – A complication is actually an extra that’s built into your watch. It sounds like it would be a bad thing, but the truth is it’s just something that makes your watch more complicated (and more prone to watch repair) but it could be a stopwatch function, a calendar or anything else.

Frequency – This is the speed that your watch beats at. So, if you’ve ever held your watch up to your ear to check if it’s still working, you’re listening to the frequency. This is generally measured by hertz though it could also be referred to as vibrations per hour.

What You Need to Know

There is a lot of terminology related to your watch and just how it functions. If you’re going to have someone perform any type of watch repair you want to make sure you talk with them about these different terms and what they mean. They should know better than you what all of these terms are and how they pertain to your watch. Keep in mind that each watch is different, so you want to look up information specific to your watch or make sure that the watch repair person is explaining how different components work in your watch in particular.

If you feel confused or uncomfortable with an explanation that’s been made don’t be afraid to ask for more information. You want to know what’s happening with your watch and you absolutely want to make sure you’re paying attention to the different terms used. That’s how you’re going to know more about the person or team that’s going to be working on your watch. Definitely don’t miss out on learning more and getting more information about watch repair in general and your own watch specifically. You just need the right company to call.

When you need watch repair make sure you call Matheus Fine Watches in Highlands Ranch, CO. You’ll be able to get everything that you need in no time because we make sure that we keep you informed about anything and everything about your watch. After all, your watch is important to you and you want to fully understand what we’re doing and anything we find. All you have to do is give us a call and we can schedule a time to take a look at your watch and let you know exactly what we find. And now you’re going to understand more of the terminology of watch repair.